Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tatting Fun!!!

Well I'm not up to much tonight as I've still my headache but saw this cutie and remembered the Hedgehog chocolates (from where I don't remember) and thought it would be just perfect for the next CQing RR block I've just gotten in.  See it's loaded with chocolates in the fabric and embellishments!!!  So here is Heggie-Luv the Hedgehog
Here it is beside a penny so you can see the size and I tried to angle the camera so you can tell it's 3-D like!
Hedgehog and Penny
And here is another Allison Tatted Edging but with size 40 Lizbeth cream and smaller pearls which were a real pain as I had to attach them with needle and thread as my tinsie winsie crochet hook would not fit through the hole to do it the easy way!!!  Yes I'm going to have to check with Georgia to see if she has smaller ones than this as I can see I'll need it with the finer cottons.  This edging is shaped to go around a silkie print as a lovely border and can be further embellished with a flowers  etc. 
Allison Tatted Edging - for silkie border
Here is the same edging but placed on the straight showing it's merit as a seam finish by itself or further embellished.
Allison Tatted Edging - for seam finish

And here is a one inch label used to hold the tissue paper covered Forrest hand dyed size 40 cotton from Yarnplayer.  Now ain't it sweet the cute little tatted flower stuck on!!!  So much more nicer than a piece of scotch tape - don't you think?
Yarnplayer Forrest Label - sweet!


Laurie said...

That hedgehog is adorable!! Love your creativity!!

Cathy said...

Awwww, I love Chocolate Hedgie! You sure do the most beautiful tatting.

I saw your post on the biscuit quilts. I made one of those back in the 70s! My son used it for years and years until it finally wore out too much and looked too dirty and yucky and I threw it away. - Cathy L

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

What a great idea for a chocolate block! I love those Purdy hedgehog chocolates - this little guy is making my mouth water! lol

Joy said...

I love the hedgehog. Even the real chocolate ones from Purdy's Chocolates. :)

Judy said...

Rose Anne, after I enlarged the hedgehog, I could see his little smiley face!