Monday, August 31, 2009

Gerry's Opal Gal

Finally after a week or so of dreaming up my story and trying to do some googling research for some appropriate pictures of the olden days dance hall girls, I gave up and just stitched!!!

See I had been tackling Gerry's Opal Gal block of the Faces DYB RR (my previous blog entry) for some time and finally this weekend I’ve finished her. Now I had planned a little story line for her as braving the gold mines by day and then prettying up and visiting the dance halls at night. But my idea of rough cut diamond turning into a beautiful opal just did not emerge so I’ve used what stash I had and she’s become a Victorian Lady instead! Hope Gerry likes her and she fits in with her plans for these blocks.

A closeup of the hat with feathers and SRE flowers and leaves.

Embellished Selvedges Postcards

OMGG this not having my own PC to upload pictures and blog about them when finished is not good. BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel as my PC is back home – just I’m not – so it’ll be another week before I sort of get back to normal, if there is a normal???

Also I've uploaded pics to the last three entries as I finally got the pics uploaded to the PC etc. so you might want to backtrack a bit!

Well first off I finished off my CQ embellished Selvedge Postcards being used as prizes for a competition in one of my groups and they have gone out into the mail. Talk about a learning experience these two have been for me. First off I had the delimma of finding selvedges from one designer for each card – made it! Then I knew with it fully embroidered that it would “shrink in” some so cut the pieces larger but DUMMY here didn’t mark the 4 X 6 inch size for embroidery boundaries - I thought I was a good judge of size here. SOOOOO needless to say I “chopped off” quite a bit of the embellishing and the worst part is the SRE parts!!! Then on the Kauffman (red edged) one the ruler slipped and chopped off my corner – BOO HOO HOO – but it’s still a lovely card!

BUT I know lots more about postcard making for the next batch!!!

Pat's Needle Felting

On Saturday, I needed to drop off some larger beads with Pat, an awesome fabric artist, and got to see up close and personal her new needle felted projects and just HAD to buy this baby for my walls!!! I love this and know I will NOT be buying such a machine but someday would like to tackle the hand needle felting technique but on small projects. She had three that I was humming and hawing over and finally decided on this one as those gold trims were something I truly loved.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

CQing Package Solved

And here is a photo of some of the lovely brocades and ribbon/corded trims that my friend Jody had sent to me and I’ve finally found out who was being so generous and kind!!! I’ve never seen lots of these brocades and some are small for my mini projects, but lots are a good size for CQing patches on blocks, so now I’ve got to get busy and make another special heart for my wall hanging from my friend! I wish I could have laid all the pieces out as there are so many different kinds. Now I’m wondering what the heck she made out of these herself???

Okay finally after a few emails I've found out that my friend JODY had sent me this package full of pieces of CQing fabrics and ribbons to me! She's de-stashing and thought of me for some of these awesome pieces! Thank you so very very very much Jody for thinking of me!!! (((((( HUGS ))))))

So whenever I can make the time I'm going to work on some "special" hearts for my wall hanging just out of these and maybe some of my plains to mix and match and see what grows from "kindness" and "friendships"!!!

Lace Group

And yesterday I actually learnt how to make those “pants” into a ring and add in a couple of picots too! Now it was 4-5 pants made and ripped out before I actually got a good one – so needless to say it was a long afternoon to make this small sample. LOL! One of the tatters in my online group said I am now officially a tatter for accomplishing this – hmmmm I don’t know about that, but I’ll keep trying and who knows maybe I’ll get to try one of the simple beginner patterns yet!!!

Okay I've enjoyed this afternoon with Michelle, my ex-Manager from Lewiscraft became friend, as we both visited with a local "lace group". Some time ago I met Ava at M&Ns Needlepoint shop on Pembina Hwy and was telling her about my trouble learning how to tat. She then invited me to visit their group and maybe join in the monthly gatherings and have the chance to learn from a few of the members who do tat. So today was my first chance to do so and boy was I ever glad as I truly did learn to make rings and picots - with much teeth clenching and muttered words!!!! So thank you very very much Ava for your teachings, much appreciated! Now to keep practicing and maybe actually get to do one of the beginner projects from my online tatting group lessons!!! I'll post the pics tomorrow as I can't from this PC.

Also in this group were four ladies ALL doing such exquisite bobbin lace and talk about the different apparatuses for that needlework too! NOPE I's not going to pick up another hobby - learning to tat is just fine of a goal enough for me. This I can use to further embellish my CQing projects in the future!

Some even do Hardanger and other types of needleworks within this group. I can't wait to meet more of these talented ladies and get to know them better in a smaller group. See some are from the larger Manitoba Prairie Quilters group I belong too also.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Day

Okay I'm not sure if I'm sick or finally just feeling lots better, but today was a really good day! First off I was greeted with what I think were contented stretches from the dogs asking for tummy rubs - see I slept in so guess they did too!

Then after a leisurely breakfast I ran a few errands, picked up some nice fabrics at a garage sale for $3/m before having lunch at the A&W on Nairn. Now I can tell you that this is the best looking decorating-wise along with pleasant and efficient staff and prompt service from the kitchen too that I've experienced within Winnipeg. The food even tasted better - not as greasy as others - and my stomach did not complain either - that's a good sign!!! So before I left I stopped the one in a different coloured shirt with a name tag on too and gave him my compliments on what looked like a well run restaurant. Made his day too.

Then off I went for a short visit with Pat a fabric artist and thoroughly enjoyed her new needlefelted projects that I had to buy one then and there! She also showed me her two newer wall hangings which is what she needed some larger beads for and which I had brought over a bagful for her to check out and use. Then we discussed the polymer faces after she checked out the block I was embellishing for a Faces DYB RR in one of my groups.

After that I zipped over to Nails 3000 for a long overdue manicure. See after many months of struggling with some mild depression and stress and anxiety from work and home I finally booked an appointment with a hypnotist on June 24th to help reduce the after affects of this and maybe help me deal with some of the problems along with some counselling. WELL I did not make note of the last time I "chewed" my nails (and I'm a BAD one too) but I do remember that twice now I've had to trim and file them so decided I deserved a proper manicure. Well Pat, we were spoiled in Gimli, as sure I only paid $15 but it was 15 minutes tops and they aren't as short as I asked for nor were they buffed so there aren't any sharp or rough edges - guess I'll have to take care of those before I do tempt myself to chew!!! I felt like I was in a whirlwind, she was so fast and moved me out of the chair before I relized I was finished!!! Yes, they do look nice but I felt cheated out of the manicure pampering I've had in the past. Great though if you don't have the time and need a fix-me-upper and change of nail polish!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Now!!!

I know the last few nights when walking the dogs and going past a certain house these girls shoot out aggressively and my shoulder has had a few twinges in it. Well today getting ready to leave work (cold AC blowing on me too) I feel more than a twinge, YOWSERS! It seems my neck, and the right shoulder and shoulder blade seem to be locked together with horrible pain (Ibuprofen to the rescue till tomorrow and hopefully the Chiro) and I can barely hold my head up. I know I didn't sleep well last night - sort of tossed and turned so maybe it's a mix of everything. Dang it I need this arm!!! Hopefully I can find a micro bag or heating pad before bed!

Monday, August 24, 2009

CQing Goodies Received

Okay I know I had contact with someone from Alberta who was "destashing" of some fancies and honest I've been looking back in emails and I can't find it. I'm usually very good at keeping emails of those I'm swapping with or buying from etc but this one obviously goes way back some.

Anyways I received today an awesome XP package full of brocades and ribbons etc and WOW talk about knocking my socks off. I for sure will be using them for my CQing projects and talk about an assortment of colours and fancies - just lovely.

So whomever you are, sorry that this has escaped me, if you are reading this, please drop me a line so I can see what arrangements we had made for this goldmine I've received?


Okay, remember these six 6" blocks for the Faces DYB RR that I made with fabrics from my first quilt for myself? Well the first one is finished and posted and you won't believe the awesome block Miss Leslie embellished for me and here I thought after seeing what the other girls were doing that my blocks where BLAH!!! Oh My, Oh My!!!

YES YES YES Leslie I LOVE my block (she used the top left block) and gosh look what some lovely embellishing does to my blah block!!! OMGG Leslie I LOVE Old Man Wind and the stylized sun/moon too!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Yep you definitely made it Celestial!!!

I can't wait to hear from my sister and niece when they see this!!!! Ohhhhh my heart is just a racing!!! LOL!

My PCs OKAY!!!

YEAHHHHH it's not a virus nor a major problem like everyone was scaring me with, thank GOD!!! BUT, I need an immediate fix before my poor baby stops completely. I’m just so relieved and it'll be home soon - LOL! Hope you're not leaning back too far when reading this - and don’t you laugh too hard now - but it’s stopping cause it has too much dust inside!!!

So I’m looking for a narrow 18-24” wide bookshelf, only two shelves high to go beside my wall unit next to my desk so the hard drive can sit ontop and not collect as much dust maybe - more air circulation too? This would work well as it would also get the binders from off the floor by the desk too.

AND yep I’ve got to get cracking and start cleaning up and decluttering as this can’t continue. I've got to work on it and slowly but surely keep at it till done! Are you rolling on the floor laughing my friends/family???? Not nice! But I deserve it!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lovely Weekend!

Well I've had a lovely weekend! And I hate that it ends, I'd love to have it stretched a bit more to enjoy this sunroom here some more this weekend!!!

Friday I relaxed and stitched and read the evening away.

Saturday I was up early and went to stitch with the Aurora quilters and had an awesome smorg lunch with MANY yummy desserts! Thank you ladies. Then came back to the house and walked the dogs before supper as I then left to have another potluck supper with the Lewiscraft gals and played some type of trivia WhoIsIt? or whatever it's name is and also saw some of Mary Grace's wedding pictures and also made a take home "fall" candle craft too!!! Picture to come soon.

Sunday I lazed around and then got ready to go out and watch Byran play football (they lost badly - but played really well - go figure) and prompted to get sunburnt - YOUCH! Then I came home and relax and stitched and read some more before Pat brought over Byran to play with the dogs a bit and Sylvia too for a visit in the sunroom. That was lovely. Then when they left I took the girls out for their walk and now it's down time. But I finally found some Vaseline dry skin lotion for my burn which is really starting to sting - dang it! I totally forgot the sunscreen and bug spray today! DUH!

Okay guess I better unwind and get ready for another week of work! LOL!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

House/Dog Sitting Again!

Yep, I's back taking care of Molly and Lilla once again but I can tell you that I've not started this session of house sitting off on a good foot at all.

First it was dental work Tuesday am that has me still out of sorts and face still slightly swollen (yes I visited the Dentist today and all seems to be okay with the teeth, just suffering from the needles I guess). Then I set off the AAA alarm cause I forgot to hit ENTER after the code - SHEESH what next - poor dogs and my heart!!! Then those boomers Wednesday morning woke us all up with a start and both dogs landed ontop my chest at once and scared the crap outta me - LOL!!! Heck they wanted comfort and here I was just as scared and a pounding headache along with what felt like a hangover but heck I had nothing to drink!!! Dang that anesthetic!

BUT I could not believe my eyes when I was walking to the bus stop a couple blocks away this morning! As I came to the corner halfway like the 65 Express goes by me, yep I thought of running the last block then got rid of that thought fast. Well the bus driver got out of the bus and hollered at me to come on she's got time for me to catch a ride!!! HUH??? I hollered that I can't run with my sprained ankle but she said she's waiting for me - NEVER IN MY LIFE HAS THAT HAPPENED FOR ME BEFORE! So I picked up my walking speed a bit more and thanked her perfusely for her kindness. That was unbelievable!

Then tonight I patiently waited till the rain abated and hustled all of us out for our walk - yeah right - halfway around it started to rain heavy again and we three looked like drowned rats! So needless to say they were just a bootin' it for home which did nothing for my sprained ankle - dang it!!! Then once inside I had to wait cause they badly needed drying off with their long hair soaking wet and plastered to their skin - poor girls!!! Once they were dried off I then towel dried my hair and got into dry clothes too! I think it's Molly who was looking worse for wear so I wrapped her up in one of the chair towels and she stayed like that for over an hour before venturing out. Lilla just cuddled up on the cushions and dried out fast. All I can say is their white coats are looking clean again, just hope they haven't caught a chill though!

Guess if it's raining tomorrow I'll forgo their walk as it was downright chilly out tonight in that rain. Definitely feels like fall not summer at all!!! Heck someone even mentioned the evenings are cooling off lots and felt like snows a coming - BRRRRRR!!!! Way too soon!!!

Flower Bed PCs!!!

Well it was some time ago that I signed up for the "Flower Bed" postcard swap in one of my groups and I KNEW as soon as I saw the email what I was going to do! Then some down time hit me and it was a while before I got to my stitchery and accomplished anything, thus the long delay. But I knew I wanted to recreate with silk ribbon and floss embroidery these flower beds from my childhood. See Mom used to take Dad's used tractor/vehicle tires and have them plunked down wherever and she'd plant various flowers but mostly I remember the lovely orange marigolds filling those in front of the farm house. I already had the gold grass fabric for my horse/cowboy postcards, then I found the green grass and added a couple of them. Not sure which I like better.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"A Crafty Blog"

You gotta check this crazy quilter's blog out!!!

I've thoroughly enjoyed her "creativity" and even broke down and ordered her first little booklet:

which is for sale in her Etsy shop for anyone wanting to expand their seam treatments! Some are truly unusual at least for me. And even when I've tried to expand on my own CQing projects mine have so far not come close to her beauties. I can't wait for the next one to be available!

Here's her CQing Etsy shop link!

And here's her Vintage Vices Etsy shop link?

Keep up the great work NZJo!!!


Yep, my FIRST and anxiously awaited "do your own blocks" RR has started and I've received the first set and talk about "DIFFERENT"!!! They belong to Gerry K and she's made some very unique polymer mature ladies all awaiting hats extraordinaire by us CQs for their discriminating tastes! HMMMMM now what does this mean?

Well I've looked at them and also taken a group picture and finally discerned which one I will claim to embellish for her - Opal gal! Yep, and into my head popped the following, now to research and see what I can come up with to dress her up? Hmmmm!!!

I'm calling Opal my "Goldmine Beauty" as she's rough cut like a diamond but also brilliant, but disquised like opals??? So from the gold mines by day she transforms into the beauty to dance the halls by night! She cleaned up real smart and even with her "mature age" she's still a jewel and with a twinkle in her eye too! Yep she's still able to catch the wandering eye of a gent or two!

NOW that's my story and I hope I can keep to it! :>)))

Friday, August 14, 2009


Yahooie, maybe these computer savies are rubbing off on this ol' gal??? First off Thank You to Amanda for letting me use her spare MP3 player rather than it collecting dust in the car. :)))

Let me tell you without "proper" and I mean detailed step by step instructions it was a nightmare for me to figure out HOW TO USE this little baby never mind how to upload my CDs onto it!!! Well it took me a whole week, guidance and show how from Sharon and a poke in the right direction for a WAVs to MP3 converter from Mike and I was off to the races!!! Thank you for your helping hands, much appreciated.
YEP I DID IT! Now I'm set to listen to my music no matter where I go!!!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Flower Bed PC Tops Stitched!

PHEW, when I decide I wanna do something - I do it even if it takes more time and effort than I first anticipated - but it was worth it! At least I think so!!!

I know that before I finished the backgrounds I was thinking I should "rethink" this idea but after pondering on it I decided that they postcards would not turn out as I had envisioned them "my Mom's front yard flower beds on the farm" so I persevered and in the end am pleased with the outcome. I even sold the two "spares" I would have had way before they were even half finished - SHEESH!!! Oh and you aren't seeing things, those are two different background fabrics I've used.

Step 1: filler flowers and ferns
Step 2: irises
Step 3: sunflowers
Step 4: spider roses
Step 5: Marigolds and ferns
Step 6: babysbreath
Step 7: grasses poking up

Now don't get me wrong here, the postcards aren't finished, just the tops. See my PC at home is down and I have to find out if one of my friends can allow me to print my prepared backs up on their printers - and if yes then I'll be able to finish off the postcards. Otherwise I'll have to wait until my PC techie has a chance to check my baby out and see if it's fixable or whether I'm without a PC till I can afford to replace it! SHEESH stop thinking like this, my baby just needs a tuneup like me, myself and I after my belly flop!!! Then we'll both be good as new again! LOL!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My Laces Arrived!

Well back in June in our CQI group Diane R. very kindly took on the arduous task of doing a group order for Venetian Laces/Motifs and dividing the huge order amongst those who signed up. WELLLLLL my package finally arrived while I was away on vacation and I must say the variety and quality is just awesome. I shared a bit with my sister Sylvia for her CQ quilt project that she is working on too!

beaded trim closeup

Thank you so very very much Diane for all your work!!!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Vacation is nearing it's end!

Well I'm just about all packed to leave tomorrow back to the city with Sylvia and Len! And just as we were to begin the BBQ (7ish) for supper Anne and Mike arrived with still warm chocolate fudge cake with carmel drizzle for a send off celebration - so we had dessert before supper!!! YUMMY!

Anyways here's the ONLY planned project I finished while here two weeks - lots just about completed but missing parts - DUH!!! Pillow slips for my new "fat" pillows and I even used my decorative stitches on my machine along with my varigated threads. Now I won't have to struggle stuffing them pillows inside anymore!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Belly Flop Day!

Yep another rainy day for our trip to Dryden for groceries, more fabric at 30% off at Qustom Quilts (summer only) for both Sylvia and I and their appointments.

Remember that beer commerical about plastic being sent down the hill and the sprinklers come on and young adults slipping and sliding down in fun??? WELLLLLL, it wasn't fun for me but I did a heck of a slip and then belly flopped into the huge deep puddle in front of Extra Foods!!!

See it was torrential downpour where water was bouncing up off the road when Len dropped us off! I attempted to run across the lane into the store but my sandal slipped on the crack and water and then I turned my ankle, then tried to compensate and catch myself BUT instead was off balance more and down onto my right knee n elbow and skinned myself to my knuckles and palms just stinging! SHEESH!!! Then I tried to get up and couldn't and that's when I belly flopped flat into the running water puddle and just lifted my head from a face plant contact and saved my glasses! I was soaked through to my gitch and it was downright chilly out but didn't rip my brand new work pants. Lucky I had just bought a top so I changed into that at least and my pants dried kinda fast. I can tell you it was a long achy hour ride home!!!

The jury is still out on whether I hurt my neck and shoulder but my left ankle is very sore and my hipbones are tender - tomorrow I will know! Serves me right for trying to RUN period!!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Rainbow Point

WOW talk about awesome, this rainbow was soooooo bright when Sylvia saw it at supper tonight and by the time I ran to get my camera and snap a few pics it was already fading! Now they say the rainbows for some reason always end there so locals call it Rainbow Point - neato - right out their front windows!!! HMMMM, since this was so spectacular today let's hope this is the end of the dang downpours, I swear I'll be coming home with webbed toes!!!

To recap today is to say it was a mucho better day as my migraine (lack of caffeine I thinks) had gone away and we had leftovers for meals today so both Sylvia and I stitched and chatted the day away. And Len was working on his willow chairs and an awesome wooden framed loveseat that he found at the local dump in pretty good condition that he's braced the centre and laid down wooden slats for the cushions Sylvia will be sewing for it. It really is neat and will be put into the family room - recycling other's junk!!!

Sylvia started her day off by working on her new quilt project (that is if she can still get more of the awesome blue flower print tomorrow) and then worked on Betty & Dave's new kitchen valance. It looks lovely in their home!

we just love this block!

a measurin' the other day!

then a hangin' em today!

And me setting a spell watching their curtain antics and stitching on my "Flower Bed" PCs which are coming along just lovely with Sylvia's input when I am stumped. Even Len has mentioned he likes them too! I'm over three quarters of the way done now and just finishing up the "filler flowers" so hopefully by Friday I'll have the fronts finished and when I get back to Winnipeg this weekend I'll pick up the ink for my printer (as Betty bought my two "extra" postcards) and print off the prepared backs and VOILA they should be mailed off next week! FINALLY!!! BUT SHEESH I didn't expect to that Betty would want them and she hasn't even seen the finished products yet!!! WOW!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another Lovely R&R Day!

Yep Sylvia and I were up early and headed out the door at 8:00 am leaving Len snoring mildly. We stopped at Vermillion Bay for breakie before heading to Sioux Narrows Art Festival and enroute I saw two turkey vultures in the trees - musta been some dead carcass nearby. Well finally we get to there and park just off the highway and walk up the road to the arena to the arts display/sale. There we chatted with Dianne and Pat from my Winnipeg Guild and Sylvia liked the works before she even saw the girls. I like some of the jewellry there but not in the colours I would have liked so passed that up BUT I WON a door prize - awesome black hooded sweat shirt with some resort name and a neat woven tote bag for shopping.

Then we tried to find a restaurant for lunch before heading back but shoot there's only ONE in that town and it was packed and behind time so we headed for the burger shack and then back home we headed. On the way back Sylvia stopped at Rushing River Provincial Park so I could take some pics there (my old camping stomping grounds) and then also on the #1 Hwy for some island shots!

I used to tread carefully and then "park" myself on the rocks and have the water cascade over my shoulders and back for "nature's own jacuzzi".

This was off the bridge straight down - kinda dizzying it was!

Need these examples for my Landscape postcards I's makin!

When we got home Diane and her two sons were already there so we unwound and then I tried some more sewing on my landscape postcards but was not faring to good so stopped and blogged instead. Not sure what we are all up to this weekend but I'll be stitching and I know we're heading back to Dryden again on Wednesday so might be stopping in at the two quilt shops again.

Enough for today.