Saturday, September 30, 2017

Day 3 B&W Challenge

Day 3 of B&W Challenge.  Hecla with Edna and Keewatin with Edna, Jan and Loralie.
Awesome walks!  I LOVE nature's paintings!

Hecla Village shoreline 

Hecla Lakeview resort 

Rushing River walk 

Rushing River near highway 

Jan amongst lupins near our B&B in Keewatin 

Along the Tunnels walk in Keewatin 

Old dam Keewatin Tunnels walk

A Longgggg Day!

Here at Cafe 22 relaxing waiting for Pat to join me for lunch!   I need it after yesterday and this morning's goings on.  See the bathroom patching will happen today along with painting of my hallway ceiling.  So last night I tackled my hallway and this morning moved all from the bathroom once again into the bedroom and the hallway stuff with my trusty wagon into my kitchen.  Then I did drop offs at Safeway of extra grocery bags, my hairdresser in S. St. Vital of toys and toiletries going to Mexico orphanage, coupons to Barb at UofM, plant stand and monitor to Angela in St. Norbert with a coffee chat, working type clothes to the Clothes Closet 800 Point Rd before heading back home to pick up my book - nothing done inside here so far - all before lunch.  We had a lovely visit and small pizza with ceasars.  Now to relax with my 2nd ceasar and read to pass some time before heading back!  Awesome day!

Happy this afternoon that we have this wonderful Autumn weather.  Hope it continues tomorrow for our Rae Trail Walk and Lavenham Fall Supper!

Ok Day 2 if my B&W challenge is of one of my trips to Ontario and a walk around town and the river.

Between Dryden and Kenora drive back to Wpg  - two eagles in the sky.

Dryden ON 

Dryden ON 

Behind Tim's Dryden ON 

Hwy to Sioux Lookout 

Needless to say I was frustrated upon my return home as there was no painter in sight nor any work done in my place.  So had to move things back again so I could use my bathroom and kitchen this weekend.  So who knows when it'll happen now.

This evening I'm tired, worn out but happy Lace Retreat started with an evening session as I'm beat!  Tomorrow I'm out with Prairie Pathfinders for a nature walk out Holland area and then back for another evening session at Lace Retreat along with Sunday afternoon.   So tonight I learnt how to load my bobbins properly, transferred my pattern onto the sturdy pricking sheet ready for my pillow to start lacing tomorrow evening!  Thank you Michele for being my official photographer to record my lacing progress.  Well here goes - I'm finally learning from the beginning with my book "The Bobbin Lace Manual" by Geraldine Stott.  Thank you fellow lacers for all your encouragement, pointers and hands on assistance - I'm praying I pull this off and enjoy it.  Special thanks to Beverley Dean for helping me garner more supplies - just sorry that you're moving back to England!

My first lesson and bobbins all wound.

This pricking is hard work on the hand.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

B&W Challenge - Day 1

OK Ricky challenged me to a Facebook 7-day posting of B&W pictures and to pick someone every day too.  I don't care to do that but was intrigued and she wants to see a week of some of my walking pictures in B&W this time.  Well here goes the first day's choices - Winnipeg.  Yes I'm doing it a bit different as I've selected it according to places taken.

Our Legislative Bldg

Assiniboine Park Duck Pond 

Iceberg at pedestrian bridge to Assiniboine Park 

Myself, Sylvia and Pat - my family retreat roomies! 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


OOOHHHHHH what a lovely fall day for our evening Prairie Pathfinders walk through Norwood Flats and back along the river partway on a brand new walkway!  Wendy pointed out a fruit bearing chestnut tree! Afterwards Edna and I went to Tim's to look at some of my pictures over coffee.  And thank you April Willis for the tip on taking selfies - look at the lense not the screen - it works!!! Then I stopped at out downtown Millenium Library to return some books and didn't realize this beaker structure was lit at night! WOW!!!

Our leader.

Smallest group - 8 in total.

Edna strolling strong!

Boat cruising into the Forks.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Girls' Day Out!

What a lovely visit that Joan and I had with Colleen in Birds Hill today.  We had the lunch special of steak fajitas and all of us found them a might spicy for our tastes but good.  Then we went over to Sobeys and I showed them the ready to cook individual meals I found on Friday and had enjoyed.  They were pleased with the variety for single meals for a change.  Then we went back to Colleen's to visit some AND before leaving we were given fresh zucs, tomatoes and a couple jars of her just canned jams!  WOW we were lucky girls.

OH and out she comes with a little bag for me and said she saw this at the farmers market and thought of me.  It's beautiful and I don't have such and quickly put it on to wear home!  Now to plan our Christmas gathering at Pineridge Hollow - can't wait!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kaz's 82nd Birthday Celebration

Happy 82nd Birthday Kaz!  It was so lovely to attend her luncheon, meet Brenda and Kevin and Kaz's brother Robert and his wife again.  Since it started raining seriously I thought I'd better head back to the dogs as they were outside in spitting conditions when I left at 11 not so at 1 - so it was awesome Brenda gave me cake to go and not too far away!  It was also awesome to see the inside of these buildings that our Prairie Pathfinders walking group passes a number times a year on the way to MacBeth Park.  But poor critters they were a might wet and I had tracks to wipe up.  All are snoozing now!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Apartment Maintenance

First off I was told to clear the kitchen sink, counter and underneath as I was getting a new sink.  Well I come home - no work done at all - phone message from an annoyed caretaker that I didn't do this and can't get work done if I don't so better do it sooner than later.  HUH?  I called the caretaker back and told her I cleared everything but the microwave - what gives.  She called back and said it's the bathroom sink not the kitchen and they'd be in today - so last night I cleared all that out.  Needless to say my place is a mess more so now!

Well he was in for like 10 minutes and told me he can't fix the problem as the turn off valve is broken and that's a plumber needed for that and who knows when.

Now I've TWO areas to put back together and wait for whenever the shut off valve is replaced then maintenance will return.  So gotta do this twice more but only one area!  LOL!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

April and I

Ok there were other pictures uploaded but I really wanted these separate.   Thanks Doreen for taking the full shot and April for the selfie!  My goddaughter - April's wedding day.  I decided to crop the full image and I LOVE it best as a close-up.

I LOVE you April!

April and Brennan's Wedding #2

Finally home and relaxing after a lovely and entertaining niece's wedding!  Too bad Mother Nature did not continue her warm fall temperatures three days longer!  Oh well a good time enjoyed anyways.

Mr. & Mrs. Brennan Willis on their acreage.

Yellowhead Centre - Neepawa

Bride and Groom reception introduction.

First dance before dinner.

My brother Jim and Doreen, parents of the bride.

Parents speech defaulted to Mom!

Bridal couple's speech - shared!

Father and daughter dance -
April caught him tearing up right off!

Then music stopped, April hooked up her dress and off they were - no time for tears!

Parents dance.

April and I.  Just love it!

Bride throwing her bouquet - #1



Groom retrieving the Bride's garter for his turn - #1.




Party time - butterfly dance!