Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My NZ Quilt has ARRIVED!!!

OMGG yesterday a parcel delivery card was left for me to pick up today and I HOPED it was the quilt I won at the Christchurch small quilt show I attended while there in October.  Well I picked it up and yes it was that parcel and what was even more a surprise - no duty charged and even the clerk looked twice and said I was lucky.  I was totally prepared for it but guess it cleared OK.  So I told the clerk she made my day and left for home to open it and take pictures.  So it's on my bed for the summer.  Thank you Sandra for holding it for me until I could send the money to have it sent to me.  Greatly appreciated and what a daily visual remembrance of my visit with you and your Mom!!!  It even matches my bed frame and skirt!

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