Wednesday, February 28, 2018


Monday - 26th

It's only 7:30 pm and I'm barely staying awake.  Guess that 6.6 km walk this morning in the awesome sunny conditions really zapped my energy.  Even the pups were outside most of the afternoon and are napping.  I'm scared to do so as the last time Wheeler chewed my expensive flip flops.  I'm having trouble identifying these two unless standing side by side - Wheeler's taller.

Tuesday - 27th

Another lovely day and a chance to visit with excoworkers.  Started off picking Barb Bednarski up from work for lunch at Santa Lucia.  Then we headed to the Winter Club for Mike's retirement party.  Boy was I ever tempted to say a couple of things but kept quiet and just laughed at various comments that were the best of YEARS past.  See he joined our office way back in the 80s as a very young step student and I watched as his career advanced within the Department to Assistant Deputy Minister before finishing his career as Policy Branch Director again.  He has many plans of health, exercise and family ventures and who knows what's in the future - hey he's young enough to play awhile and who knows maybe start a new career!

Here's Mike with a farewell gift to his Managers.  Passing on the hockey sticks for the Christmas Eve shimmy game.  Sandy was not impressed with this exercise!

This evening I moved downstairs to watch Nashville Predators vs Winnipeg Jets and another firelace with a huge TV and the pups horsing around again!

Wednesday - 28th

Well Edna and I walked the Assiniboine River Trail to the end - Arlington Street - and back!  WOW this is the most we've walked outdoors this winter 9.17 km today.

And yeah we went to the  Oakwood Cafe for our usual and later to Tall Grass Prairie Bakery for a cinnamon bun each.  Yummy!  Then back to  the dogs with a quick stop at the car wash!

And this is what I'm living with for another week!  Kids!  And Bella just naps through the shenanigans!

First time seeing this!

Horsing around again!
Jake finding a safe spot!

Bella ignoring it all!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Saturday Update

Our Aurora Quilters met Saturday and we had a great turnout plus managed to cover some club business too besides working on our projects and socializing.  We also welcomed three new members.

Well I just heard that my friend's team playing in the Cdn Deaf Curling Association Competition managed to tie BC men's team then were behind 6-5 going into the 10th.  BC was sitting 3 up and MB's Team Comte lost the chance to be Team Canada at the upcoming  Worlds and Deaf Olympics.  They played really good but just not their time I guess.  Sorry I missed that game.

Dang maybe I should have opened that wine earlier!!!  As early evening I clipped the solid hassock and again a swollen little toe!!!  That's all I need with pet sitting three large dogs starting tomorrow - each needs to be first out or in the door!

So here's Sunday's slightly discoloured but thankfully puffiness from last night is down - guess icing it worked.

Sunday morning I moved in with the crew and immediately shooed them outside so I could put things away without tripping over them.  Then I went outside too and it's awesome.  One of these days during out 'I'm Gonna Get You' game they aren't going to stop in time and plow me over.  I close my eyes as they come full speed at me.  🙃

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Canadian Deaf Curling Association Competition

I'm back for the early morning draw in the 3rd MB ladies up 3-2 now.  Better game today.  AND I see this guy having this cinnamon bun and couldn't resist.  My breakfast.  DELICIOUS!!!

In the 5th end TIED 4-4.  In the 6th I wondered what happened to all our rocks - removed for the measure again 8-4 end of 6th.  My breakfast was delicious.  So in the 7th we are 11-4.  WOW!!!!  Game ended 11-5 for MB ladies.

John's Team Comte play tonight at 7 pm.

I left to visit my caretaker who's been in the hospital now two weeks with heart and lung issues - she's better than I last saw her.  Then went shopping with Edna but bought ZIPPO!

Then back to the rink for the evening game and talk about packed!!!  😉  I can't believe I forgot to charge my phone so no posting till I got home!

After the 1st:  Team Comte up 2-1 against BC;  MB ladies down 1-0 against Alberta.
After the 2nd:  Team Comte guys up 2-1;  MB ladies down 2-0.
After 3rd:  TC tied 2-2;  MB ladies blanked.
After 4th:  TC measured for 2nd point but only up 3-2;  MB ladies down 5-1.
After 5th:  Comte blanked still up 3-2;  MB ladies down 6-1.
After 6th:  TC - getting exciting - John's 1st was double take out and he said WHOOO!  John's 2nd just made the rings with skips help.  All that for a blank again - still up 3-2 against BC; MB ladies down 7-1.
After 7th:  TC - John's 1st double takeout of BC guards but now down 4-3; MB ladies shook hands down 9-1 against Alberta - not their game day.
After 8th:  TC - John's 1st rock take out of BC from rings - last rock (Bc on front edge) John blanked - still down 4-3.  Down to 13% might run out of power!
After 9th:  TC - John's 1st rock moved BC to back of rings knocking out ours.  John's 2nd shot was light but good for 2 - now up 5-4.
Nerve wracking!
After 10th without hammer:  TC - Ross's rock picked and missed placing guard.  BC rock through house.  Shawn's rock too heavy - back of house.  Lots of picks along centre line.  John's 1st guard stopped where Shawn's was to be - BC took it out.  John's 2nd guard again - BC was short!  Team Comte won 7-4!  YEAH!!!!

Dang it - I can' go to tomorrow's game - and it'll be great I think!  Good Luck Team Comte!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Canadian Deaf Curling Association Competition

I was back again watching the second game and once again the Manitoba men's and women's games are side by side - easy viewing from one spot.  They aren't marking each end and driving me crazy!!!!!  Now watching with Meaghan, John's wife, and she says these two mens teams playing are the two favoured.  WOW!!!  Team Comte has a buy tomorrow morning and their next game is 7pm in the page playoffs.

The guys blanked the first three ends so that's why they weren't marking.  The women are losing 8-1 - just can't get any good shots.

Team Comte up 2-1 in the 5th.  The women lost 12-2 in the 6th.  Just not their game.  Men's game is 7th end Team Comte behind - score 3-2 - tight game.  OMGG the skip had to come out and help pull in John's last rock in the 8th now up - score 5-3.  Shoot John missed his last shot a peel raise and they scored 1 in the 9th.  Team Comte up 5-4 with hammer in 10th.  John's last rock against 2 in house.  Only 2 minutes left - people around me say that's lots of time - and just a smidge too heavy so now TIED 5-5 and into an extra end.  My stomach is a mess and I'm picking on my face.

Team Comte won 6-5 with seconds on the clock.  I'm not sure why they didn't count all the rocks in the house for an 8-5 win but hey a win is a win.  And here's what my friend Barb sent "Wooohooo awesome possum xoxox"!

Canadian Deaf Curling Association Competition

I'm at the Canadian Deaf Curling Championships at the Deer Lodge Curling Club to decide the Team Canada ladies and men's going to the Worlds competition.  Then after that there is the Deaf Olymics.

Well I didn't realize it was a fee to get in and I had no cash and they didn't have a bank machine.  It was bad enough I was slightly late but had to go get monies too.  I arrived in time to see John G throw the last rock winning 8-2.  YEAH!!!!  He's a celebrity today!

So now I'm watching Sylvia in the ladies Manitoba team game against Team Alberta.  Sylvia was my ASL teacher for 4 years through work so I could communicate with John.

The Manitoba ladies won 9-7 in the 10th.  Tight game back and forth shots.  So I'll stay put here or go over and watch hockey till John's next game 2pm.

Monday, February 19, 2018

2018 TIAS - Days 1 through to 15

OK here's the 2018 TIAS tatting mystery in groups for comparison to the last.

2018 TIAS - finished

Glad it was not any colder this morning as Edna and I joined the winter walking group in Woodhaven Park for a good hour walk.  The sun was nice and as we walked the scenic residential area but on the way back the north wind was stinging on the face.

Then home for a bit of cleaning and planning on purging etc.

AND I finished off my tatted mermaid.  I love her and maybe add her to my Under The Sea crazy patch embellishing piece I taught online in the Canadian Crazy Quilting group years ago.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Talk about a relaxing morning and bringing back memories of my art past time!  The other day Monica from Aunt Monica's Attic asked Michelle and myself to colour a flag for the store.  These she'll string together and hang around her store showcasing her customer's and her own Doodlewart images.  What a great idea and naturally I started planning my trademark crazy quilted flag.  Let me tell you this was harder than with fabric which you can rip out and resew another piece in if you're not happy.  In the end I'm thrilled with the results and even hand quilted and beaded the flag?

My planning stage.

My personalized flag.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

2018 TIAS - Days 13 & 14

I'm out of ink again so used my tablet instead of a paper copy to play catchup.  It's a mermaid and the next and last step is adding her hair.  Hmmm!

Day 13

Day 14 with her tail!

A Busy Day

It was a busy day starting with a lazy brief morning.  Then meeting Edna at Boston Pizza for their nooner special which is just right for lunch and off to the Wellness Show.  There were a few interesting booths but too many 'stones' booths for my liking - like too many jewellery booths at crafts sales!  But I did come across an essentials oils pain relief spray and roll on which they let me try out on my aching hip and ankle.  She told me to keep walking around and most return to purchase - I thought eill see about that.  Well it didn't take long for the warming spray to start relieving my aches so before leaving the show I did go back to get it.  Will see how I do with it.  Then we went for a few groceries before heading home to make supper and relax watching the Olympics.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A Great Day!

Good morning from Hamish and I.  He's such a great companion and I'm honoured to be looking after him.  Don't get me wrong he is demanding especially if he thinks he NEEDS fresh food sooner than I think.  🤣

Then Michelle picked me up and off to Regent location Sal's for a yummy lunch along with coupons!  Then we're off to visit Aunt Monica's Attic in Transcona.

Such a FUN AWESOME store and not just for kids.  If you want someplace for your child's birthday party please check out Aunt Monica's Attic.  And also lots of mind nurturing toys, games and so much more!  Go see it!!!!

And thank you Monica for showing us your new projects and promotional ideas.  I can't wait to get back home tomorrow to go through some fabric boxes and packing up pieces for you.  Not only will I be happy that there is a very good use for these but I'm also recycling to your local toy store's benefit!  Plus my girlfriend, niece and sister will be so thrilled to hear this, as was Michelle on the ride home!

Well I just finished my informational poster in time for the quilting guild meeting showcasing smaller functioning satellite groups.  Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of it - will do so tomorrow when home again.  With the help of Tami it looks like Aurora Quilters may have 4 new members joining us soon and hopefully into the future.  So happily after dropping all off at home I was able to catch the bus back to the museum and the short walk to the condo.  Promptly Hamish loudly greeted me at the door letting me know he's hungry and to hurry up!  Once fed he followed me till I sat down and settled in my lap.  Now to catch up on the Olympics.  What a busy ling day with visits in between with Hamish too!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Awesome DAY!

What an awesome day for a walk on the River Trail.  Edna was touching the foil one but it's aluminium and nearly cut herself.  It was lovely and we walked past Balmoral Hall a good distance and if it wasn't for my massage we'd have continued as far as we had a path or energy.  Now we're at Oakwood Cafe and Bistro having our borscht and cheese toast.