Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I'm a Girl Friday!

OK I drove back to Ontario Monday no problems and the weather was good.  Arrived in time for supper and relaxed.   Yesterday we packed up boxes of light stuff and took over a carload to the new house.   Then helped Len with unpacking his lighter garage items on both his trips.   

Today the carpet cleaners were to clean the two bedrooms, hallway and living room BUT called last night to postpone till the 19th - Sylvia said NO so they said they'd fit her in on Monday 3ish.   They are not happy so tomorrow we are picking up the Safeway cleaner and will do it ourselves so they are totally dry by the weekend to haul other light stuff in.  

So today Sylvia and I went back to the house and I helped her paint all the trims and doors to the sewing room - then called it quits!  I teased her that they're lucky they weren't paying me hourly as I was slow and not sure I was doing it right.  And i said they'd probably fire me.  BUT I did good 😯 just very sore.  Glad we aren't painting again tomorrow but maybe Friday again.  We went to A&W for lunch for a midway break and hopefully fish fry for supper tonight.