Friday, October 12, 2018

Catchup - Aug 18th & 19th

Aug 18th

WOW this weekend is family jam packed along with some sewing with the Aurora quilters.  Just finished supper with Florence at Olive Garden and then over to feed the "Crew"!  Now all are content - me too!
Jake is trying to play or get cuddles from Wheeler but not happening as Wheeler just walks away no matter the cries Jake makes!  LOL!!!

Aug 19th

OK so I just finished gift wrapping these goodies and all set for my great niece's, Amanda's, baby shower tomorrow.   I made my usual large hooded bath towel with matching hand towel and 5 face cloths (folded and chenille wrapped into butterflies). Then I found some toweling with two matching bibs from previous gifts, so I prepped them as it was similar to the new toweling.  This morning I managed to launder them to freshen all up.  On one of my trips to my friend in Transcona, Aunt Monica's Attic, I found this practical but fun tub Pop Up Teddy Shower Buddy and at Rexall the duck tub toys!  Yep all set!!!!!

What a lovely afternoon with family and friends and talk about some awesome gifts for one lucky baby boy!

Bomber baby?

Mom Pat, daughter Amanda, grandmother Sylvia

Stepmother Susanne, mother in law Brenda, Amanda, mom Pat, grandmothers Sylvia and Edith

Sylvia's stitchers quilt fir their first great-grandchild.

Checking out my gift - butterfly folded facecloths.

Matching hooded bath towel

Interesting box - hmmmm!

More hamming up - but from the older set!

And Edith guessed the closest number of jelly beans in the baby bottle and won the basket!

And this is what I chased down Pembina Hwy trying to get ahead to take a picture - but the puddlejumper was in one mighty hurry!

Forgot to get a picture with Amanda etc so another selfie! 

I just LOVE this photo taken by Justin - thank you Diane for posting!