Friday, February 26, 2016

Blended Nines Table Runner

OK here's the third project mostly sewn up.   This is called Blended Nines by Peggy J. Barkle from another of Linda's quilting books.  I started out sewing strips for two sets of each colour scheme for nine patches, which were paired up and then a wavy cut diagonally and resewn together.  What a mess but in the end I had squared off 3 inch blocks to play with.  It's the donation item along with project #2 ( strips and curves ) going to the Dryden Guild show boutique - a fund raiser for their guild.  The plan I desired was the pits with my fabrics so I played until I arrived at the setting I liked.  So hopefully tomorrow I'll finish the top and get to quilting it so I can leave it behind with Sylvia to hand in at the next meeting as I won't be there.
Forgot to take a picture of all the nine patches first.

I did not like my original setting.

Looking a little better but not just right.

I like this better.

But this is the ONE!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Irish Rovers Concert

I'm here on Dryden ON visiting with Sylvia and Len - a lovely visit in mild winter conditions too.  I arrived Tuesday and spent my time sewing until tonight!  See she picked up tickets for us to go see the Irish Rovers here on their 50th year - Farewell Tour.  I was amazed and delighted I had this chance and for only $55 - WOW!

We all enjoyed their entertainment, even a preteen in the row ahead of me who was grooving to the music smiling too!  Yes it was awesome and sorry they are hanging up their touring days.

Behind the bar in the lobby.

The theatre.

The last of the Irish Rovers!

Me, Len and Sylvia 

The Scottish flutist.

The entertaining flutist
drawing attention to the keyboard player.

He was all over the stage and grooving too!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Update on Strips 'n Curves

I decided to finish off the borders (might trim bottom left corner some) this evening and tidy up the sewing room too then tomorrow just to vacuum and dust mop before supper.  I feel lots better that is done, just to get my few food items together after supper before dropping off my stuff at the apartment and off to the airport to pick up the Mullens.  It'll be a LONG tiring day from England for all of them. 

Update on Strips 'n Curves

After a very late start today I did cut out and stitched up the various stratas for my version of Strips 'n Curves wall hanging.  Tomorrow I'll sew on the side borders and if time will cut out the pieces for Project #3 - the last requirement for April's two quilt shows I'm participating in.  What a marathon of sewing for me compared to what I'm used to.   

Now to relax and watch the Jets hockey game.

Having Breakfast for Lunch

I wasn't going to but I remembered that plaque my niece found for me and decided I will.  It is delicious - not only bananas but kiwi, mango, and papaya too!

I don't want to!
I don't have to! 
You can't make me!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Update on Strips and Curves

OK I tried to do some sewing after supper - made chicken with leftover broccoli and rice from Chinese supper last night - but after the second mistake just before finishing the second prepped section I decided to call it quits.  But I like what I see so that's good - hopefully tomorrow I can start cutting and sewing the stratas.  I'm anxious to see how it works.  Also I'm tired and sore after my walking outside today. 

New Project

OK I'm onto project #2 and completed the first part of the three strata sections (? ) as the pattern calls the curved layers.  Naturally I changed the pattern a little to my liking.  The flowers is my focus fabric but will also have stratas that are striped and the inserts will be reversed to give the alternating effect from each curved strata when cut and sewn.  This is another challenge for me as I've never done this before plus the upper and lower borders are wavy and uneven - maybe a challenge for the sleeve! 

OK I'm taking a break for lunch and hopefully for a lengthy walk.  These sewing sessions lately are tiring me out - need some energization! 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tossed Around Assembled

Ohhhh even though I slept in, I had a late breakfast - no lunch, fed the cats and had a marathon sewing session till 3 : 00 ish.  I finished assembling Sections D, E, F and assembled those three together.   Then the finale - I joined both halves.   WOW WOW WOW I just love this but sorry I was restricted to the lime green and the wavy striped blue and adding only 5 other fabrics.   Not sure if I'll ever make this again for myself - but I'm keeping the pattern pieces just in case.   THEN I got dressed and walked to Extra Foods further away than Sobeyes closer by, had Chinese for late lunch/early supper and then walked back home again.  Maybe if it's as balmy tomorrow as today I'll try and do the walking trail as far as I feel good.  Tomorrow I'll start cutting strips for the next charity auction project - would be nice to have it stitched together for show n tell Tuesday night. 

Hopefully I'll do a wonderful job quilting the finished project and it garners much interest at the MPQ 2016 Quilt Reflections quilt show Charity Auction in April.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today's Update on Tossed Around

OK I said I'd take pics of some of the craziness in sewing this up so here they are - especially for my none sewing friends.  See the craziness I can get into?  This may take the cake though!  That's one of two crazy curves in this wall hanging.  After I succeeded I read this one could be hand stitched - Sylvia says I should read ALL instructions before going just step by step.   Oh well!   I guess I should also have done the 22% enlarging and maybe not had so much trouble?   You think!   😃 

AND here is Section C and it sewn onto Sections B and then A - gotta follow the steps - twice I just about sewed the wrong sides together.  Tomorrow onto the other half.   This is slow going and exhausting! 

Maybe I need a Ceasars after supper?

Update on "Tossed Around"

Well not sure if I've posted on this before but here's an update on the donation wall hanging to the Charity Auction being held at this year's 2016 Quilt Reflections MPQ quit show.

The first picture is of my slightly modified magazine pattern by Marlene King and then my finished Section A, Section B and then the two laid over each other for the finished effect.  I can tell you that sewing these curves are torture with so many pins holding pieces together and some so tiny they are lost under the presser foot.  I'll take a picture of the tighter curves as sewing up.

Festival du Voyageur - my 1st time!

Talk about an awesome time - weather couldn't have been better for Family Day here in Manitoba or my first encounter with Festival du Voyageur.   There were so many kids there and most were having a great time - you can gauge by the happy shouts and laughter.   At first glance I thought where would I find Jan?  But she found me and off we were to check the Fort first off, next year we'll plan this better and arrange to have dinner after the days entertainment etc.  So off we went to listen to a group (sorry forgot their name) who hip hopped their message and then just as Sweet Abili was ready to start Jan's family and friend joined us to listen to their music.  They are Winnipeg girls and we're good!  Then Jan went with her family tobogganing and I walked around checking out the sites and treats!!!  What fun!