CQ Journal Page 2012

"Inspiration is a key element to growth. We need to see our peer’s work to measure our own skill levels…and that helps us to keep striving to learn different techniques and to perfect the techniques we already attempt."  Extracted from the CQJP 2012 blog write up.

Yes you are going to say "what another project on your plate?" and I'm going to say is YEPPERS, and I've got the plans for this project mapped out and just have to manage one block of at least 6" square monthly and embellished.  Again I'm not sure what to expect from this or how it is going to unfold but I'm going to try!  I will be posting my monthly accomplishments here in this page for all to check out and hopefully a Christmas themed wall hanging to show off a year from now.

OHHHHH I wish I was retired now so my days were my own and I could play full time - I sure have enough stash, if I really put my mind to task and use what I have, to last me a long time that is for sure.

So anyone else who wants to play with "crazy quilting and cq embellishing" check out the CQ Journal Project website for more information.

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