Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Errands Day!

I know better than going grocery shopping when hungry but after errands today I did just that.  By the time meat and breads were divided and into the freezer, then decided to clean out my fridge freezer of old stuffs I was starved and glad I'd picked up some fast food!  Not really fast food - more my type of grocery fast food!  Coarse or lean garlic sausage, cucs and tomatoes along with yummy chopped sweet kale salad - yep a fast but yummy supper!  But I actually did grocery shopping and planned some nice meals for the future - will have leftovers or maybe share some too! 

Now if you've time and in the city please find time to check this out.  Both my sister and I have our wall hangings in the Challenge quilts (many lovely wall quilts either for yourself or for gifts) open for bidding as a fundraiser for Winnipeg's House of Hope Villa Aulneau A Port in the Storm which is an adults version of Ronald MacDonald House. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

MPQ Challenge Quilts

OK while waiting I took pictures of my "Tossed Around" MPQ challenge wall hanging that I finished off last night.  Lots more quilting than I've ever done before.  I'm glad it's finished and I KNOW I'm not making another - torture even if I do like it very much.  Sure hope it garners lots of interest and bids at the auction.  Also here is Sylvia's "Birch Trees" MPQ wall hanging! 

Easter Weekend

OK I'm waiting a bit more to give the sun and early traffic a chance to clear off the highway before I venture out for Dauphin.  We received another dump of snow but don't think it's more than an inch or two.  Talked with Florence and was told highways were icy conditions, worse the closer to Dauphin but they took it easy all the way and naturally took longer than normal .  They have a good 6 inches for sure and he's out shoveling.  Mother Nature is so unpredictable! 

Jets Night with Family

My first Jets game since NHL came back to Winnipeg and their new arena.  Here with Florence as Wayne was down 5 rows just in front of us.  Winnipeg against the Los Angeles Kings!  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My NZ Quilt has ARRIVED!!!

OMGG yesterday a parcel delivery card was left for me to pick up today and I HOPED it was the quilt I won at the Christchurch small quilt show I attended while there in October.  Well I picked it up and yes it was that parcel and what was even more a surprise - no duty charged and even the clerk looked twice and said I was lucky.  I was totally prepared for it but guess it cleared OK.  So I told the clerk she made my day and left for home to open it and take pictures.  So it's on my bed for the summer.  Thank you Sandra for holding it for me until I could send the money to have it sent to me.  Greatly appreciated and what a daily visual remembrance of my visit with you and your Mom!!!  It even matches my bed frame and skirt!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Going to a Jets Hockey Game!!!

OMGG I can't believe my luck!!!  The other day talking to my sister Florence I asked if they were coming in for Sunday's Jets game.  No they hadn't gotten tickets but are trying for Thursday and I asked if they could get one for me but not the real pricey ones they sometimes get!  She was so excited that Wayne made calls right away and lickety split all three of us are going.  I shudder at the price but heck it's once in how many years for me since they are back???  I can't wait!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strip Therapy - Impressionistic Landscape

I know now I'm over that sinus headcold as I've tackled Strip Therapy Bali Pop Intervention " Flames " pattern BUT as a MINI!  Yeppers me also thinks CRAZY!!!!  But dang I'm totally enjoying my dive into minis and these last four have been without an actual pattern - that was no fun!  So this one too I started off with 3/4" strips then the purple into 3/4" squares for set in pieces on either side of the 4" centre strips and then the two outer edges varied in sizes for the whole strip to measure 8 " and the total length is 12 ".  I had this vision to aim for my own "Impressionistic Landscape" - not sure if I did it?  But to help you envision it it starts with grasses, patches of wild flowers, into sandy patches leading into the lake, horizon of setting sun, varied sky with clouds to darkened stormy sky!!!  Yeah I've an imagination and LOVE to play I Spy with the clouds even to this day.  LOL!  NOW I have to think how to quilt it!  Hmmmm!  It'll be finished off with a black 1/4" binding or maybe a facing no binding!

Rail Fence Mini

OK I've gotta be crazy sewing 1" rail fence blocks started with 3/4" strips of three colours by a sewing machine - very piddly.  Then I realize the bag of scraps from Edna did not have enough lengthy pieces of the green for borders or binding!  Hmmm what to do now?

Well Edna came to my rescue with two pieces of the green from her stash and I've completed my Rail Fence Mini today.  I know better than to sew BEFORE squaring up blocks on big quilts SO WHY did I not on the minis?  Maybe cause 1" blocks are a pain to handle???  P.S.  -  that is one of many quilt hangers that I bought from Judith Wilson at Western Retreat years ago.  Now I've the minis to display and use them. 

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Story for My Tumbling Blocks Mini

My Tumbling Blocks Mini was an inspiration and guess tribute to two special quilters in my life.  My sister Sylvia, a talented fabric artist, who introduced me to quilting and my first project - a tumbling block cushion top - and my dear friend Adeline who is an amazing lady and very precise at tiny scraps hand piecing!  Both ladies are from Ontario and since my sister is a member of our Winnipeg guild, I decided since I'm retired I can join their Dryden Guild.  This year's show has a MINI challenge and I decided on this Tumbling Block Mini for it - ALL hand pieced, appliqued and stitched together! 

Tumbling Block Mini is Finished!

Finally I've finished ALL the hand stitching on my little Tumbling Block Mini.  Yes the hanging sleeve too.  No more pricked very sore fingers from that itty bitty #11 quilting needle - twice I dropped the needle and it took a while to find it and I have hardwood floors.  The finished size of this mini is 9.5 x 10.5 inches.  The individual blocks are just over an inch.  This was a wonderful challenge for me in ALL hand piecing, applique and stitching together project - from start to finish.  I wonder how much interest it will attract and more importantly how many will bid on this in the Dryden quilt show silent auction guild fundraiser April 30th and May 1st?  Time will tell!

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Tumbling Blocks Mini

I've been HAND piecing and appliquing the past two days and now reached a delimma.  It's time for borders but am at a loss.  
About 1.5 in squares

I need more yet

I like this layout now to piece together 

Hand appliqued onto background 

Dark inner and cream outer border 

Dark inner and medium outer border 

Dark inner and light outer border 

Light inner and dark outer border 

I'll leave a 1/4 in cream all around the tumbling blocks then a coloured 1/4 in inner border and finish with a 1 in outer border.  I want to use two of the four fabrics already in this top.  Which do you like? 

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Blended Nines Complete

OK this head cold has me falling behind in my posts.  Here is the finished from the book Blended Nines by Peggy J. Barkle which I've named Curvaceous Runner and the first donation completed for the Dryden Quilt show boutique for April.  When I finished sewing up the top, I had the four blocks left over and experimented with fancy stitches for quilting on this mini for myself.  This was the original layout I wanted but in my fabrics it was not appealing so settled for the diagonal effect.  I'm pleased with both and hopefully this week I'll get back to quilting the second donation piece - top was sewn up earlier.