Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Happenings!!!

WOW talk about new happening in my life – nothing major just so different than the sedate occurrences of the past!
See Christmas was so different and awesome I was surprised something else as wonderful would happen for New Year’s Eve, but it did!!!  First off my sister Florence woke me like 8:00ish to say they were coming into the city and what were my plans for the evening – Zippo sitting home and watching hockey and NYE celebrations with wine and pizza.  She said TOUGH she wanted me to join her for supper and she wanted steak dinner – HMMMM where would we get in without reservations???

Then my girlfriend Florence joined me for a “parka” shopping spree and finally I found one to my knees for warmth with a hood and it’s not GREEN either, it is a nice red with a dark brown/black fur trimmed hood, zipper pockets and storm cuffs.  It’s slimming which is a plus and I think will be nice and warm with it’s back insert too!  Right now it’s too warm to wear it but once that north wind and temperatures drop I will be changing fast.  After that we had a light lunch as I was not sure what supper was going to be or when and then I took Florence home and waited for my sister to call.

Right on cue, 5:00ish, she calls that she’s on her way and downstairs I go to await my pickup!  Well YEAH RIGHT, she’s got hubbies diesel crew cab truck – how appropriate my thoughts were!!!  So shopping malls were closed and she didn’t want supper that soon so off to Assiniboine Downs we went to view “Winter Wonderland”.  I’d not seen it so it was very interesting and I kept missing things that Florence pointed out – thank goodness she was crawling so I could get another glance in.  It sure must have been easier to put this up this year with the milder temps but without the snowbanks guess they had to hammer rods into the frozen ground???

Just after 6:00 we headed back to Polo Park area to see if we could get into Tony Roma’s – no dicerooie – 45 minute wait to be seated.  Nope that wasn’t good as she had to pick up hubby 8:30ish and then they were heading home to Dauphin right afterwards.  So we went across to Earl’s and 40 minute wait for the dining room but we were seated immediately in the BAR.  Florence noted “I’d get to see the game too” and was THRILLED (with fist pumping) there were 6 large screens and 5 were on the Jets hockey game and one on the Canada/USA JR hockey game – both at once, company and I didn’t have to cook!!!

She got her steak and I had the ribs and BOTH of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals leisurely and paid our bills by 8:10 – WOW you can’t get that kind of service in a dining room and she even let us stay till the end of the Jets game (tables were clearing out by then) which was AWESOME too!  So then Florence dropped me off at home and only waited a few minutes for hubby to show up at their arranged spot and off they were. I still got to watch more of the JR hockey games and stitch and enjoy some wine and then the fireworks out my bedroom window!!!

Yep an awesome end to 2011 and now let’s hope that 2012 continues to be just as awesome!!!

Well it started off nice with a visit over at my girlfriend Linda’s and enjoyed an awesome meal there too.  Then yesterday it was an extra long stitching day with the Ravenesque group over at Pat’s with a potluck supper and stitching a bit longer afterwards.  Definitely an lovely start to 2012!!!

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