Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Errands Day!

I know better than going grocery shopping when hungry but after errands today I did just that.  By the time meat and breads were divided and into the freezer, then decided to clean out my fridge freezer of old stuffs I was starved and glad I'd picked up some fast food!  Not really fast food - more my type of grocery fast food!  Coarse or lean garlic sausage, cucs and tomatoes along with yummy chopped sweet kale salad - yep a fast but yummy supper!  But I actually did grocery shopping and planned some nice meals for the future - will have leftovers or maybe share some too! 

Now if you've time and in the city please find time to check this out.  Both my sister and I have our wall hangings in the Challenge quilts (many lovely wall quilts either for yourself or for gifts) open for bidding as a fundraiser for Winnipeg's House of Hope Villa Aulneau A Port in the Storm which is an adults version of Ronald MacDonald House. 

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