Friday, September 16, 2016

Misty Walk!

That my walk today did not result in mega problems!  First it's an overcast misty like day with rain predicted and even with waterproof walkers I was leary of slipping or falling - but I went out anyways.  Second it was a might cooler than expected and what I have for proper attire - gotta fix that soon!  Third and most important is that about 3 kms into my walk I felt tightness and burning in my left knee and thought why???  I glanced down, threw off my pace and just about tripped when I realized I didn't have my walking brace on - "!@#$&!" - now what to do?  I decided to continue but be aware if it worsens and finished my walk.  I even took pictures of the lovely flowers over the two bridges.  Needless to say when I got home I rubbed down and put my feet up.  Still felt refreshed and good I exercised!!!

Even the passenger train rolled by. 

I just LOVE this image! 

Exactly how I felt for my knee forgetting my brace. 

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