CQd RRs Home

Here are some of the round robin blocks or do your own blocks I've participated in and have safely arrived home - most awaiting my attention to finish them off.  Some day!

As you can see this one was completed - my first Round Robin with our local Aurora Online Quilters group.

This one is finished as far as the block goes.  My plan is to have the light matt hand painted by my sister in one corner and mount the block eventually within a shadow box frame.  To the matt I want to attach in an upper corner a pair of antique lace gloves I have and for the bottom corners a brass thimble, old spool of thread and antique-like needle booklet, and in the other I would like to find a small antique sewing machine.  This will be my pride and joy for my sewing room eventually.

The block stitching is complete but the project it is destined for is a long way off as yet.  I'm thinking of making various similar sized heart blocks and appliqueing them to a fancy fabric background and into a wall hanging over my couch.  I've another heart in rotation but need more.

This so far is my piece de resistance!!!  A DYB is where I prepared the individual 6 inch blocks and sent them out in a round robin fashion.  The girls have done an awesome job on their chosen blocks and it's now awaiting my work on Mother Earth.  This will eventually be a wall hanging for my bedroom as it features four of the fabrics I had used within my first large bedsided quilt and yes I'm keeping it for myself!