Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tatting Trivia

OK now I truly know that I'm "hooked" so to speak.  See a girlfriend who also tats asked me how many shuttles I now own???? 

See I just bought 12 second hand plastic shuttles for myself from another tatter:  most were Susan Bates small ones similar to my favourite Clover ones, along with a few Clovers and one I do not know what kind but it's an older style.  The only thing is most have threads on them and about half are over half wound so really none empty to solve my delimma at this time.  LOL!!!  Hmmm, me thinks still not enough compared to the various threads I have in my stash!  I also added in some size 50, 60, 70 and one 80 tatting cotton balls that I thought I would use or hopefully graduate to using in the future. 

So here is a listing of the types and numbers I have - WHY DID YOU ASK MICHELLE!!!

Tortoise (Clover) - 6  (love these the bestest)
Clover (basic & pastel colours) - 19
Susan Bates (like Clover) - 8
Sew Mates (don't care for these but good for big projects) - 5
Aero (with winder & hook - don't like this one) - 1
Special Wooden shuttle (from Ottawa area) - 1
Older ones for display only - 5
Maybe missed a few - who knows!

You READY???  For a total of 45, but only 38 usable ones.  And yes I still am thinking of picking more up of the Clover ones if any are left next week.

wooden one from Trilliam - Ontario

old ones I have

Aero - removable bobbin with hook

Clovers - basic & pastel colours

Sew Mates

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Jane Eborall said...

Never enough shuttles. Carry on collecting. I love the Aeros best but then that's what I'm used to!!!