Friday, September 30, 2016

All Ready and First Day Over With!

OK we're all set up, had an early supper and now shopping before 5:00 pm opening to the public.  Here's the walk through from the whole booth and around closeups.

Sylvia's journals and my notebooks.
Sylvia's acrylic canvas and fabric thread painted landscapes.

My kitchen towels, pot holders and coasters.
My postcards, brooches, hot mats, mug rugs, coasters, oven mitts and needle cases.
Sylvia's and my quilts and wall hangings.
Sylvia's and my table runners and toppers.
Sylvia's placemats,  hot mats, aprons, ornaments and coasters.
Well the first 4 hr day went well and  we both did good.  Let's hope tomorrow's 6 hr day is better!!!  Thank you everyone for your compliments and wishes.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Feeling Relieved!

That I finally have all my craft items priced and packed up ready to leave tomorrow morning.   Soon off to bed and after breakfast I'll pack my clothes and load up the car, get gassed up and finally leave - only a day late but happy that it gave me time to finish off these items.  I've a variety of quilted and crafty items and hopefully my sister and I both do well at Dryden's Christmas Craft Sale this weekend.

I hand quilted the tops before assembling the pin cushions.
Lapel pins about 1.5-2.0 inches tall.
Needle felted snow and trees postcards, beaded along with tatted garland.
Red Hat wool crocheted and felted brooches with various embellishments - about 2.5 inches.
Lake of the Woods landscape postcards with acrylic paint enhancing.
Lonely Islands postcards with acrylic enhancing. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Windy Fall Walk!

Hey my antishake actually worked picture snapping on my Pathfinders walk from the Forks into Norwood Flats and back.  Was nice to have not only Edna with me but also Janice P and Jeane G (visiting from Maryland) along with a fair sized group out this windy partially overcast day.  It was sad to hear the leaves tumbling down the road but still calming - sights of fall!

Starting from the Forks crossing the Red River.
Walking residential area of Norwood Flats.
I just LOVE this canopy.
Here's Edna and Janice P in the camo and Marilyn in red whom I've just met.
Heading back to the Forks after crossing the bridge in the first photo.
This is at the mouth of the Assiniboine River merging with the Red River at the Forks!
The Forks just peaking from behind the trees on right.  The Fort Garry Hotel and apartments with the Revolving Restaurant on top.  Four blocks behind is my own apartment building.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fall is HERE!

Ohhhh I just LOVE our "fall" season and just wish it would last a season length instead of the beauty gone on the first strong winds or frost signalling winters around the corner!!!!  Today I walked again into Norwood Flats right around to St Mary's Rd before turning back - 8.67 km in 1h 41m @ 5.1km/hr.  A bit longer time as I stopped to take lots of pictures!!!

Main St bridge over Assiniboine River.
Entrance to the walkway along the Red River
In Norwood Flats.
Unusual plant in a front yard.
View of the Revolving Restaurant across the river.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Double Whammy Today!

Recouping from TWO walks today.  First there was Birds Hill Provincial Park where Janice Palmer combined two trails for a total of 9 km before Jan, Jeane from the USA and myself stopped at Pineridge Hollow for a lovely lunch but  very slow service!   Beautiful day with friends.

Then after dropping off Jan so she can go to work I drove Jeane around downtown a bit before heading to the Forks to meet up with the Prairie Pathfinders group for an evening walk.  Neither of us wanted food yet so we went to Muddy Waters Restaurant for a glass of wine before meeting up with the rest of the walkers.  Then onto the Riverwalk, under the Osborne Bridge onto the western Assiniboine  River pathway - definitely not a place I'll be walking alone - onto Cornish into East and West Gates area.  Talk about some HUGE even historic houses.  Then back to the Forks and once again I forgot to charge up my phone while driving so naturally it died 3/4s of the way!  LOL!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Apple Roses

I'm feeling hungry after finally finishing my first attempt at Apple Roses.  You can tell I got the hang of it with the second batch!!!  Now I hope they taste as good as they smelled baking and how they look.  Nope I'm not trying them until tomorrow's Aurora gathering.  It's been ages since I baked!

Feeling Awesome!

To be able to walk for exercise with a lot less daily knee joint and osteoarthritis pain than I used to have.  For just about a year I've been drinking 2 oz Organic Tart Cherry Juice every morning and had stopped taking my Glocousomine ???? tablets as I still needed my Alieve or Tylenol Arthritis pills regularly which I hated.  Once I got my knee brace things improved some.  Then my friend Janice Palmer introduced me to Solberry and a mix of it with the cherry juice with water and I drink this daily for overall benefits - Google Solberry Seabuckthorn for the website for that.  I swear it's also helping with my weight loss too!  All I know is drinking this I only take medication only once or twice a month instead of daily.

This is what prompted this post.  A dessert made with it and coconut cream.  Looks yummy but I doubt in my diabetic allowable.   DARN!!!

Misty Walk!

That my walk today did not result in mega problems!  First it's an overcast misty like day with rain predicted and even with waterproof walkers I was leary of slipping or falling - but I went out anyways.  Second it was a might cooler than expected and what I have for proper attire - gotta fix that soon!  Third and most important is that about 3 kms into my walk I felt tightness and burning in my left knee and thought why???  I glanced down, threw off my pace and just about tripped when I realized I didn't have my walking brace on - "!@#$&!" - now what to do?  I decided to continue but be aware if it worsens and finished my walk.  I even took pictures of the lovely flowers over the two bridges.  Needless to say when I got home I rubbed down and put my feet up.  Still felt refreshed and good I exercised!!!

Even the passenger train rolled by. 

I just LOVE this image! 

Exactly how I felt for my knee forgetting my brace. 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sandilands Walk n Pansy Ukrainian Smorg

But very happy even with a very sore knee now!   See there were some 65 registered to attend the Sandilands Provincial Park trail walk and afterwards a late lunch at the Canadian famous Pansy Ukrainian smorg for $15/person.  Yes famous as TOUR BUS LOADS (6 booked) some came from as far away as Saskatchewan!   The walk was noted as 7 kms but a guy's GPS noted 9 kms - no matter it was a bit trying, hot and 4 times roots and/or rocks tried to trip me up - I stayed upright - but only just once with help from in front!!!!  An eagle even did a flyby for us and this time I got a picture.  Whatever this was the first time I ran out of battery life at 6.71 kms - map shows like 3/4s of the route - not back to the starting point.  It was packed when we got to the Pansy hall at 2:00 and when we left 3:00ish parking was way down the narrow gravel road - parking lot was full!  I'm sure they made a killing and hopefully didn't run out of the AWESOME authentic Ukrainian dishes.  I was very bad as I took a little bit of 2/3s the dishes, no buns or butter and just had to have two of the many desserts!!!!  Glad I checked my blood glucose this morning and have a day to get back on track!!!

Thank you Ghislaine for this picture.
Thank you Shirely for this picture.
Two rows of food n same for desserts.

Here's some of our walking group in both pics.

Thank you Ghislaine for the photo with me in it - waving!