Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Okay, I've not gotten much sewing accomplished but have worked on various items. I did finish off a new postcard for the "Back to School" competition in one of my postcard groups and really like my results. Sorry I can't upload a picture till after Sept. 7th and the Viewers Choice is announced. Also I've stitched up more of my selvedges into postcards and doing my hand embroidery seam finishes on them for thank you gifts. Yes I have my postcard swaps to work on too but they are taking longer than I anticipated to pull off - guess sometimes my "ideas" get the best of me!!!

But my co-worker again brought in more beet leaves and also told me how they make their dish so I tried it this time around. You know that saying "this is better than . . . . " LOL! And much better than the previous batch I did!!!

These beet buns were baked first and then a mixture of heated whipping cream, butter, fried onions and garlic poured over and warmed through before serving and are soooooo close to my Mom's I could just bawl!!! I don't care if it adds pounds etc to my body I enjoyed this bowl and then will freeze in decent portions the remainder and doll them out gingerly!!!

So basically I let the dough rise first as per instructions (I used frozen again), knead down lightly, grease baking dish, rinse and dry beet leaves (remove fatter brittle parts of stems). Then break off small bits of dough (large olive amounts) and wrap leaves loosely around dough (I did right side out) and set into pan allowing breathing space around. Once all wrapped cover with towel and let rise half hour or so. Bake until golden brown and enjoy either with sour cream or with the awesome heated up cream mixture!!!

Just heat whipping cream to take the chill out, saute diced onions and garlic powder in margarine and add to cream and pour over baked buns and heat through before serving.

Now don't use a spring pan like I did or you'll have a mess to clean up too!!! But even this slip up was worth it!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

2008 Bead Journal Project!!!

Well, finally my new BOM - 2008 Bead Journal Project - has some activity and we're getting ready to start officially in September. If you're wondering what I'm talking about here is the Website to check out.

If you'd care to check out the 2008 BJP Blog (there are three of them this year) here are the links and since we're 260 members we were divided geographically and I'm in blog #3.

08BJP (#1)
morebjp08 (#2)
andmorebjp08 (#3 and the one I'm in)

So when I came across the 2007 BJP, well I just had to sign up for the new year and hope to portray bits and pieces of my life in these monthly journals with expressions of CQing and beading. The first of which is a tribute to my dear Mom, my heavenly Angel, and from there who knows. I would LOVE to incorporate these into a finished wall hanging or scrapbook but as yet that is undecided. Now onto the planning and playing on these along with the rest of my life and projects.

Rose Anne
My Creative Works

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've been Quiet but Still Here!

Yep, it's been a quiet four days for me this week. See Wednesday morning I entered work and felt a sharp twinge in my right under arm from elbow to armpit and wondered what the heck now. But no pain and the day was okay so I totally forgot about it until after work entering City Place and I felt it worse and just about dropped to my knees. DANG IT my shoulder was paining and burning just about instantly. Well it was a long walk home after visiting the Library and spent the evening icing it and downing Ibuprofen. Thursday was worse and the pain and swelling was unbearable and needed replenishing of meds and muscle rub. Friday I got in to see my Dr and basically I've reaggravated my rotator cuff and now am on anti-inflamatories for two weeks and hopefully it'll settle down again. So it's been a few days of limited PCing and just about no sewing so needless to say I's been feeling miserable!!! Not good company at all. LOL!

Anyways I've spent a lot of time watching the Olympics and cried too when Canada finally started getting medals and WOW and what a legacy for Michael Phelps of USA!!! Congratulations to all the athletes and all they've given up to compete at this level! My hat goes off to them all.

NOW I finally did some sewing today, well actually finished off putting together the CQd Heart Pins that I stitched while on vacation. So now a quilting friend has to choose the one she wants and I'll have an extra for who knows. I definitely have to make more of these up in various colours etc as they sure are popular.

Now these look kinda cockeyed in the pictures but in person they are not like that - weird!!! These are 2" heart shapes, padded and covered with embroidered CQing and then assembled into pins. I think just lovely!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What a Day!!!

Okay, I've somehow pulled something in my sore shoulder today and it was bothering me and then went and tried opening doors on my way home and it is just killing me tonight.

BUT I did drop into our Millenium Library (closed for a long time for renovations) and WOW talk about a new look!!! I've got to take my stitching with me one day and sit in the "study area" along the glass wall and relax some there in AC or would be awesome in the winter watching the snowfall too!!! Anyways, they called me as my reserved "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne was in so I picked it up along with the CD so hopefully will start to read it this weekend in between stitching. Also I picked up two books on crazy patch works and motifs too for my upcoming projects.

Then I stopped at the grocery store on the way home for some goodies (mango for $1.68 - WOW!) and by the time I got home with the bags etc my shoulder is KILLING me and two Ibuprofen to my rescue along with a nice cold Corona!!! Yep I'm ready for bed now!

BUT first I have to tell you of my lovely mailbox surprise! See I'm going to be doing up a fabri mini album in a CD Tin for my coworker and it arrived TODAY!!! Dale Anne did a wonderful job of embossing hearts on the top for me - and not just simple hearts as I asked but there are two with wedding bells inside and then two with flowers, leaves and curly ques inside different sized hearts - WOW!!! Thank you so very very much Dale Anne, it is just lovely! Now to do the tin justice by doing a lovely momento to go inside!!!

Thanks also for another of your awesome hand made greeting cards (a surprise too) in that package - WOW just what I needed to perk me up! HUGS!!!

Now for the BLAH part! See I got home about 6:00ish and turned on the PC and no Internet connection to Webpage again!!! Dang it!!! Well 2.5 hours later on the phone (three quarters of it on HOLD!!!) and I finally got Internet access around 8:30 - SHEESH!!! At least this time the techies did not get me to crawl underneath to disconnect and switch around cords - THANK THE LORD - as my shoulder just would not have cooperated. It's even giving me grief to type so I think I'll just sign off and read and relax now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Stitchin Catch-Up

Okay, I've completed another of my deadlines (only a few days late) and completed my so called "trademark" of a web and spider onto my starter patch for my SewBuds Patch Round Robin. This is a first for me and I'm anxious to see what the other girls have started with and how we progress with this swap. It basically goes round and round within the group until we're happy with the looks of the block! Oakie Dokie!

AND I've also completed one of two of the CQd patches for the CQd Heart Pin that I've received an order for but forgot to take the metallic threads with me on vacation to finish off. I'll stitch up the second one and then assemble the pins and let my friend choose which she likes best!

Then it's onto some more postcards and maybe some UFOs or maybe the sewing room??? Who knows.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Quilt Show Pics

Okay, I've uploaded my 2008 Moose Jaw SK outdoor Quilt Show as promised. Now these aren't ALL the quilts, just the ones that appealed to me for whatever their reasons. There's one in particular that I'm gonna have to investigate the pattern/kit as I just LOVE it - the bargello heart!!! Okay this kit can be found on Veronica's Sewing Supplies site about halfway down page 2 of Kits (link on left hand side border). Enjoy!

OHHHHH and I had entered my Celtic Knot Table Topper (won 1st place - red ribbon) and my Pink Comfort - farewell quilt for Shauna (won 2nd place - blue ribbon) in the Dugald MB Springfield County Fair - WOW eh?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Show n Tell

Okay you asked for some pictures - well here's some from my vacation this past week at my sister's 2008 Perrault Falls Show n Sale - hope you like them. Enjoy!

Soon I'll post those take at the 2008 Moose Jaw Quilt Show!

I'm BACK!!!

Yep, I'm back home and it's not so hot in here for a change!!! Good thing I was in and out most of the summer so I didn't have to put up with the 90+ temps inside and out. For sure next year I'll have to put in some type of AC or I won't survive and accomplish anything in here.

Ohhh on the way from my sister's I came upon a beautiful looking deer crossing the road but something was wrong with it. See it kept looking at me approaching and limping across the road, it could not run, and as I neared it very clumsily went down the gravel road and into the slight ditch and into the bush. I really felt bad for it as it either was hit by a vehicle or maybe shot and injured and now will have the prey to deal with.

ALSO the trans Canada around and through Kenora is nothing but CONSTRUCTION (same like anywhere else I guess in summer) but I like the openness that will result from some of this clearing for poles to carry some fibre optic line. I had horrible traffic (hate to see what it's like there during the work week - uhhh maybe not) and on top of it about an hour from home the duct taped plastic cover on my busted window ripped off and then I had to watch for items possibly wanting to FLY AWAY from inside!!! I hope it didn't hit any vehicle behind but went into the ditch.

Okay, back to unpacking and maybe if I have time uploading my pics and then feet up and resting for work tomorrow!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

I'm Having FUN!!!

Okay I said I'd be relaxing out at my sister's in NW Ontario and here's proof of it. It was actually a very overcast day and I sat outside between visitors to the quilt sale and stitched on my cool ties. Yep seems like all my vacations this summer have been sitting outside and stitching!!!

And here's a peek at my sister's lilies - the whole front is covered in various coloured lilies and white daisies and some small flowers too. Just lovely along with the hummingbirds at the feeders and actually getting pretty worked up with others invading their feeder!!!

Now here's the outdoor stuff: the stripped diamond willow and there is a willow basket too made by my BIL and the stone geese and ducks made by one of their friends that are for sale this week too.

And here is Len with a newly constructed planter birdhouse chair that Sylvia put an old kettle with lovely red flowers planted inside for show - will have to take that picture too!

You can see my old bomb in the background parked out front in the soupie grass to let visitors know where to park rather than around back and going to the wrong doors. And below is a pic of the lovely sunset over the water across the highway from their home. There was also a rainbow but heck it hadn't rained much at all - like a spinkle maybe??? But the pic is not so great!

Okay here's the layout of the once craft shop now decked out with various quilted projects on sale from Sylvia and her friend Fran and a couple from me. Mostly I have my small items but they too have been selling. Mostly placemats, table runners and baby quilts have sold so far.

Naturally, there are many that are just on show and yes three are favourites of many stopping in and continuously asking if the person would change their minds and sell the quilt - nope it's definitely not for sale. Basically to show what that person is capable of doing. Now this next picture is basically the "display only" wall just behind the cash desk and it gets lots of compliments. There is one with visitors checking it out too.

Okay, my basic postcards all sold and my sister said I should make up more and put them out. So not being prepared at all it's a little limited but in the bag of scraps from Linda there were some fall leaves fabrics so with Sylvia's Heat n Bond and luckily I brought some Fast 2 Fuse with me so I whipped these up today - now wonder if they'll go or not.

Okay, I checked and there a way too many emails for me to read tonight! I 'll do a few and then off to bed as I'm beat like by 9:30 here and sleeping in till 8:00 or 9:00 and then breakie before the early birds start dropping by on their way to town etc. LOL!

Friday, August 01, 2008

August Already

Okay it's a new month and I'm going to try my darndest to have a new attitude and get my life in some semblance of order!!! Enough is enough already, I need this apartment in order so I can CREATE and work on more of those postcards that I'm being asked to "sell" more and more lately! I've seen images in my clouds and canola field pictures and danged I'm ticked at myself that I didn't stop and get the images of the flax (purple blooms) fields on the way to SK as on the way back the blooms were all GONE!!! I joked that Scottie beamed them up or something cause I was only gone three days!!! Not FAIR!!!

These are the storm clouds June 13th travelling out of Winnipeg MB.

These are the sunny ones July 28th outside of Morse SK on the way home.