Friday, January 13, 2012

TIAS - It's Returned For 2012!!!

OHHHH what a joy to have this “tatting mystery” for our enjoyment once again. Thank you very very much Jane (link to blog) for all the work you put into these for all of us.  Much appreciated.

Now I just about totally forgot about this after the initial announcement - too much happening and my brain elsewhere!!!

So here’s my Day 1 attempt and I’ve used Lizbeth #688 in size 20 with the CTM method and 2 shuttles as I’m still too clumsy if I have to do anything with the ball besides letting it sit in the cup!!!  This time around it looks like it's something "square" but it has two beads - one small and one larger - HMMMM totally no guess.

And here is my Day 2 progress.  Sorry Jane, I still have no clue what this will be when it grows up!

I just LOVE these TIAS - not only are they a learning experience, they are just downright FUN and it's awesome seeing everyones' pictures too on Jane's blog.

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