Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Postcards

Well I just finished up another set of postcards tonight and only a few more sets to dream up and stitch and then I just might be caught up - SHEESH why do I do this to myself???

Anyway here is the February birthday card for my friend Dianne U - hope she likes it.

Then I just made it for this swap by the nick of my teeth (to be mailed tomorrow) along with a thank you card for a co-worker. This was for a Winter swap and I think I portrayed the icy cold blowing snow weather we are having lately with this baby. But then again with a few changes in embellishments it could portray a wedding or anniversary card, so will have to keep this in mind.

And naturally I had to run out of the picot trim so used a cream trim but felt it detracted from the PC so kept this one for myself. I think I need to pick up more than just 1 metre of trims I like - they don't stay around long - like chocolates. LOL!

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