Sunday, September 04, 2016

WAVE Interlake Artist's Tour - 1st Time!!!

When planning on visiting #Proutopia I had no plans in doing the WAVE Interlake Artist's Studio Tour of various mediums.   Well that changed after a brief visit to Gimli and a return trip along Hwy #9.

First we stopped at Dot Harapiak's Art by the Yard Renewal Studio - very very FUNKY garden art.  You had to keep your eyes roaming as items were everywhere even in the bush!  Edna was intrigued by red patten shoes garden planter.  Here I bought a lovely painting in a metal bowl - reminds me of Banff AB.   Also here sharing Dot's studio was Linda Goodman of Rune Stone Design - original jewelry inspired by nature - interesting but I passed.

Next we stopped at Milli Flaig-Hooper's - The Paper Fifrildi who is just amazing with what she does with office paper recycled!!!  She's won numerous awards and I could not resist picking up a fridge magnet and an ornament for my tree.  Edna also picked up an item.

Then we finished off the late afternoon with a stop at CJ Tennant jeweller - yes I was determined to buy something!  And boy would I have loved to pick up a very unusual piece but it was way out of my price range so I passed - maybe next year!  BUT while here she showed me her Mom's quilted jewelry bags made with the sterling  silver black protective fabric and I could not resist the Lotus bag for my Pandora-like jewelry to keep it from tarnishing.   Lovely jeweller though!

Then we finished off the day at Gaffer's just over the Lockport Bridge before heading back to Winnipeg.   NO it was not my idea but Edna's and she'd mentioned that midafternoon too!!!  Lovely idea I totally agree with and we shared bruschetta and scampi with our beverages on the upper patio!
From Dot's Art by the Yard Renewal Studio  - Winnipeg Beach 

From CJ Tennant Jewelry - can be worn various different ways because of stoppers once looped. 

Protective bag empty.

My Pandora-like jewelry lying on top waiting to be slipped into the 4 pockets. 

Full and ready to sit on my dresser or to pack n go!

#Proutopia sticker on the move. 

#Proutopia sticker here too relaxing with Edna and I. 

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day to spend with a good friend! I imagine you learned something about each artist's process along the way?