Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pain and Relief!

Well I finally took the plunge and made an appointment for a theraputic massage for my back as it's been really bothering me this winter and I can't live on Ibuprofen day in day out! My Chiro suggested such in between my maintenance appointments with him and hopefully will keep me more limber (I'm not into exercise at all) in between. I used to walk but that has kinda gone downhill with the icy streets and I don't care for walking in a crowded mall or gymnasium. Anyways, I can tell you even though there were MANY tender spots (and at the end she said she took it easy on me because she could feel all the tension and knots etc since this was my first deep tissue massage!!!) it still was just touching a painful experience. But like she said there is a good pain compared to a bad pain and I can vouch for that, as after loosening up those pain spots it did feel better. Towards the end I even relaxed more and dozed off until she'd hit a tender spot again. She chuckled. Hey, I even zonk out on the Chiro's bench and it ain't nothing like this calming cozy room!

Well it's a couple of blocks walk home and it was touch and go as I just wanted to go to BED!!! So once in the door I made my phone calls and that's what I did for two hours. I do have some very tender spots and my shoulder is very sore but she said the back part should get better and then maintenance appointments would be sufficient to keep it so along with my Chiro ones. Let's hope so.

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