Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Them PCs and not the computer!

Okay, I tried to finish off my Tea Time postcards tonight but those itsy bitsy teabags drove me crazy but I finally got them done. The embellishments are all complete and I'm working on the backs right away. So tomorrow evening I'll assemble, do the edge stitching, take the pics and mail off Friday morning. Yep I'm late again, but I truly think these babies are worth the wait.

As soon as I saw the topic I started on them whenever and whereever I had some spare time, but it still took a while with my life and then the other day a coworker saw me stitching on them at lunch time and commented that it just needed a teabag!!! GRRRRR, I could have clobbered her as here I was thinking I would have been finished yesterday but no that teabag idea just stuck in my head and would not go away! DUH!

Well I've been told by a few PCers and non too that I overdo mine. Maybe so, but all one can do is their best efforts and I can't help it if my mind runs amok with ideas for topics posted and well I just have to follow through! AND well I am a fininicky type person especially with hand work and well even with my machine too - what can I say! Just that if you are fortunate to receive one of my cards - ENJOY! LOL!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Postcards

Well I just finished up another set of postcards tonight and only a few more sets to dream up and stitch and then I just might be caught up - SHEESH why do I do this to myself???

Anyway here is the February birthday card for my friend Dianne U - hope she likes it.

Then I just made it for this swap by the nick of my teeth (to be mailed tomorrow) along with a thank you card for a co-worker. This was for a Winter swap and I think I portrayed the icy cold blowing snow weather we are having lately with this baby. But then again with a few changes in embellishments it could portray a wedding or anniversary card, so will have to keep this in mind.

And naturally I had to run out of the picot trim so used a cream trim but felt it detracted from the PC so kept this one for myself. I think I need to pick up more than just 1 metre of trims I like - they don't stay around long - like chocolates. LOL!

Orchid Update

WOW, I was quite pleased to check out my orchid and found these two blooms just waiting to be noticed - Pretty in Pink! See what I meant about the other picture a result of just opening from the bud stage? This is how the blooms are supposed to look - kinda flat with the throat out.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sewing Now

Well after having a late lunch I then felt energized to do some sewing! So I stitched up my WR SS Winter PCs and felt really inspired and after I check my emails I'll sit with feet up and embellish them (made two extra - always one for myself and probably the other for my sister). Then once those are finished I'll start on my FAPC Tea Time PCs - that is the embellishing part as I've completed the tops already. And I LOVE them too! I even found some teaspoon charms to stitch in place. LOL! Can't wait to see the finished products of both these PCs.

Pain and Relief!

Well I finally took the plunge and made an appointment for a theraputic massage for my back as it's been really bothering me this winter and I can't live on Ibuprofen day in day out! My Chiro suggested such in between my maintenance appointments with him and hopefully will keep me more limber (I'm not into exercise at all) in between. I used to walk but that has kinda gone downhill with the icy streets and I don't care for walking in a crowded mall or gymnasium. Anyways, I can tell you even though there were MANY tender spots (and at the end she said she took it easy on me because she could feel all the tension and knots etc since this was my first deep tissue massage!!!) it still was just touching a painful experience. But like she said there is a good pain compared to a bad pain and I can vouch for that, as after loosening up those pain spots it did feel better. Towards the end I even relaxed more and dozed off until she'd hit a tender spot again. She chuckled. Hey, I even zonk out on the Chiro's bench and it ain't nothing like this calming cozy room!

Well it's a couple of blocks walk home and it was touch and go as I just wanted to go to BED!!! So once in the door I made my phone calls and that's what I did for two hours. I do have some very tender spots and my shoulder is very sore but she said the back part should get better and then maintenance appointments would be sufficient to keep it so along with my Chiro ones. Let's hope so.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Orchid in BLOOM!

Well so much for keeping you updated on my orchid buds' progress to opening!!! I'm not sure when it grew so fast from the earlier picture to this one but it did! The larger bud is about the size of a walnut and the flower is about 2" X 3" right now - but may grow a bit yet when completely opened up. I guess I was so busy and then there was a period of not 100% so guess I just didn't pay much attention to it when watering - shame on me! Anyways here is the bloom I'd say just open maybe a couple of days as it's still in the cupped stage whereas it is more flat when opened completely. I'm hoping the tiny bud on the end continues to develop. This plant is due for 5-9 flowers in this cycle - at least I hope so!

WISPs Update

Yahooie!!! I've completed another of my WISPs and doing the happy dance! It was #1 on my WISPs list and now the seven 12.5 inch Rosebud blocks are finished and soon handed over to my sister to be added to the other blocks the both of us had won in the BOM draws at the guild. We are assembling these blocks into two twin sized quilts and then handing them back to our guild for the ABC donation quilts program.

Okay, that means #1 and #2 are completed on my WISPs list. Hmmm now I've a number of postcards to completed and then onto something else that's on that list to complete.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sewing Day!

Well some of you ladies may not have this problem, but I'm still working a day job M-F and then also a part time job 2-3 shifts a week so this is a BIG thing for me! So I took a vacation day today - to sew with friends - called sanity break! LOL!

Well upon my arrival at Faye's home I was invited in for coffee and raisin bread/cheese tea biscuits (the gals were just finishing theirs as they arrived just after 8:00 am and me at 10:30) and then down to the sewing room we went. I promptly started on the charity blocks I promised my sister and did take a few pics but waiting for the cold camera and batteries to warm up some before uploading. Beryl and Maureen were working on some cute bags for lunches or books and Faye was working on preemie quilts - such cute little things! Then we had a very scrumptious lunch of a pasta/chicken bake, raisin/greens salad w poppy seed dressing (Yummie) and freshly baked homemade buns and awesome cranberry pudding (like Christmas pudding) with carmel sauce for dessert!!! Then back down for more sewing and chatting naturally. I even helped her DH find some answers to his crossword online and a couple of searching tricks for him to use. And then Faye brought down afternoon tea with homebaked star shaped bread grilled with cheese, raisin bread, New York slice and my lemon pudding cake - UGH I felt that's all we did was eat! But you know I was looking forward to nourishment, so not sure if it was the scents or a result of the energy used in my steady sewing? LOL!

Then to top it all off I met my retired co-worker for supper at Perkins, had a lovely catch up time over food again and then she very kindly drove me home (downtown and she lives on the outskirts of the city where we were at). So as you can see a lovely day!!!

Gosh I think I've had more food since Saturday than I've had in the last two or three weeks!!!!

Beryl and Maureen (Mobird) stitching away and Faye's baby for me to use on my blocks.

Faye a stitching her "preemie quilts" and a view of part of her sewing corner.

Mobird and an embroidered PC and Faye was walking by so I stopped her! LOL!
Beryl, me, Faye and Mobird - taken by Ron who was relegated to the dining room for lunch!
The "TRIO" with afternoon tea and Ron's artwork in the background! Lovely too! And sorry but I forgot to ask the girls to take pics of me sewing!!! DUH!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Postcards caught up on!

Well I've finally caught up on some of my WISPS, minor ones though.
So Ulla F and Faye S my block challenge gifts are finally completed and your crazy patched and embellished postcards should be mailed Monday morning, winging their way to you. I hope you like them - I even made one for myself and have received many compliments on them too.

Also I've finally completed my January FAPC Birthday postcards so Linda K and Sue S should soon be getting their slightly belated birthday cards too! Hope they are worth the wait ladies. This next one just did not photograph so great (should me a mossy green but it looks coppery).

Celtic Knot Workshop

Oh boy what a day even if I was tired!!! Our quilting Guild sponsored two major workshops today and my niece Pat, Edna another quilter and myself were up nice and early to join other quilters for another learning session. This time we chose the ins and outs or guess it should be the overs and unders of Celtic Knot applique by Anne Schmidt (nice and concise with samples a plenty). We didn't get too far even though it was most of the day but at least I hope we learnt enough to be able to finish off at home! One even challenged the group to finish this table topper for next month's Guild meeting - yeah right!!! BUT I sure will as this time around I used fabrics I LOVE and so look forward to seeing it completed. Here are a couple of pics taken. You'll have to wait till we are finished to see the finished pics. LOL!

Friday, January 19, 2007

What a week!

Well the week started off with some type of bug setting in my chest but thankfully not staying! So I had a rough weekend and couple of week days then seemingly feeling more and more myself. I didn't get much sewing accomplished and thus am late on my one set of fabric postcards. I'll have them finished this weekend and then hopefully off in the mail too. I've planned out my next couple of PC swaps so hopefully will stay on track from now.

As for this weekend, tomorrow I'm taking a Celtic Knot table topper workshop and hope I can put it all together to show you. I've packed my digital (and extra batteries) with me so hope to have some pics to post tomorrow evening. It will be a sort of refresher course for my quilting retreat coming up Feb. 16-18th. Can't wait!

Then I found out my friend wants me to cat/house sit for them again this summer so hopefully my part time job will be a gonner by then and with less vacation time taken in June this year I might be able to swing a couple of extended long weekends to enjoy her beautiful home and have breakies out on the deck in the swing lounge!!! That is if our pesky mosquitoes leave me alone! Oh something to look forward to!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jeni's CQd block

Well I sent the cq'd block package XP Friday at noon and Jeni received it in BC this afternoon. Needless to say she was sooooo excited to open it and then in awe of it's loveliness that she had to call me and gush over whatever her eyes stopped on. She's now decided it will have a place all it's own on the wall and hopefully she'll take a picture of it when finished.

Well just like I have to with the block she gave me! I know I'll be adding some type of borders and then I'd like to do some stitching around to finish it off. So one day!

Sandie & WISPs

Sandie asked that those of us participating in the WISPs (UFOs) Challenge to post a message from her to let you know what's happening. So here it is!

"I am still not able to use blogger, and have waited over a week to get a reply from them re my problems in using blogger. I am at my wits end with it all and need to find another blogging service which is reliable and doesn't have these problems. Anyone else still having troubles??

I am meant to be doing the UFO WISP challenge and can't make one post in relation to it. This is all driving me barny, but will survive ... JUST! LOL

Can the girls who do have blogs, please place a post onto your blogs, that I am unable to blog at this stage ... until I can form a new blog - might save people wondering where I am. Which of course will take time. Think I will email Sharon B as well, as her blog seems to be where everyone reads with updated news.

No stitching here...... still. I'm in week 8 of my 13 week study period,one more exam to go in early March.

Off to go see if I can leave posts on any blogger now .......

Hugs to all.

Just a note that since I was switched from the Beta Blogger back to the regular BLOGGER I've had no problems with uploads of messages or pictures. Nice and fast too.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Darn CAR!!!

It's bad enough that we've been spoiled this winter season and now being threatened with blizzard like conditions a coming from the southwest - my car looses it's awesome heat!!! Our snow kinda fizzed out about 10:00 today (not at all like forecasted) but it sure is biting out there and supposed to be frigid temps for the weekend. Well seems like my water pump has sprung a leak and my mechanic is 200 miles away so as soon as it's a decent temp weekend and I'm not booked to work at the part time job, I'll head to Dauphin and get that changed along with the rad hose too.

So guess I'm back to bussing it to the part time job again - thank goodness I'm now down to two shifts a week!!! I just don't know about next Tuesday though as it's inventory time and I'm to work till midnight or there abouts as all stock has to be counted that night!!! I know I'm not walking home across half the city if the busses have stopped running! You can bet I'll be checking the schedule out and making sure I'm out there in time to catch a ride home. Darn it!

Hey if it's not one thing it's another with me!!! LOL!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I've Finished WISP #2

Yippie Yie Yover, I've finally finished a 2-year UFO!!! A private swap of cq'd blocks. My cq'd block for my friend "dragonfly" is now complete and here are some of the completed pics.
The complete block:

Top left corner:

Top right corner:

Bottom right corner:

Bottom left corner:


I sure hope you like your block "dragonfly" as much as I LOVED stitching it for you! And thank you so much for my block too!

WISPs Update

Well I'm still working on "dragonfly's" cq'd block but it is just about finished!!! This evening I finished off the right side of the block so all that's left is the centre with the special silk ciggie and some embellishments around it. I'm so exhausted from the silk ribbon embroidery through all the layers that I think I'll have to take a break from it tomorrow - will see. Anyways, here's some new pics - top left, top right and bottom right.

Monday, January 01, 2007

WISPs update

Well I've been busy with the two jobs, but also trying to do some stitching in between. I'm about halfway through the Rosebud blocks for WISP #1 (problems with the 1/4" foot and block measurements) but have set them aside to complete the long overdue CQd block WISP #2 for my friend "dragonfly". I'm sortof on a roll here and doing a little everyday since I finally drew up a "plan" and it's so much easier to get to it, than thinking after each seam or space embellished of what's next!!!

I don't think I have a picture of the "naked" block but here is one of the halfway there block!
It's not such a great picture - I'm still learning with my digital carmera - and you can't see the purple beaded spider or the sparkly web on the black velvet - will have to retake again. I've also stitched more since this picture so stay tuned to hopefully the "finished" block soon.