Monday, January 30, 2012

Martin's Comfort Quilt

OK this is a bit tough writing this up a second time!  Within our Aurora Quilters Winnipeg group we have a married couple who just LOVE to quilt and cook and are just about always at our group's monthly meetings.  Well just recently Martin found out he has cancer and so Ricky and Val stirred the pot and got us moving on making a comfort quilt for him ASAP.  Tami and Wendy were cutting up 10 inch blocks and 2.5 inch strips for some charity quilts our group will be working on in March and they donated what we needed fabric-wise and Gail B donated the batting.  

So Sunday afternoon Wendy, Val W and myself met at Ricky's lovely and HUGE sewing room in her basement and in hours decided on the layout, with Ricky/Val/Wendy sewing to beat the band and me fetching the fabrics from the floor plans and also pressing the seams before the next rows were added on, made short work of it all.  It was Ricky's mastermind to use the donated braided borders and I would have just sewn them up square-like, but nope she decided it needed mitred corners.  Well Ricky I totally agree with you now - they make the front!!!  Then I brought the bright border/binding fabric and it was deemed the right choice.


Val W

Rose Anne

After five hours we JUST ABOUT finished the front - Ricky had two corners to finish off but she was tired already - Val and Wendy had to leave so I finished sewing the last two seams on the 2.5 inch stripped back and pressed that so it was totally finished.  Then Ricky finished off the front the next day and Tuesday with Val delivered out to Audrey and helped her put it onto the frame and left her to the quilting.  It didn't take her long and Wednesday evening she delivered it to me back in Wpg and after my supper/shopping with my sister I promptly went home and stitched on the Sunday prepared binding.


Then I finished off stitching the binding on the charity quilt I had clipped in place and quickly on Thursday reclipped Martin's quilt and after my aquacise class went straight home and stitched the binding on for a possible Friday evening or Saturday morning delivery. 

Front - completed quilt

Back - completed quilt

Guess I should have called on Thursday and then I could have done the stitching over the two evenings as it was arranged for a Saturday morning delivery.


Emotional while Thanking All!
Not sure what we were chuckling about!

I am so very very thankful to all for coming together and helping to get this comfort quilt going and finished within the two weeks.  And seeing Martin's surprised expression when he opened the package was worth all the long hours.  It fits him perfectly and I hope that it brings him much heartfelt warmth and prays from his "fellow" quilters!!!  All the best during your treatments Martin!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tea Dyeing Laces

Well I think it turned out just GREAT!!!  My first attempt and I followed the instructions to a "T", but I think next time I'll toss in 6 tea bags instead of the 4 as noted.  But these are nice and soft and you can see from the picture I've included the original "white" pieces and the one on the far right - narrow diamond trim - is cotton and I had the purchased white and cream and now I have the deeper tea dyed colour too.
Yes I think I'll be trying this method again.  BUT it was noted in How to Tea Dye Lace by Linda that this is not the proper way for dyeing "heirloom" projects.

Something New for Me!

This Sunday morning it's nice and sunny looking out there and I'm sure it's like a spring's coming morning temperature wise (a week or so ago it was -37C and frigid like) - go figure!

Well I'm working on my 4" Nickle Swap blocks and in cream/tan like and truly I've not much in that colour lace-wise.  SOOOO here I am following Judith Montana's tea bag dyeing steps and hope my first attempts turn out just GREAT!!!  Time will tell.  Right now they are in the tea bath and have some time to go.  If by chance this is finished and I have time to take pictures before having to go out to my Bobbin Lace/Tatters meeting I'll blog again, if not then when I get back late afternoon for sure! 

If this works I just might do some other attempts too.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

TIAS 2012 - Day 6 & Day 7

OK I've been busy helping some of the Aurora Quilters in stitching up a comfort quilt in two weeks - yeppers from dreaming it up to delivering it to Martin our lone male quilter who is not well at this time.  So I've kinda set aside various other projects this past week.

NOW I finally got caught up with my TIAS 2012 project and here is Day 6, nice and easy with no problems - but still clueless of what it is supposed to be.
And here is Day 7 but Jane put another one of those SCRMs into it!!!  BUT this time I reread the SCRM instructions and it was a lot clearer to stitch up right from the beginning.  BUT still I'm clueless as to what it is going to be!

Anyone have a guess???

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

TIAS 2012 - Day 5

Well this installment went very well and actually was finished yesterday evening, but I'd already shut down the computer (which isn't cooperating with me in Yahoo) so waited for today to upload.

Now I still don't see what this is going to be but I do see the curved tail will probably be joined to one of the two picots on the next corner, that I'm pretty sure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Dragonflies!

Some time ago I was asked to tat up a couple of dragonflies for a friend BUT instead of the split rings for the tail part she wanted them joined.  So I tried some ideas and they did not work and then I borrowed a tatting book from the Library and there was a Needle Tatting pattern for a different type of dragonfly that had a closed tail.  It was a bit difficult the first time around but trying to hold onto this skinny thing and do some joins with hook and shuttle, but eventually I got the hang of it. 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tatting Trivia

OK now I truly know that I'm "hooked" so to speak.  See a girlfriend who also tats asked me how many shuttles I now own???? 

See I just bought 12 second hand plastic shuttles for myself from another tatter:  most were Susan Bates small ones similar to my favourite Clover ones, along with a few Clovers and one I do not know what kind but it's an older style.  The only thing is most have threads on them and about half are over half wound so really none empty to solve my delimma at this time.  LOL!!!  Hmmm, me thinks still not enough compared to the various threads I have in my stash!  I also added in some size 50, 60, 70 and one 80 tatting cotton balls that I thought I would use or hopefully graduate to using in the future. 

So here is a listing of the types and numbers I have - WHY DID YOU ASK MICHELLE!!!

Tortoise (Clover) - 6  (love these the bestest)
Clover (basic & pastel colours) - 19
Susan Bates (like Clover) - 8
Sew Mates (don't care for these but good for big projects) - 5
Aero (with winder & hook - don't like this one) - 1
Special Wooden shuttle (from Ottawa area) - 1
Older ones for display only - 5
Maybe missed a few - who knows!

You READY???  For a total of 45, but only 38 usable ones.  And yes I still am thinking of picking more up of the Clover ones if any are left next week.

wooden one from Trilliam - Ontario

old ones I have

Aero - removable bobbin with hook

Clovers - basic & pastel colours

Sew Mates

Thursday, January 19, 2012

TIAS - Day 3 and 4

Ohhhh I've forgotten to blog my Day 3 work so here it is and following that is Day 4.

Day 3

OHHHH BOY that SCRM!!! Guess it's my own fault for not "reading up on it" - NOOOO I just thought I knew and got myself in this mess.
No SCRM - Hmmmmm!

Then after some very very careful "pickings" I loosened the last two DSs of the closed ring (after realizing I was wrong) I managed to open up the ring and then untatting until I was at the beginning of the SCRM again. Then I found my NSAN beginner binder and READ up on that step. I then proceeded OK to the send part where I mixed up my shuttles and the close was not possible. So back to untatting again but at least it was simpler and this time I GOT IT RIGHT!!! YEAH, now will I remember this for next time????

SCRM accomplished!

Hope the rest goes easy Jane!!!

Day 4

OK here is my CTJ practice piece and I can see it being useful IF you use the same colour in both shuttles. I had used two colours as in the instructions and I could see what I was doing. ALSO this is the first time that I was able to tat and hide the ends - WOW I must be getting more comfortable with this stuff.

Continuous Thread Join

AND here is my Day 4 and it went well I think. Still no idea of what this will knot up to be!!!

CTJ and Split Rings

I also noticed that there are a few of us using this aqua green cotton. AND I too am enjoying seeing all the different types of tatting shuttles on the this blog/exercise. Hopefully this Saturday I'll be able to pick up some used shuttles from another tatter and maybe even threads - will see and naturally will blog if I do.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MPQ Table Centres are Finished!!!

Well I just snuck in an aquacise class before the temps dropped to bone chilling -27C temps and with windchill it was said to be -37C - YIKES.  Guess I'll be plugging in my BABE tonight when I get home!

So after my class I immediately headed for the sewing room and did some quilting on the 4x6 inch blocks which will be framed for the MPQ Quilt Reflections Banquet.  I'm very happy with them and will hopefully make up some postcards for the Selkirk Gallery to drop off on my way to the Gimli quilting retreat Feb. 2nd.

OK I tried some free motion but one I just had to "rippit" - it was awful - the rest I did as some friends suggested and followed the fabric lines.  They even showed up in the pics!


Aren't they just something?  Val W gave me some books of sample silks and I just used the family groupings and prepared the blocks and then embellished how I so desired.  Now some of the quilting is iffy but I don't think it is really BADDDD so I left it.  Now I can't wait to see what the framed items look like. 

So that's another project completed before the deadline and without staying up till all hours too!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another CQd Block!

My I sure must be in a stithing mood as I've sure accomplished lots this weekend.  I finally got around to a SewBuds RR block belonging to Candi H and am happy with my touches.  Then I tatted a couple of simple hearts and sent them off with a CQI Day Brightener card.  Yes I had three pacakges posted today!!!

So first off here is Candi's block after my embellishments added in.

First I had tatted "Sandra's Dainty Heart" but left off the trailer for the bookmark and I added in clear seed beads along the inside middle points.  Then using my rainbow coloured rayong braided ribbon I repeated the blanket stitched half wheel and finished off with a large pink bead.

Then I read that Cris did not mind if someone embellished her crocheted fan, so I found my hand dyed multi-coloured silk ribbon and wove that in and out finishing with a bow in the centre.

After that I tatted up a couple of Mary Donohue's Heavenly Hearts (just love this pattern), included one of my crocheted hearts along with a purchased heart doily (which I cut up and use in my CQd blocks) along with a card to a fellow CQer within our CQI as a Day Brightener package - hope she likes them.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

CQd Block Finished

OK after a wonderful but many sore points found massage today, I settled into finishing off a crazy patch block I've had for awhile (no mailing in December).  So here are two of the Sew It Up DYO blocks of Ruby's that I've worked on and now are packaged up for mailing off tomorrow.
Totally my work on this block
After a phone conversation with Ruby who has had health complications lately, I decided to add that red tatted heart - an effort of friendship and heartfelt wishes for her during recovery.

Top right corner

I've had this idea for a while and finally have a block I could applique the Sun Bonnet Sue pin holder full of embroidered glass headed pins with many extras scattered around.  I then overstitched Ruby's irridescent zigzag trim with blue cretan stitches.

Middle and lower right corner

As you can see I've overstitched all the words and designs of the centre quilting fabric patch.  I added my red tatted heart and my name in the right corner patch.

Left side of block

I worked on a new pattern for a tatted edging an I think the gold cotton complimented the gold patch across and I dressed it up with blue beads.  That blue patch had me stumped but then I thought it does not need much more so just added the gold thimble button (cut off the shank) and added two gold safety pins.

The lower patch I used brown floss and blanket stitched various measurements and found a flat bead for the circle design on that one #30 mark and finished off the seam with a simple chain stitch.

Joint block

OK this is the joint block that we all work on so the owner of the blocks has a whole completed set arriving so they can just finish off their plans for the blocks.  (not sure that will be the case for me - I'm slow)  So I'd say these combined efforts are sprouting an awesome block here.

Upper left corner

Now this is my contribution to the joint block.  I used silver DMC metallic floss for the herringbone seam treatment and stitched strategically wine glass beads for pin heads.  Then in blue floss I overstitched the word "Tools" and added the gold scissors and cream thimble in place.

This is the second last block of this round robin for me to work on.  SOOOO that means my own blocks will be heading home soon - WOW I can't wait.  Guess I should go check the Photo Album and see what progress has been made on my blocks.

Friday, January 13, 2012

TIAS - It's Returned For 2012!!!

OHHHH what a joy to have this “tatting mystery” for our enjoyment once again. Thank you very very much Jane (link to blog) for all the work you put into these for all of us.  Much appreciated.

Now I just about totally forgot about this after the initial announcement - too much happening and my brain elsewhere!!!

So here’s my Day 1 attempt and I’ve used Lizbeth #688 in size 20 with the CTM method and 2 shuttles as I’m still too clumsy if I have to do anything with the ball besides letting it sit in the cup!!!  This time around it looks like it's something "square" but it has two beads - one small and one larger - HMMMM totally no guess.

And here is my Day 2 progress.  Sorry Jane, I still have no clue what this will be when it grows up!

I just LOVE these TIAS - not only are they a learning experience, they are just downright FUN and it's awesome seeing everyones' pictures too on Jane's blog.

Back to Tatting!

Well looks like I forgot to BLOG about my newest tatting piece - yes I tried a new pattern from "Edging" Coats Book 1405 #37 in size 30 yellow/gold varigated cotton.  I didn't even have any problems with it - basic easy stitches just different layout than I've done before.
This trim is now gracing one of Ruby's seams on her Sew It Up DYOB - pictures will come once I've completed the block embellishments.

Not Bad Today!

Well I truly considered after my previous sciatic hip problems and then the fall and the Zumba aquacise that I’d be either so sore I wouldn’t know what to do with myself or just unable to move period.

I can honestly say that I’m all over sore but not badly and the sciatic pain seems to have subsided.  Hmmmm could the fall and aquacise have “released” it???  I sure hope so as that definitely is a pain with a sitting job!!!  I've just come back from a short walk, and yes very carefully on the icy patches, and all seems to be good.  I do have my massage tomorrow so hopefully this stiff/soreness will be eased away then too!

We are continuing alternating between Zumba and regular aquacise sessions so who knows maybe I'll limber up yet!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Was One of Those Days!

You know the kind - like you know you shouldn't have gotten out of BED!!!  Yep that was me today and it just progressed from bad to worse me thinks.
First off I was achey and miserable feeling but decided to go to work regardless. I trudged through the morning and realized I needed to make a deposit so off to the bank.  On my way back my right eye just CRIED real tears that with the windchill was kinda freezing in it's own pathway.  Then I started sneezing and thought what the heck but in the meantime I was back at work and getting settled in.  Well besides the still crying one eye I now had a one-sided nose bleed - thank goodness it was shortlived. 

OK settled into work but the "network" sure was doing it's best to irritate me and other co-workers double time today.  I even "misread" an email and tried to get others to sort this out only to find out like half hour later that it was ME who could not read properly.  UGH!!!  Well at least I sent out an email apologizing for my mistake.  By this time, I'd had enough, but this evening I was starting my Zumba Aquacise classes - hmmmm wondered how I'll do there.

I can say honestly NOW that I SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME!!!  I picked up Florence and was heading over to get Pat but again they didn't hear my honking so I proceeded to get out of the van.  There's nothing to it right?  WRONG!!!  My right boot back lace got itself hooked onto the seat slider handle so when my left foot touched the snow I was hung up - YEP short legs spread out with no support!!!  Well before I knew what was happening I landed on my back with my right leg hanging out the van AND if that was not enough the van being on an angle proceeded to close the door on it's own!!!  So there I was flat on my back, one leg in the van and door trying to close on my legs  -  "WHAT THE HELL!!!" 

There was I trying to get up - NADA - trying to hold the door open - NADA again - and poor Florence inside trying to get unhooked to reach over to keep the door open AND trying not to laugh - NADA NADA NADA - as by then both of us were laughing.  (you're probably doing so now too)  AND neither of us could UNHOOK my boot nor could I pull my foot out as the elastic lace had tighten around my leg - DUH!!!  So there I was trying to stop laughing and scooting my butt closer to the van without bonking my head on the door and pushing my leg further into the van to slide the lace off the handle.  FINALLY between the two of us we got me unhooked and I stepped out of the van properly.

At this time Pat comes out and here we are still laughing but I'm checking my brand spanking new parka out for damage and she's wondering what's going on!!!  As far as I'm concerned I didn't need aquacise after that feat!!! 

Then we get to the Pool, I drop off the girls and got parked then walked carefully (ice everywhere) towards the entrance, checking both ways for vehicles before crossing the access towards the parking lot and around a car on the left dropping off someone.  I was halfway into the roadway when from my RIGHT comes this van (I'd say faster than should be) go right by me and I raised my hand in front of my face (yes I'm short) and her side mirror brushed my arm - I screamed but she just continued at the same pace for the exit and the car on my left watched.  SHEESH!!!  What the heck else!!!

But I did go in, I was still shaken awaiting our class to begin but that fast was forgotten with the concentration.  I did about 75% of the class but had to slow down some as I could not keep up but I tried to keep moving in the water - I was aching.  Thank goodness nothing more happened, I got home safe and sound and promptly took two Advil and rubbed my aching parts with my Blue Ice.  Sure hope it helps for tomorrow!!!  Good night!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Supper with the LC Gals

Yeppers the ex-Lewiscraft employees still get together for the occassional supper and/or craft session.  This time is was a potluck supper at Michelle's which is still in full Christmas regala - being of Ukrainian decent.  I just love their various decorations and now with a grandson I'm sure it was the highlight of the season to see his enjoyment checking everything out.

OK we missed Georgina, Audrey (G & Ps Mom) and Mary Grace this time around but still we had a lovely time visiting and awesome food for supper and dessert!!!  Here's some pictures of the evening together.  Thank you Michelle for the pictures!!!

Yes, a real tree too!

Lovely centrepiece that Pat & I attempted
to pop out the snowflake cuts for Michelle.

Well Michelle asked if I had show n tell!!!

"A work of art!" - Michelle.
I love the artzy framing!


Karen and Michelle.
Thanks Pat for the distraction!

Amy Jean and me with last minute preparations.

Amy's gourmet Potato Pie

See I said it was lovely!!!

Awesome salad, potato pie, and meatloaf.
We had a cheese, cranberry n nut spread
with crackers for appetizers with
pumpkin pie n whipped cream for dessert.

Yes it was all awesome and by 10:30 pm I was sooooooo tired I just had head home.  On the drive to take the gals home I was yawning most of the way.  Well by the time I got home (not that long as most were in my area), carted the bags upstairs and remade my bed I was BOING WIDE AWAKE!!!  Dang it!!!  So I sat up stitching on the blocks (which I didn't while visiting - quite the change for me) and watching reruns of the evenings hockey games, then the Gander movie and before I knew it it was 4:30 am - definitely sleep time!