Sunday, September 04, 2016

Runs With Scissors - #Proutopia

Heidi had a sticker promotion photo entry going on during her #Proutopia - a Pop Up Art Market along with her Runs With Scissors Studio event and here are various places my sticker traveled with me after leaving the Runs With Scissors Studio.

Relaxing with Rose Anne and Edna on the upper patio at Gaffer's. 

At the Leg Bldg river side grounds. 
At the beautiful fountain - not sure how close to get! 
Hiding from the spray! 
Trying not to sink n swim! 
To the playground! 

And here are Edna's places visited with her sticker.
Relaxing with Edna and Rose Anne on the upper patio! 
At the Leg Bldg Waterbus stop. 
On the Loonies bear! 
#Proutopia heart sticker.
Delivering with Dominoes Pizza! 

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