Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Weekend of Purging

Saturday evening:

See Friday evening when Florence was over and we both looked near the computer as there was a noise - she thought it was a mouse and I thought it was the sqeaking when I moved my room divider?  WELLLLLL Florence was right!!!  See DUMMY here had left the welcome packages from Gimli in my sewing tote opened and this bugger chewed through the plastic bag and the hot chocolate bags and was feeding her/himself and living in that one corner.  

SOOOO, I got my stuff out with plastic gloves and Lysol wipes and threw the towel into scorching hot water to soak then pitched out the bottom liners all intact and proceeded to wash the sides with the wipes and then vacuumed the heck out of it pockets and all. Then I put two sopping wet Lysol wipes into it and zipped it up and will see what happens.  Needless to say the garbage when out right away.  

So I's wondering if maybe because the chocolate stuff was in my bag at Gimli and we were in a vacant retail spot clean up for a sewing room - could I have brought that stinker back with me???  Maybe this is why no one else in the block has reported seeing any and the caretaker has not seen any in the traps she's laid on the main floor storage rooms???

Sunday morning:

Well I've spent the morning cleaning the bathroom, now just the floor to wash and it will be totally done except that stupid ceiling fan and honestly I'm too tired to tackle that baby myself today! I'll have to wait and maybe Florence will come down and be here while I tackle both the bathroom and kitchen fans???  Soon but not today, I'm too darn exhausted after yesterdays and todays chores to do anything more taxing today!!!!  Dishes and maybe finish clearing off the couch and that'll be it!!!

I'm so tired my legs are twitching and yes I've eaten those lovely spring rolls (left over from Sat quilting meeting) and sauce, but no time to make lunch as my friend is on his way over to bail me out of my Shaw Box, VCR/DVD and new TV troubles!!!  At least I hope so!!!  I'm not sure about the colour on my new TV but will worry about that later on or not at all!


OKAY the Bathroom is all done and a lovely Tranquil Moments candle is burning in a nice wall holder and I even washed the Bathroom and Kitchen floors and got the dishes done and garbage and recycle out again - that's three times this weekend!!!  LOL!  I didn't get to the couch and truly do not have the energy to do anymore!  LOL!  Then Harold arrived and yeppers reconnected the cables and set my TV code into the universal remote (which I totally forgot to do) and BINGO my VCR/DVD is working!!!  I'm definitely no good with this new stuff!!!  He even undid that stubborn gringy shower head and now I have my new handheld connected!

After Supper:

WELLLLLLL I thought I was due for a nice rest now; but that Florence was worried about my many boxes of cereal I picked up on sale and other cupboard groceries now that I removed the tasty chocolate powder for mouse food (which is true) - so she gave me two of her extra hefty bins (needed only one) to store them in!  Nice of her BUTTTT that meant I just spent another 3 hours cleaning out my pantry cupboards (half got pitched as I don't know when they were bought etc) and storing rice etc in jars and the newer packaged stuff not opened into the big bin.

GOSH I have room in my pantry to store extra jars in now - WOW!!!  Then another load of jar washing as I changed some and emptied others and two bags of garbage taken out again and one recycle!!!  THAT's IT NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My back is killing me that I'm taking a muscle relaxant and hopefully crashing soon!!!

So now I have a basically clean kitchen and a totally clean bathroom except for the exhaust fans!  Next is the dining room and hopefully packing up the orchids stand and pots and putting an ad in the Orchid Society newsletter to sell and outta here too.  My old TV (got it from the Mullens') is first to go outta here - hopefully this week.  WOW I've not done so much cleaning up in years and I can't believe the muscles I used!!!  BUT GOSH IT DOES FEEL GOOD!!!


Dianne Leatherdale Johnson said...

Gosh, you will be ready to have our next meeting at your house....

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I'm worn out reading about your weekend... would you like to come visit me next month? I need some motivation!

fndlmous said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling good about this. You're doing this for YOU, not for anyone else. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to look around and know that everything is as it should be?

Linda Mullen said...

Good for you Rose Anne