Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Special Week!

Well first off my weekend was lovely with my aging Dad and he ate all I prepared and said it was good too!!!  My youngest sister Florence & Wayne had booked the RV campsite for the weekend so were happy to have me stay at their place and watch out for their two cats along with Dad.  Well they had to escape the rainy/windy campsite (couldn't fish either) early and I got to visit with them too!!!  Then Florence and I took off to Elsie's for Sunday evening (where the power was out for some reason) and there we visited with her son & family, my sister Marlene & Henry and their daughter & family - just lovely.  AND to boot I even came home with a few "too small" items from Elsie for myself!!!

My drive back home was good too on Monday.  Then Tuesday early I did a quick load of laundry and repacked, dropped off my Library books and the last two Lace Days posters for June 5th and then headed out to Stonewall to check out Stacey's Quilters Cottage birthday special and to have lunch at the McLeod Teahouse.  Well Mobird, I LOVED my luncheon of spinach salad with Granny Smith apples, walnuts and raspberry vinegarette dressing and multi grain & Brie cheese toasts and Berry Berry tea - SCRUMPTIOUS!!!  Then I topped it off with their cranberry lemon scones with Devonshire cream and preserves - I've died and gone to heaven!  YUMMY!!!

Then back into the car and by this time the winds had picked up horribly and I had to keep control of the wheel to stay on the road on my drive to Gimli and my free overnight stay at the Lakeview Resort (doorprize I won at the February Quilt Show there).  I was very glad to make that a direct drive - no other stops as I'd planned.  When I was checking in I mentioned it was a treat to myself on my birthday and they promptly upgraded my room to a suite for the night - WOW!!!  I had planned on having a manicure before dinner but she was booked so instead I changed and headed out for a walk along the beach.

Yeah right with that wind I lasted like 15 minutes on the beach before deciding the sandblasting I was getting was not to my liking and headed inland and walked all around the town.  Now it was kinda tough with those wind gusts but not to bad until I got to the highway side - felt like I was going backwards instead!  Then my hat flew off and I tried to catch it - ZIPPO - instead I stabbed myself with my chipped nail and it kept bleeding most of the walk!!!  It was a rough 1.25 hours and only amounted to 5.6 kms - much less than my usual pace.  The clerks chuckled when I came in as I guess I looked a sight from that trek!!!

I then changed into the new skirt and top for supper and enjoyed the hotel's garden salad (quite interesting), beef skewers special with scalloped potatoes and awesome steamed asparagus, peas, corn and carrots along with a glass of white wine.  I then decided when asked if I wanted dessert, I said yes since it was my birthday I deserved some.  I was getting the rundown on the items and settled on the mango creamed cheesecake and the waitress said it was on the house - LOVELY!  Well the dessert was very lovely too - nice and light.

After that I retired to the Lounge to hopefully catch the hockey game and have a ceasar or two but they weren't playing so I relaxed and read instead until they closed at 10 pm.  So then I stopped at the front desk to ask for Internet access and the same clerk I checked in with asked if I was a guest???  HUH!!!  I kinda chuckled and said "Yes, what you don't recognize me" and it took another glance before she recognized me and then apologized.  I teased her a bit and then said "I guess I cleaned up pretty good eh?"  We had a great chuckle and then Tracy (the Retreat organizer) stopped by and we all chuckled again!!!  Well guess I was mellowing out real fast as I did not last long watching TV before crashing.  Wednesday morning I was up early and out for a brief boardwalk trek before grabbing some breakfast for the drive back to Winnipeg.  I did stop into Keepers Quilts in Winnipeg Beach and found some locally dyed silk ribbon sold in her shop along with some more nice batiks for my flutterfly postcards - quite the selection now I think!

Then it was a quick repack, drop off the vienatarte for Pat for Randy, do some banking and then head out to my sister's, Sylvia & Len, in NW Ontario.  I had intentions of stopping in for tea with Adeline but she was not home so I grabbed Tim's coffee and bagel and continued onwards.  Needless to say I'd done way too much driving and eating sunflower seeds to keep myself awake as I was sprouting a cold sore and talk about stinging!!!  Well if that was not enough, Thursday morning Sylvia and I headed into Dryden for some groceries and bedding plants and lunch with a neighbour, who was also in town, then back to their place and thankfully I stayed put until Sunday, except to visit Fran & Shorty!!!

Now as usual, I took way too much planned projects to work on and did not really complete anything.  Dang it!!!  And yes the weather there was not so great and even some boomers too!  But I still had a lovely visit even if the power there too went out while having breakfast and Len was teasing me that there may have been some downed power lines or the highway washed out too as there was no traffic like usual!  HMMMM, not funny, I told him that would not go over well with my boss and he'd probably be calling to find out if and when I was coming back!  LOL!  As I was loading up the car traffic was starting to move in both directions so I knew it was not the road, but still no power until noon for them.  Before entering Kenora I pulled over and called Adeline, still no answer, so I took the bypass and headed straight for the city as I had my Lace Group meeting I wanted to catch this afternoon.

So yes It was an enjoyable and pleasant week off and on Saturday I had told Len that I did not want to go back to work at all!!!  Too bad my finances were such a mess that I could not fulfil my retirement this month as I'd hoped for.  Oh well in a couple of years that may become reality - it's in the future that is for sure!!!  AND even though I was watching my food intake I was not being restrictive and sometimes even had a second helping if it was really good and lacked my walks too - seems like I only put back one pound - that's not bad at all me thinks!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

LC Gals Craft Night

Well I just received the pics the other day from Michelle and they are all great!!! So I uploaded them all into my Webshot Crafts Album and can be seen here.

This time the Downtown Lewiscraft gals invited the Northgate LC gals to join us in our dinner/craft evening and I think they totally enjoyed themselves (it was LOVELY to see Kathy again whom I worked with at Bentley's after LCs shut down) - those that did make it that is! I didn't know that Georgina's dinner table could expand that long to allow us all to sit together!!! And naturally she put on a scrumptious spaghetti night with pickled peppers from Erica and someone brought the wine and Michelle the yummy dessert!!! And as usual the great conversations and laughter!

Since I recently delved into needle felting, I brought all my supplies and demonstrated how it worked. Then the girls just "went to town" on their own pieces with a few mishaps and curses when overzealous stabbing met their fingers not their projects! YOWSERS!!! And it was kinda funny as once that started (after emphasizing to be careful) it seemed to go around the table!

Now I can tell you that I was pleased with the results even if they did not turn out as they envisioned.

Also my stomach enjoyed a good laughing exercise with all the antics they displayed!!!  Now I'm wondering if we inspired the NG LC gals to have their own craft nights or will they be joining us again??? HMMMM!


What a lovely day out but it sure got warm on my walk - glad for the breeze!!! I’m now up to 35 minutes at lunch times and anywhere from 1 to 1.5 hours each day on the weekends (now trying to walk in a park setting rather than surrounding area). I’m hoping to do one evening a week in the full walk instead but that might change too. See I’ve asked and gotten approval to start work at 9:00 each day so I can take my walks in the mornings instead of in the heat of the lunch hour and that'll start in June. So I think I’ll just ensure I’m up with the alarm and have a small breakfast then take my 1 hour walk and back home to get ready and eat something else before going to work. I’m now down 24 pounds and I’m feeling great!!!

Well I brought my walking shorts and tank and hat with me to work today. Terri had asked when I was going for my walk and to let her know when I’m back as she wanted to know how windy it was and whether or not to go on her usual late lunch for a walk. I should have realized something was strange as she was visiting us instead of upstairs in her other office – NADA!!! Well I finally got away from the desk and got out the door in my walking outfit but work sandals – so back in I came to change into my walkers and she laughed at me. Then out the door just about at the elevator and had to turn back for my hat and MP3 and this time she said am I ever going for that walk!!! Nope still didn’t catch on – and this time I left!

WELL them sneaky gals (I saw Darlene coming in with cake this morning but there’s a retirement going on this afternoon so I thought it was for that) and Terri had balloons blown up under her desk (I didn’t notice them either) and they all rushed around in that 35 minute walk to set it all up in front of my desk. Even balloons and my picture and 55 on the door (no it is not today)!!! At first when I got back I was upset, but when I came inside and saw all the decorations and cake and munchies I just smiled then hurriedly went to freshen up and change back into my work clothes. I’m still in a good mood - hope it sticks around a long while!!!

Also a few cards and another gift certificate for The Bay so not sure what I’ll go buy this time with it – SHEESH!!! Maybe a summer dress???

Oh well it was okay, as I’m in a good mood still and even though I’m not retiring this month, I’m still OK with soon turning 55 and still working – I think this walking is doing the positive thing for me!!! I’m going to enjoy it!!!

So THANK YOU to all those who gave me that party, it was a lovely surprise!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Well I woke and got moving earlier this morning and did my usual walk instead of driving to the park etc.  So today it was already 18C with a breeze so I thought I'd christen my new walking shorts and boy was I ever glad!!!  See today I felt really good and decided to see how I felt at my usual halfway point - I felt good - so I continued till I hit the 4 km mark on my pedometre (just short of my OLD long walk) - then turned back home.  The only thing that bothered me was the HEAT and boy was I glad I had my cap and full water bottle as it was nearly empty when I got home. 

It was just beautiful out and I even chatted with a few of the walkers and even admired a couple of sleek greyhounds up close - major feat for me!  Then home and into getting ready for my evening with the Lewiscraft gals for supper and craft night.  This time it's me with a hands on demo of needle tatting - so I've packed my supplies and even some images for ideas.  You'll have to drop by again to see the pics - not sure when I'll have them but soon.

Even my dear old Dad was out yesterday on his skooter for a fairly lengthy stroll by himself to check out the building of Dauphin's new theatre - maybe even visible from his apartment window.  That too made me happy as he's not ventured out by himself and that darned skooter gone is just collecting dust!!!  Yeah Dad!!!  If the weather is good I'll have to see if he'll come out for a walk with me to check out the Theatre again - weather permitting on the long weekend.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

First Annual Lace Days

There will be educational displays, demonstrations and even some members' laces along with participating vendors with their wares for sale at this local event.  Naturally I will have some of my "tatted" items on display and for sale too.  A few of us are tatters and the rest are mainly bobbin lacemakers - that is something awesome to see!!!  NO I AM NOT GOING TO VENTURE INTO THAT!!!

Lovely Day!

Well I was not sure what to do first today so I just turned over and snoozed till 9:00 this morning - BADDDDDDD!!!  Then after breakie I decided I'd better get out for my first walk in the park - I chose King's Park and then I could zip over to drop off Angela's BD card too!  Well by the time I got mobile I had to change pants twice - my causual khakis were humongous so into the recycle they went and the other pair well so so I thought.  I didn't get there till 11:15 and it was getting mighty hot out, but I had a LOVELY brisk walk on the outer paths of the park, even ran into Judy & Don from the Camera Club days for a nice chat.  But once around the park was barely half an hour so turned around and off I went again around back to the start - total of 45 minutes only BUT it had it's ups and downs which I think added to the quality of the walk.

Then I took a LOVELY drive along Kilkenny and Cloutier and saw some WOW AWESOME homes and would have loved to walk the route to look at them longer.  Well I arrived at Angela's and as usual they were out tending their yard - always beautiful - front and back. 

When she saw me she just exclaimed in happy surprise at my weight loss but said those pants need to go my dear!!!  Bruce also complimented me on my new look too.  Apparently Angela does that route on her walk from St. Norbert to the U of M so she's invited me to join her one day and I just might do so - need a bit more endurance build up first!  So we sat and chatted a bit before I headed home with a pair of her too big brown crop pants - ummmm just a might toooo tight for me just yet - but who knows maybe I'll get into them by mid-summer! 

I got back home  (and into the garbage those worn pants went too) and ready for a much needed hair cut too.  Even stopped at WalMart and picked up those walking shorts with the skirt attached as I'm not walking in pants again - too warm.  Now I'm back home and relaxing a might (sore back and hip again) and back into my stitching for the evening.

Tomorrow I'll think about doing my usual walk (but earlier for sure) or maybe drive to Assiniboine Park and check that out and maybe read in the Leo Mole(?) garden a might before heading home to get ready for my Lewiscraft girls supper and craft night!!!  This time I'm showing them how to needle felt.  AND I found some wool in large packages at Ram Wools for only $2.50 - very good price.  So now I have the much needed yellow and red to my collection of wool - we can make whatever.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Postcard Received!

OMGG I've received such a beautiful card today - front and back too - from Linda K of Alaska for our Mother's Day celebration swap!!! I can tell you that my MOM (my angel in Heaven) would have loved to see and maybe even have this one on her dresser for a time! This is the most priceless postcard I've received in a long time and will be taking it to work to show off too!!! Thank you so very much Linda for the image and presentation you chose!!!

Now I've wondered if it was done free motion overtop an image or if it was a digitized machine embroidery.  I got my answer from her email and I had guessed right, Linda free motioned the image printed.  I don't care how it was done - this is precious to me! Thank you!!!

Now the only down point on this beauty is the fact that just under her chin it got a grey scrub and naturally those pink bars across the right side of the blue and on the trim from the machines. This is happening more lately and I've a half dozen like this and all I can say is I'm glad I send my light coloured or preciously embellished postcards in those clear sleeves to my participants. I know that some don't care for that or some POs charge extra for them so many don't - that is OK, but I'll continue using them for those I want to protect when sending out. Some of mine are basic and I do grudgingly let go "naked" even when my gut tells me to put them in a clear sleeve - LOL (some habits are hard to break). I'm trying to not be so picky, but heck I spend a lot of time and effort and I want them to arrive at their destinations my way!  ;>))) 

Karrin's DYB1 Blocks Finished

Phew with all the setbacks with my back and then trouble with my planned tatting projects for these blocks I finally got to finish them off and tomorrow they'll be on their way to their owner.  Okay I decided on a ciggie that goes so well with the block and like Margreet & Lisa said the fabrics remind one of an old fashioned Christmas and antique like so I'll try the same. 

I accomplished my first tatted trim with pearls (that was easy) and some snowflakes (that was trouble with a "T" till I got it) which go well with the block.  Then I saw the cretan trees in my book "The Magic of Crazy Quilting" by J Marsha Michler and added sparkly white accents to it.  Then I did various embroidered seam finishes in various weight threads.  Added some beads to the snowflakes, gold stars in the open spaces with pearls to anchor in place and I think this one is finished.

For the joint block I struggled horribly with the tatted berries & holly leaves but finally got some added help from Cynthia of NSAN with that pattern and managed to finish them off tonight.  Now they might look a bit bruised but nature is not perfect!  Right?  I then added the pearl garland on the wreath and the sequins and stacked beads onto the antique like lace corners.  Simple but I think very lovely.

Now onto other projects.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I'm DONE Shopping!

Okay, I've had it for clothes shopping for a while now!!!  I just spent another 2-3 hours running around with my niece's help this afternoon and yes I came home with more to wear!  We started out at Winners and I took Angela's advice and tried on all that caught mine and Pat's eye even if I wasn't sure about it.  LOL!  It was hilarious as some definitely were not for me at all and some were but neither were happy with them so - NADA to them.  BUT Pat chose this dress that I could dress it up with accessories or just casual and at first I said NAH but did try it on and landed up it being the only purchase there.  Weird, I'd never have looked at it otherwise.

Then we went to Ten Thousand Villages just to see what's there and WOW some neato gifts at reasonable prices too - definitely will be back there!  Pat bought a couple of neat throw pillows for the leather couch and if not then the gazebo - but she'll be back on at the end of the month when their sale is on and check out some of their jewellry.  I picked up a lovely dragonfly painted river rock paperweight, and Indian Chai tea bags (which they said was mega better than Tetley's) and a heavily beaded choker (was only $2) not to wear but for the beads!!!

Then off to exchange Pat's purchase at Reeboks and I went into Reitman's - WOW lots in there too.  I had a handful to try on and then Pat gave me three she insisted I try on - LOL!  Well I came out with the blouse similar to the one I just loved at Winners but it was too small and the black jeans Pat found for me!!!  Yep another pair that had me a smiling before I was out of the change room and she wholeheartedly approved of the outfit!!!

Okay so I killed just about $300 of my alloted $400 clothes budget from my tax refund and am totally pleased with my purchases.  I think I'll wait till June/July to shop for the remaining amount and maybe this time with Angela?  Will see.

So my lot was:
1.  navy pants, mango & tangerine t-shirts
2.  abalone shell earrings
3.  dri-more walking jacket & socks
4.  waist pack for walking
5.  black short sleeved cardigan & v-neck long sleeved red t-shirt
6.  PJs - 2 bottoms & 1 top
7.  dress
8.  Chai tea, beaded choker & paperweight
9.  black jeans & green cotton blouse

I figured I did not too badly (especially most of it was by myself) in three days!!!  AND none were from the plus sizes this time AND also like two sizes less than before!!!

A Changed MOI!

Okay I'm resting now with some strawberry milk and reading emails and watching/listening to hockey! Here's a recap of the craziness of my life these past two days. Now I'm gonna slow down again and get my brisk walks in instead of doing both!!!

Thursday PM

WOW talk about a busy day off yesterday!!! I got up the same time and stripped the bed and hideabed for apt inspection. Then did 3 loads of laundry and some stitching on my block and then the inspector came with her blue flashlight and bug catchers – ZIPPO in my mattresses that she could see and she looked sometimes twice – but lots of dust bunnies – LOL! After she left I folded back the hideabed mattress again and vacuumed through the springs. Then lifted that mother of a box spring and did the same under the bed – all gone now – even turned the mattress too!!!! And all before 1:00 pm.

Then out for a quick lunch at Crusty Bun, a manicure (felt like a Queen), and to shop for work & walking clothes & some groceries at St. Vital Mall and WalMart. I can tell you that I spent about $100 on clothes and realize it could have maybe extended further with better sales but there was only Cotton Ginny that had something that I LIKED and FIT NICELY and it was 25% off. Pat remembers my chuckles and smiles when I tried on her jeans that fit me beautifully? Well this is exactly the feeling I got when I pulled on these navy (I wanted brown) casual pants and then tried on a mango and dark orange coloured tees there too – I could not resist buying them. I LOOKED good even though I had no makeup on and was beat!!! Then went to Walmart and got walking shorts that have a skirt on top (awesome – I saw someone on my walks with one and liked the look), a jacket and a package of anklets too, all out of the Dri-More fabrics (best prices on these here) so I’m set for a while in comfy walking stuff - just need a pair of walking sandals. They have some nice swimsuits there but I’m going to check out Nygaards first!

WELL, after two hours I was done and packed it in for home for a 1 hour online tatting class and another load of laundry – now all towels and sheets and even everyday clothes are done – just need to do the hand laundry someday (where I found some of my missing clothes - hope they still fit)!

I then set up my tub accessories tower (lost my holders when the tub surround was taken out and tiled), stitched some more, and then read before going to sleep. I can tell you when my head hit the pillow I was out like a light and didn’t get up until the alarm was on snooze the second time!!!

SHEESH I needed to come to work to get some REST!!!!

Friday AM

Yeppers here is me in the new pants and “Mango” coloured tee from Cotton Ginny. I can tell you that with my walking I'm standing taller but would have looked lots better if I had sucked in my gut for the picture - oh well its going down slowly but surely. The pants are petite but still cuffed under as I’ll wash them this weekend and then hem them up. I did not do to bad picking these out I’d say and shows off my 21 pounds lost since July 2009 eh??? Yes, these felt GREAT as soon as I put them on and knew I had to buy them.

Friday PM

Well I picked up another long sleeved tee for $8 and a nice 3/4 sleeve sweater top for $25 to go over my tanks or sundresses.  Then after supper some PJ bottoms 2/$12 and a PJ top for $6.94 at SuperStore today - now comfies to relax in too - the last pair I got just had to go they were huge!!! Then I did a load of grocery shopping for items on sale. I'm totally bushed - have never done this much shopping in two days before and the rest of the stuff too!!! Okay no more buying unless it's a steal as I want to ensure I have money for bills too. For a girl who HATES clothes shopping I've done real good by myself!!!  Yep my tax refund came and went pretty quickly but I made 2.5 loan payments and bills paid, before going on this spending spree!!!  LOL!!!!