Monday, February 28, 2011

What Timing!

Why a cold now, it could have waited!  This past week I've been battling a sore throat, ringing ears and head cold but as the weekend approached the symptoms got worse.  The horrible coughing just about non-stop and sleep even with pillows propped was very iffy until exhaution took hold.  I figured it was similar to the virus I endured a few years ago so was not going to see the Dr just do the same remedies he had suggested back then.

BUT with my Dad's funeral this week I decided to go to Urgent Care yesterday and had chest xrays taken and basically I've bronchial infection spreading down to the lungs which would be pneumonia if not treated now, so it's a good thing I went.  I'm on a puffer now and also 5 days of antibiotics which will continue to work for 7 days afterwards and she said the puffer should help with the coughing soon.

WELL I finally had 4 hours uninterrupted sleep last night and gosh that felt good, as my stomach and back are killing me from all the coughing.  Today I'm still feverish and clammy - hate that feeling!  I'm sure this puffer is working as my coughing is not as constant.  I still ache from ears, throat and into the chest and the mid back and the top of my head feels like it's going to blow off.  So hopefully these meds will kick in and I'll be better able to travel 4 hours by car Wednesday - at least I pray we aren't going tomorrow!!!

All I can say is I'm glad for the internet and email as talking is not comfortable at all!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Goodbye Dad!

I'm not good at words but I know I'd like to say that my Dad is now "resting peacefully" without further pain or misery and hopefully on his final journey, back into the arms of his loving wife Vicky!  He hated the last couple of years as he said "he was taking up air and space from someone else" because he was not the man he once was, the breadwinner, a hardworker, and proud man in charge, the Father I remember!

November 17, 1913 - February 26, 2011

Victoria & Dmetro - 50th anniversary - 1990

"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.
May we take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over us.
Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow."

Tatted Hearts

Here is my first attempt of this lovely Heavenly Heart pattern by Mary Joseph Donohue - ain't she sweet even in pink?
I know this pattern will be a keeper for me - it's so tiny - like maybe an inch and a half if that in size 30.  Now to try it in various size 20 variegated Lizbeth cottons!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well I'm not sure about this latest two weeks of cleaning sprees in regards to my health!!!  (jokingly of course)

But see this week I started feeling crappy and Monday a sore raspy throat and ringing ears was surfacing and by Tuesday evening a head cold full force!!!  Yes I've been at home babying myself and even cancelled my massage for tomorrow as the thought of an hour there, I'm shivering all over again!  LOL!  Needless to say my apartment cleaning is on hold for this week at least, even my doing dishes as my legs are not up to standing too long (soup and fluids just don't sustain me I tell you) - guess I should have done them Monday and it wouldn't have piled up!!!  (too bad!)

Oh well this too will pass and back to the grind again!  (chuckling)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March Heart BOM

Yes I've completed another block for the SewBuds Hearts BOM and I tried something different!!!  I tried once again Be-Stitched Allison Tatted Edging and this time used a variegated Lizbeth size 20 Springtime along with darker beads!  I keep experimenting with this pattern and beads.

Here I tried a seam treatment I'd seen online and I think it turned out not bad, was a bit tricky keeping in mind to "reverse" the variegated thread so the loopies would show up.

Here is the tatted trim once again (I'm comfortable with this pattern and method of adding beads) but with the luscious Lizbeth Springtime cotton.  The colours are sort of mimicked in the batik I used.

And this time I switched the larger and smaller hearts and attached the bought ric rac with hand dyed variegated wool floss I had received from Sharron B of Pin Tangle.

And lastly here is a grouping of the three blocks for swapping that I've produced so far.  The January block was shipped off to Susan N and hopefully we'll see what all her blocks look like one day soon.

DYOB - Chain of Hearts

OK I finished these off yesterday evening but was not up to blogging about them so here they are today.  These are blocks for the Chain of Hearts Yahoo Group I belong to, but as yet have not exchanged hearts with anyone, but have six naked hearts awaiting embellishing - one day!!!

This first one is my own DYOB that I'll be doing the preselected stitches or seam treatments on and once perfected then I'll do the same on the block for swapping.  They will start to "grow" beginning March 6th so I'm glad I'm ready and waiting!!! 

Rose Anne's own 8" heart block

I have planned a wall hanging of the various round robin crazy patched heart blocks once I've 5-7-9 returned to me - I'm up to 3 now so a few more to go.  I'll also make some smaller ones as fillers to scatter around too.  I'm now thinking of making myself a special block keeper so I can take them with me and show them off easily and when stitched up then I'll cart other projects around.

This next block is similar to my heart block but is a square and will be the one embellished and sent out to whomever's name I receive in this group activity.

The 8" block for swapping

And here they are side by side for comparison.

Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Finished!!!

Darn it, I wanted to add in one more picture but Blogger would not let me as I had already selected my pics and uploaded them in that entry!  Gotta figure out how to add in afterwards when I forgot one or two - there has to be a way!!!

Anyways, I had put all the five stages of the block together into one picture so they can be compared together!  At least I hope so!!!

It's Finished!!!

Remember my previous blog entry?  If not here it is!
Yes my encrusted RR block is now complete!  So one of these days it'll be home and I KNOW it'll be even more beautiful than these pictures show!!!  Okay I've posted the heart after each RR member's works to check out it's growing pains!!!  So heart felt THANK YOUs go out to Cathy L, Debbie S, Paula R and PeggySue R of the CQI Encrusted #1 RR group - I totally love what you ladies have stitched onto my block!

Rose Anne's naked block

After Cathy L's embellishments

After Debbie S embellishments

After Paula R embellishments

And the final input by PeggySue R

And the final block after PeggySue R et al

So that's it - one more of my treasured CQd hearts is complete - now waiting for more to join the "stash" and then still waiting patiently for MOI to get her act together and decide on a "Hearts by Friends" wallhanging  to come together!  Guess I better make up a storage holder for these precious blocks until I'm ready to put them together.

Yes this is something I've wanted to do but with my own work then decided I would learn much more if I joined CQI RRs and got to see first hand the talented ladies and their precious embellishments.  AND BOY OH BOY was that a true statment!!!  I can not believe how much I have learnt within this 2-3 years and I know there is mucho more to learn yet - but I'm have fun and I'm so happy to be part of this and the smaller CQing groups to share and learn and have fun!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One of My Dreams!

Yeppers I would just LOVE to attend this Crazy Quilting International stitchers retreat, the SEPTEMBER STITCH SHENANIGANS  -  one of these days I'll make it there.  It's an awesome price for five nights of CQ learning, fun and friendship from those who've gone, but at least FOUR times that for my flight down to Denver, Colorado!!!  Check it out and if you're a CQer and interested in joining the group please look for the Yahoo Groups Join Now icon and just below click on the "Click to join CrazyQuiltingInternational" on the right side of the CQI blog.

I've learnt so much from this group in crazy patch embellishing and naturally still learning more as many of the ladies are so talented and very open to sharing their expertise and knowledge along with links etc to various sources/suppliers.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Weekend Cleaning?

OK I can't take anymore cleaning so I've tossed a load of laundry in and now playing!!!  My poor hands are so tender from the cleaner but I just can't stand rubber gloves!!!  AND my own attempt at a nicely managed manicure is now in shreds too!!!

BUT not sure if you remember an earlier post about "Shine your Sink" as the first step after I had joined FlyLady, but here is the result of only one part of the counter cleaned along with the sink - not much after that.
Results after FlyLady Shine Your Sink!
NOW here is the WHOLE counter all cleared off and completely cleaned even with a knife along the metal cornerings, then wiped down with Lysol wipes and the mic all cleaned (even vacuumed the back vents) and put back minus all the cluttered recipes!!!  I even have the decorative plate my niece made me in ceramics behind the taps as decor.

Now here's the WHOLE counter all cleaned!
And here is the opposite side of the galley kitchen which took AGES to clean as all appliances needed lots of TLC and elbow grease to get that shine back!!!  Yes the smaller things were removed and the counter totally degreased and then sanitized before all the appliances were tackled.  My toaster was going to be pitched out as it was so dull etc WELL that's like brand new until you see inside and it is used!  LOL!  Next I tried cleaning the kettle which again was going to be pitched but HECK it too came clean - WOW!!!

Now here's the opposite side all cleaned!
Then I removed the items from the fridge top - some chucked and some put inside the cupboard instead and it too was wiped down and back to order.

Even the fridge top!
That's enough cleaning for today!!!  BUT shoot that's awesome seeing such results from two weekends of attempts at cleaning!!!  I can do it!  I will do it!!!  Yes the rest will be done soon too!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Weekend of Purging

Saturday evening:

See Friday evening when Florence was over and we both looked near the computer as there was a noise - she thought it was a mouse and I thought it was the sqeaking when I moved my room divider?  WELLLLLL Florence was right!!!  See DUMMY here had left the welcome packages from Gimli in my sewing tote opened and this bugger chewed through the plastic bag and the hot chocolate bags and was feeding her/himself and living in that one corner.  

SOOOO, I got my stuff out with plastic gloves and Lysol wipes and threw the towel into scorching hot water to soak then pitched out the bottom liners all intact and proceeded to wash the sides with the wipes and then vacuumed the heck out of it pockets and all. Then I put two sopping wet Lysol wipes into it and zipped it up and will see what happens.  Needless to say the garbage when out right away.  

So I's wondering if maybe because the chocolate stuff was in my bag at Gimli and we were in a vacant retail spot clean up for a sewing room - could I have brought that stinker back with me???  Maybe this is why no one else in the block has reported seeing any and the caretaker has not seen any in the traps she's laid on the main floor storage rooms???

Sunday morning:

Well I've spent the morning cleaning the bathroom, now just the floor to wash and it will be totally done except that stupid ceiling fan and honestly I'm too tired to tackle that baby myself today! I'll have to wait and maybe Florence will come down and be here while I tackle both the bathroom and kitchen fans???  Soon but not today, I'm too darn exhausted after yesterdays and todays chores to do anything more taxing today!!!!  Dishes and maybe finish clearing off the couch and that'll be it!!!

I'm so tired my legs are twitching and yes I've eaten those lovely spring rolls (left over from Sat quilting meeting) and sauce, but no time to make lunch as my friend is on his way over to bail me out of my Shaw Box, VCR/DVD and new TV troubles!!!  At least I hope so!!!  I'm not sure about the colour on my new TV but will worry about that later on or not at all!


OKAY the Bathroom is all done and a lovely Tranquil Moments candle is burning in a nice wall holder and I even washed the Bathroom and Kitchen floors and got the dishes done and garbage and recycle out again - that's three times this weekend!!!  LOL!  I didn't get to the couch and truly do not have the energy to do anymore!  LOL!  Then Harold arrived and yeppers reconnected the cables and set my TV code into the universal remote (which I totally forgot to do) and BINGO my VCR/DVD is working!!!  I'm definitely no good with this new stuff!!!  He even undid that stubborn gringy shower head and now I have my new handheld connected!

After Supper:

WELLLLLLL I thought I was due for a nice rest now; but that Florence was worried about my many boxes of cereal I picked up on sale and other cupboard groceries now that I removed the tasty chocolate powder for mouse food (which is true) - so she gave me two of her extra hefty bins (needed only one) to store them in!  Nice of her BUTTTT that meant I just spent another 3 hours cleaning out my pantry cupboards (half got pitched as I don't know when they were bought etc) and storing rice etc in jars and the newer packaged stuff not opened into the big bin.

GOSH I have room in my pantry to store extra jars in now - WOW!!!  Then another load of jar washing as I changed some and emptied others and two bags of garbage taken out again and one recycle!!!  THAT's IT NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My back is killing me that I'm taking a muscle relaxant and hopefully crashing soon!!!

So now I have a basically clean kitchen and a totally clean bathroom except for the exhaust fans!  Next is the dining room and hopefully packing up the orchids stand and pots and putting an ad in the Orchid Society newsletter to sell and outta here too.  My old TV (got it from the Mullens') is first to go outta here - hopefully this week.  WOW I've not done so much cleaning up in years and I can't believe the muscles I used!!!  BUT GOSH IT DOES FEEL GOOD!!!

Some Quilting Entertainment

"A tribute to the unique and long-established art form of patchwork quilting, this abstract animated film uses computer and experimental techniques to choreograph quilt motifs and designs to music. "

Well I can tell you I thoroughly enjoyed this video and even had some toe tapping a happening too!  It's truly amazing what technology can do!!!  BUT I still do not want a computerized sewing machine!!!  And after spending much frustration trying to connect my Shaw Box, VCR/DVD (yeah I know I'm behind the times) and my new 26" flat screen TV I can tell you I have no patience for fancy dancy techie stuff!!!  I finally gave up and called for help and in no time at all - all is working like a charm - go figure!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Purging Again

Yep, I'm starting once again in my endeavours to clean up this apartment and sort my quilting stash and rearrange my sewing room. 

Today I worked on the corner near my stitching chair and cleared out boxes of second hand books read, some craft stuff I no longer want and from the bedroom a large bag of clothes and dropped these off at Valu Village.  I just about took out a bag of Aurora quillows which are awaiting a charitable organization to drop them off with.  So this corner is ready for my new 10-drawer cart which I'm going to store my beads and charms etc for my CQing.  Instead of all over the place like now. 

Maybe I'll even get to clear off the dining room table and couch this weekend?  Slowly but surely I am going to get this place back to what it used to be and open to visitors again!!!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tatting Fun!!!

Well I'm not up to much tonight as I've still my headache but saw this cutie and remembered the Hedgehog chocolates (from where I don't remember) and thought it would be just perfect for the next CQing RR block I've just gotten in.  See it's loaded with chocolates in the fabric and embellishments!!!  So here is Heggie-Luv the Hedgehog
Here it is beside a penny so you can see the size and I tried to angle the camera so you can tell it's 3-D like!
Hedgehog and Penny
And here is another Allison Tatted Edging but with size 40 Lizbeth cream and smaller pearls which were a real pain as I had to attach them with needle and thread as my tinsie winsie crochet hook would not fit through the hole to do it the easy way!!!  Yes I'm going to have to check with Georgia to see if she has smaller ones than this as I can see I'll need it with the finer cottons.  This edging is shaped to go around a silkie print as a lovely border and can be further embellished with a flowers  etc. 
Allison Tatted Edging - for silkie border
Here is the same edging but placed on the straight showing it's merit as a seam finish by itself or further embellished.
Allison Tatted Edging - for seam finish

And here is a one inch label used to hold the tissue paper covered Forrest hand dyed size 40 cotton from Yarnplayer.  Now ain't it sweet the cute little tatted flower stuck on!!!  So much more nicer than a piece of scotch tape - don't you think?
Yarnplayer Forrest Label - sweet!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Quilting Times

OKAY, I's just back from an extended Gimli Quilters Getaway with my sister Sylvia and niece Pat along with many MPQ and other familiar quilters!  This year I swear it was the largest participation ever and thankfully for us at least there were a few retail spots open and we expanded some - what will happen next year when they are rented out I don't know!  Anyways in our "quilt around the clock" room one of the gals was working on a biscuit quilt and talk about a conversation spot!!!  These "pieces" just kept multiplying, cloning or whatever term you choose and kept taking up more and more counter space!  The were also very tempting and drew many a person (me included) to go by and poke them - LOL!
Biscuit pieces kept multiplying

Now I have to say that over the past few years I've been working on "Moondance" by Beth Ferrier from Applewood Farms and honestly have FINISHED piecing all the blocks last fall at my sisters.  Well at the retreat this year I finally planned out the layout of the blocks and on Saturday completed sewing them all together. 

Moondance blocks planned out

Finally blocks pieced together

I thought I'd never get to this stage

Sylvia my "life saver" here!

And I owe it all to my sister Sylvia, for if it weren't for her expertise and patience I'm sure this project would have been garbaged or at least donated to the MPQ UFO auction as I had just about run out of all my patience trying to figure out these star blocks.  So now it's onto planning the various flowers, butterflies, dragonflies along with the four bluebirds for the outer corners to be needle turned hand appliqued onto the open dark green spaces.  Hmmmmm I started this baby in 2004 and finally got to this stage in 2010 - wonder how long it'll take me to complete the appliques???

Now here are two of Pat's UFOs which she assembled and quilted this weekend - YEAH!!!

Pat's UFO's finished!
And here is her new project of fabrics just bought this weekend - a lovely tablerunner which was quilted and the binding stitching started too!

Pat's new project!
Here's all her projects ready to be packed up and head home! 
Pat and all her projects

Then here's Sylvia working on a gift from Ann of a flowers panel which she's separated the squares and rearranged them before adding on the borders.  It has turned out just lovely too!  She also worked on a paper pieced design for a memory quilt she's making.

Sylvia working on her flower panel

Completed panel

Pat and Sylvia

And then there's me!  Well I started off my weekend framing my tatted Giraffe roaming on the African terrain! This was then mounted over a painters canvas using the techniques taught by Michelle Dobrin not that long ago at an MPQ major workshop weekend.  This will be a gift for the couple I house/dogs sit for as they are "giraffe crazies"!

Me & my tatted Giraffe framed!
Framed tatted Giraffe

I also checked and yes Day 9 of the TIAS was posted and the front desk clerk was so nice, she printed it off for me so I can do the tatting ASAP.  Yeah well dummy here counted 7 beads so that's all she put into her baggie at the start - NOT the package as usual - SO you guessed it I could NOT complete all the steps while away.  So I got back home today and promptly sought out my beads and finished off my steps!!!  Here's my pics! 

Working on TIAS - Day 9
Airplane, Airplane, Airplane coming!!!

OK now to relax some and then maybe finish off some other projects?

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

CQI Donation

OK I've participated in the past with a few postcard donations to help build up our CQI (crazy patch embellishment group) Retreat Scholarship online auction, that one didn't do so well.  This time I'm hoping my contribution starts a bidding frenzy within the group! 

See I tatted up a variety of items from small/medium sized motifs to a couple of edgings (one with beads) and included some of my crocheted hearts/pansy/flower and finished off with purchased Venice fancy lace motifs and trims.  These I very patiently stitched in place on an 8" x 10" piece of quilt batting for a tempting array - at least I hope!  Now to watch the results!

CQing embellishments
Tatting collection

Crocheted collection
Bought lace motifs

Two bought trims

Another two bought trims

TIAS - Day 8

OK now I can positively say "lock my answer in as an airplane" as that game show says!!! I'm pretty sure that is what this TIAS is gonna end up being!!!  And there is only two more installments - shoot!!!  Can we have another one???  I know I'll be trying more of these out with whomever developes such.

TIAS - Day 8

And I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed Jane's TIAS - my first time trying such out - and I can say I like this mucho more enjoyable than a Mystery Quilt project - which sometimes you just don't like because of your fabric choice or the pattern period.  The luck of the draw I say!