Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Arrived in NZ - Aug 23rd

After a 13.5 hr flight, half hr early I arrived in NZ where even this huge International airport was just waking up at 5:30 am.  The guest lounges weren't even open yet so I just vegged out some before venturing in to such a place for a much wanted relaxing shower, some food and internet time.  DANG IT I again messed up on my plugs and took the wrong one.  Next trip I take I'm taking them all.  The clerk in the lounge gave me there's so I could use my tablet and also charge up the unit.
arrival gates and music too
lounge private shower facility (maybe 4-6 there)
a sample of what was available free

Then after the paid for 4 hours there I ventured out into the airport and WOW talk about luxurious facilities.  It was easy to spend the 9 hours there but the last couple were getting harder and just wanted to get to Perth and relax with Vivienne.

slide presentation of changing scenes and colours

Yeppers she was there to greet me and was a sweetheart getting me settled in.