Western Postcards


I've been tossing up an idea for a Website and then created a second Blog and now my friend pointed me to "Pages" within my current blog. So hopefully this will work well for me and I'll only have one to look after! So within this Page you'll find various pictures of my "extra" Fabric Postcards for swapping, sale, etc, otherwise checkout Blog for the latest in my personal or creative life!!! All fabric postcards have a preprinted back ready for mailing purposes. If you are interested please email me directly with your request.

NOW I wonder what those Cowboys and/or Cowgirls are doing without their hats n boots on???

The hats on these were made of the faux ultrasuede (at least I think it's the fake stuff) and one is kinda skinlike! I can tell you they did not like the iron nor the fusible web so I had to stitch it down securely. Now some have the band embellished with a buckle and some with a feather too.
The boots are either preprinted fabrics that I've fussy cut out and matched up or used some diamond patterned upholstery fabric that I thought was idea for the boots which I then stitched for effect.

And here are some of the horse images.