Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DYOB - Chain of Hearts

OK I finished these off yesterday evening but was not up to blogging about them so here they are today.  These are blocks for the Chain of Hearts Yahoo Group I belong to, but as yet have not exchanged hearts with anyone, but have six naked hearts awaiting embellishing - one day!!!

This first one is my own DYOB that I'll be doing the preselected stitches or seam treatments on and once perfected then I'll do the same on the block for swapping.  They will start to "grow" beginning March 6th so I'm glad I'm ready and waiting!!! 

Rose Anne's own 8" heart block

I have planned a wall hanging of the various round robin crazy patched heart blocks once I've 5-7-9 returned to me - I'm up to 3 now so a few more to go.  I'll also make some smaller ones as fillers to scatter around too.  I'm now thinking of making myself a special block keeper so I can take them with me and show them off easily and when stitched up then I'll cart other projects around.

This next block is similar to my heart block but is a square and will be the one embellished and sent out to whomever's name I receive in this group activity.

The 8" block for swapping

And here they are side by side for comparison.

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