Monday, May 26, 2014

My Birthday!!!

Well another year older - not sure if wiser - but this one was definitely much happier!!!  Especially after starting the spring off with my van door trying to close on my wrist, which I'm still at physio with trying to lessen the pain from certain movements.  My scheduled MRI has not happened yet and my physiotherapist would like to know what else is the problem.  Maybe soon!

Anyways, after having the Blahs for a few weeks in and out, off and on, I guess it's about time that I've had a wonderful weekend!!!  As I mentioned to friends, I started this birthday's celebrations earlier and will continue through next week too!  WOW!!! 

I started celebrating with a flan cake, strawberries and topping with Sylvia & Len Friday evening as I helped them pack up for their return trip home.  Then over to Pat's for more dessert with her too!  Then Saturday was breakie with Sylvia & Len before they left, then lunch with Florence who was in the city for the day - at the Olive Garden with a glass of wine.  Now both sisters were nice and treated me - lovely!

Then Sunday I slept in and what a way to start my day!  Opened my computer and this is what I was greeted with:

My day's weather forecast!
Googles personal BD wishes!  WOW!

Dana sent me this with her BD wishes!  CUTE and appropriate!!!
When I finally got out the door, I picked up some awesome dainties, candles with HAPPY BIRTHDAY on them along with some lace/rose napkins and went to my Lace meeting to have tea with the gals!  I thought quite appropriate!  They thought so too!
After that it was home to the phone ringing off the hook so was an hour late to walk over to Santa Lucia for my favourite pizza and ceasars (doubles on special too - YEAH!!!)  I had ordered the 13 inch Santa Lucia Special so I'd have some pieces to take home and sat back and ENJOYED my evening with my pocket book too.  AND I stayed under my supper budget so that was great too but somehow my take home pieces got dumped even though it was boxed up for me - DUH!  So I had to wait a bit and they made me a 9 inch free!  WOW!!!  So now I have two meals - not the one as planned.  Then I got home and the phone calls just continued - thankfully they stopped 10:30ish so I could go to sleep as I was wiped out with all the fresh air from walking that distance and being overstuffed too!  LOL!  This getting old is for the birds!
I did sleep in slightly Monday (on vacation) and then shopped for a summer pair of slip on sandals and off to pick up my "retired co-workers" for a late lunch out in Selkirk.  It turned out to be a nice leisurely lunch at Barney Gargles (awesome food and service) and a lovely drive along the river with more chatting on the way back!  AWESOME!!!  I just hate it when they can sit around and visit and I have to rush back to work!  Not today and definitely not after next summer!!! 

Now I mentioned that the celebrations are continuing this next week - Yeppers they sure are!  LOL!  Tuesday I'm treating myself to my very first 90 min massage I can't wait.  Then Wednesday is lunch with Barb (co-worker) again at a favourite restaurant - The Rib Room and one of these evenings I'm going out for supper with Pat - not sure where to as yet.  And my niece April emailed earlier and mentioned that she and her Mom will be in the city Thursday/Friday and wanted to meet for supper one evening - so another outing.  This better be the end and I better smarten up as my budget will be totally wiped out with this celebrating!!!  LOL!