Monday, February 21, 2011

It's Finished!!!

Remember my previous blog entry?  If not here it is!
Yes my encrusted RR block is now complete!  So one of these days it'll be home and I KNOW it'll be even more beautiful than these pictures show!!!  Okay I've posted the heart after each RR member's works to check out it's growing pains!!!  So heart felt THANK YOUs go out to Cathy L, Debbie S, Paula R and PeggySue R of the CQI Encrusted #1 RR group - I totally love what you ladies have stitched onto my block!

Rose Anne's naked block

After Cathy L's embellishments

After Debbie S embellishments

After Paula R embellishments

And the final input by PeggySue R

And the final block after PeggySue R et al

So that's it - one more of my treasured CQd hearts is complete - now waiting for more to join the "stash" and then still waiting patiently for MOI to get her act together and decide on a "Hearts by Friends" wallhanging  to come together!  Guess I better make up a storage holder for these precious blocks until I'm ready to put them together.

Yes this is something I've wanted to do but with my own work then decided I would learn much more if I joined CQI RRs and got to see first hand the talented ladies and their precious embellishments.  AND BOY OH BOY was that a true statment!!!  I can not believe how much I have learnt within this 2-3 years and I know there is mucho more to learn yet - but I'm have fun and I'm so happy to be part of this and the smaller CQing groups to share and learn and have fun!!!

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crazyQstitcher said...

The growth of the embroidery on the heart is gorgeous. Now you have the pleasure of making something with it.

For a second I thought you had made 5 identical hearts and framed them and thought 'WOW!!! What a winner'.

Wonder if anyone has ever replicated hearts in this way and framed them.