Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Double Whammy Today!

Recouping from TWO walks today.  First there was Birds Hill Provincial Park where Janice Palmer combined two trails for a total of 9 km before Jan, Jeane from the USA and myself stopped at Pineridge Hollow for a lovely lunch but  very slow service!   Beautiful day with friends.

Then after dropping off Jan so she can go to work I drove Jeane around downtown a bit before heading to the Forks to meet up with the Prairie Pathfinders group for an evening walk.  Neither of us wanted food yet so we went to Muddy Waters Restaurant for a glass of wine before meeting up with the rest of the walkers.  Then onto the Riverwalk, under the Osborne Bridge onto the western Assiniboine  River pathway - definitely not a place I'll be walking alone - onto Cornish into East and West Gates area.  Talk about some HUGE even historic houses.  Then back to the Forks and once again I forgot to charge up my phone while driving so naturally it died 3/4s of the way!  LOL!

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