Saturday, March 19, 2016

Strip Therapy - Impressionistic Landscape

I know now I'm over that sinus headcold as I've tackled Strip Therapy Bali Pop Intervention " Flames " pattern BUT as a MINI!  Yeppers me also thinks CRAZY!!!!  But dang I'm totally enjoying my dive into minis and these last four have been without an actual pattern - that was no fun!  So this one too I started off with 3/4" strips then the purple into 3/4" squares for set in pieces on either side of the 4" centre strips and then the two outer edges varied in sizes for the whole strip to measure 8 " and the total length is 12 ".  I had this vision to aim for my own "Impressionistic Landscape" - not sure if I did it?  But to help you envision it it starts with grasses, patches of wild flowers, into sandy patches leading into the lake, horizon of setting sun, varied sky with clouds to darkened stormy sky!!!  Yeah I've an imagination and LOVE to play I Spy with the clouds even to this day.  LOL!  NOW I have to think how to quilt it!  Hmmmm!  It'll be finished off with a black 1/4" binding or maybe a facing no binding!