Friday, September 16, 2016

Feeling Awesome!

To be able to walk for exercise with a lot less daily knee joint and osteoarthritis pain than I used to have.  For just about a year I've been drinking 2 oz Organic Tart Cherry Juice every morning and had stopped taking my Glocousomine ???? tablets as I still needed my Alieve or Tylenol Arthritis pills regularly which I hated.  Once I got my knee brace things improved some.  Then my friend Janice Palmer introduced me to Solberry and a mix of it with the cherry juice with water and I drink this daily for overall benefits - Google Solberry Seabuckthorn for the website for that.  I swear it's also helping with my weight loss too!  All I know is drinking this I only take medication only once or twice a month instead of daily.

This is what prompted this post.  A dessert made with it and coconut cream.  Looks yummy but I doubt in my diabetic allowable.   DARN!!!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can substitute less sugary things?