Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sandilands Walk n Pansy Ukrainian Smorg

But very happy even with a very sore knee now!   See there were some 65 registered to attend the Sandilands Provincial Park trail walk and afterwards a late lunch at the Canadian famous Pansy Ukrainian smorg for $15/person.  Yes famous as TOUR BUS LOADS (6 booked) some came from as far away as Saskatchewan!   The walk was noted as 7 kms but a guy's GPS noted 9 kms - no matter it was a bit trying, hot and 4 times roots and/or rocks tried to trip me up - I stayed upright - but only just once with help from in front!!!!  An eagle even did a flyby for us and this time I got a picture.  Whatever this was the first time I ran out of battery life at 6.71 kms - map shows like 3/4s of the route - not back to the starting point.  It was packed when we got to the Pansy hall at 2:00 and when we left 3:00ish parking was way down the narrow gravel road - parking lot was full!  I'm sure they made a killing and hopefully didn't run out of the AWESOME authentic Ukrainian dishes.  I was very bad as I took a little bit of 2/3s the dishes, no buns or butter and just had to have two of the many desserts!!!!  Glad I checked my blood glucose this morning and have a day to get back on track!!!

Thank you Ghislaine for this picture.
Thank you Shirely for this picture.
Two rows of food n same for desserts.

Here's some of our walking group in both pics.

Thank you Ghislaine for the photo with me in it - waving!

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Susan said...

Sounds like a great day, and a very reasonable price!