Monday, September 26, 2016

Windy Fall Walk!

Hey my antishake actually worked picture snapping on my Pathfinders walk from the Forks into Norwood Flats and back.  Was nice to have not only Edna with me but also Janice P and Jeane G (visiting from Maryland) along with a fair sized group out this windy partially overcast day.  It was sad to hear the leaves tumbling down the road but still calming - sights of fall!

Starting from the Forks crossing the Red River.
Walking residential area of Norwood Flats.
I just LOVE this canopy.
Here's Edna and Janice P in the camo and Marilyn in red whom I've just met.
Heading back to the Forks after crossing the bridge in the first photo.
This is at the mouth of the Assiniboine River merging with the Red River at the Forks!
The Forks just peaking from behind the trees on right.  The Fort Garry Hotel and apartments with the Revolving Restaurant on top.  Four blocks behind is my own apartment building.

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