Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Darn CAR!!!

It's bad enough that we've been spoiled this winter season and now being threatened with blizzard like conditions a coming from the southwest - my car looses it's awesome heat!!! Our snow kinda fizzed out about 10:00 today (not at all like forecasted) but it sure is biting out there and supposed to be frigid temps for the weekend. Well seems like my water pump has sprung a leak and my mechanic is 200 miles away so as soon as it's a decent temp weekend and I'm not booked to work at the part time job, I'll head to Dauphin and get that changed along with the rad hose too.

So guess I'm back to bussing it to the part time job again - thank goodness I'm now down to two shifts a week!!! I just don't know about next Tuesday though as it's inventory time and I'm to work till midnight or there abouts as all stock has to be counted that night!!! I know I'm not walking home across half the city if the busses have stopped running! You can bet I'll be checking the schedule out and making sure I'm out there in time to catch a ride home. Darn it!

Hey if it's not one thing it's another with me!!! LOL!

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