Monday, February 28, 2011

What Timing!

Why a cold now, it could have waited!  This past week I've been battling a sore throat, ringing ears and head cold but as the weekend approached the symptoms got worse.  The horrible coughing just about non-stop and sleep even with pillows propped was very iffy until exhaution took hold.  I figured it was similar to the virus I endured a few years ago so was not going to see the Dr just do the same remedies he had suggested back then.

BUT with my Dad's funeral this week I decided to go to Urgent Care yesterday and had chest xrays taken and basically I've bronchial infection spreading down to the lungs which would be pneumonia if not treated now, so it's a good thing I went.  I'm on a puffer now and also 5 days of antibiotics which will continue to work for 7 days afterwards and she said the puffer should help with the coughing soon.

WELL I finally had 4 hours uninterrupted sleep last night and gosh that felt good, as my stomach and back are killing me from all the coughing.  Today I'm still feverish and clammy - hate that feeling!  I'm sure this puffer is working as my coughing is not as constant.  I still ache from ears, throat and into the chest and the mid back and the top of my head feels like it's going to blow off.  So hopefully these meds will kick in and I'll be better able to travel 4 hours by car Wednesday - at least I pray we aren't going tomorrow!!!

All I can say is I'm glad for the internet and email as talking is not comfortable at all!

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