Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 TIAS

Yes Jane Eborall has once again used her talents and provided us curious adventurous tatters with another "Tat It And See" session - basically a tatting mystery project.  This will be my fourth event I'll be participating in but I'm a little behind - like only completed Day 4 and she's well into Day 7 already.  Guess it's catch up time for me.  So here are the pics of Days 1 through 4 grouped together.

Hopefully I'll get caught up soon and follow the pattern correctly in future!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stitching Only 2013 - RR Update

OK guess I've not written up on my previous RR block belonging to Molly and now I have just finished Susie's block.  So here's the pictures.  It's going to lack description as I'm pressed for time tonight.

I received in November Molly's naked block and embellished two seams.

I tried a new tatting pattern (left side pic) andit did not turn out quite like I thought but still lovely.  I just love marrying my shuttle tatting with my CQing on these fancy blocks.

The next set of pictures are of Susie's block with Molly's work and then my own work added on.

Left is Molly's work | Right side is Rose Anne's work
Left side is only my shuttle tatting | right side is the bottom left CQing
Left side is the centre and the right side is the top right CQing

I'm totally enjoying this RR which is supposed to be seams only - including hand work not bought laces and trims except silk ribbon used in embroidery.  Now I'm wondering what the next mail bag will bring me?  I've also not updated the work done on my own block - one of these days I'll do that too.