Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

This was a very subdued Halloween in our office this year, not my usual decorating nor the enthusiasm (one thing I miss from my previous office - maybe it's just needs adjusting time).  Anyways I don't dress up per se but I do use jewelry and accessories - yesterday I wore my coral top with my long skinny witch and ghost earrings - they touch my shoulders.  Here's my latest ensemble.

And here are the Halloween treats gathered for our office ribbon cutting celebration on Vault Storage Room clean up that Wendy, Barb and I managed to do this week.
Wendy who organized things.
Kim doing the honours.
Rose Anne, Wendy & Barb
 Now let's see how long we can keep it this way!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

PayPal Update

OK I've returned from my quilting retreat and decided to check out PayPal since there were no emails waiting for me.  See last weekend they had sent an email to the Seller and were awaiting a reply before deciding whether it was an unauthorized transaction or scam or a legit transaction (which I doubt).  Anyways when I checked the log and there were another two emails sent to the Seller this week but no replies received.  Hmmmmm!  Hopefully I'll hear something soon and shortly afterwards my money returned - $200 was definitely too much for me to lose! 

When I went to the bank to apply for a low balance credit card on Tuesday, the clerk mentioned that they had received many calls of such through PayPal that weekend so I guess they are busy investigating more than just mine.  I'll keep you posted.  And let's hope it's good news!

2014 OMA's Quilt Retreat

OH BOY this has been one hectic long week!  First last weekend was the Lace Retreat with two workshops I signed up for, then a rushed shortened work week with evenings madly trying to finish off my two years' ago decorating OMAs Quilt Retreat tote to bring this year, to packing and getting ready to roll!!!  So finally Thursday evening I did the last stitching on my tote and packed up my sewing projects along with clothes and went to bed (late that is)!  I also packed my completed Man's Shirt apron from last year's project.

Thursday morning up early, packed up the van, headed south for my 9:30 hair appointment, hilites and cut, with a new hair stylist and I love it!!!  It felt great after she'd done the cut and then styled it the way I said I do it - AWESOME!!!  Then headed west to my sister's for lunch and packed her stuff into the van and headed across the city east to a new quilt shop, Keystone Quilts for a bit of shopping, then north on Hwy 59 to South Beach Casino, the home of OMAs quilt retreat!  Yeppers some gambling along with LOTS n LOTS of sewing and EATING and visiting with friends.

Again this year we arrived Thursday instead of Friday and purchased South Beach's Stay n Play package - buy one buffet and get one free (we had two of those - one for Thursday and one for Friday suppers) and enjoyed lunch in the bar at a discount too!  Also we each had two coupons to buy $25 and receive $10 more in gambling vouchers.  Well this year I not only broke even but also brought home some extra cash - YAHOOIE!!!  Not much but doubled my initial $50 startup monies.  All I can say is my heart rate was escalating real fast as the bells rang for each of the five large wins I had.  The last one when it finished ringing I hit cash out and walked out!  Enough for me.  LOL!

One of the gals had her hubby make up the "scissors headbands" - everyone got a kick out of seeing the four friends with different coloured scissors - the handle half behind one ear and the blades half behind the other ear - like growing out of one's head.  Here is Adiena modelling Jackie's.

First thing I did was finish off my OMAs tote from two years ago.  Then put it away until the show n tell for Sunday.  After that I pulled out Mike's retirement quilt project and had lots of fun preparing it and by mid-Friday finished off what I could do - just love it (picture to follow when finished)!  It received tonnes of compliments and even some asking if I'd make more - who knows!!!  But don't worry Mike I won't use your silhouette!   

Then I started this year's quilt retreat project - a reversible apron.  I bought some funky fabrics basically cause there was a windup lobster on it which is what we have Thursday for supper here!  And yes again with no pattern on Friday, just Adiena's sample aprons on the table and I sailed right though it too.  Saturday with finishing instructions and a copy of the pattern which I did not follow, I finished off my apron with lots of decorative top stitching.

Next I pulled out Alan's retirement quilt project and proceeded to stitch it up using my own table topper as a guide.  NOW this one gave me major grief and I even went to the lounge for a presupper ceasar to relax some before tackling it again in the evening.  Dang it did not help but I persevered and finally after midnight I finished stitching the blocks together and left only the two end points to work on Sunday.  Those I needed Sylvia's help in cutting out as I only had a small piece of fabric left so no room for anymore errors on my part! 

I did have Adrian's and also Bob's retirement quilt projects with me along with a child's charity quilt project just in case I was really speedy (wishful thinking me thinks) or hit a really bad snag and wanted to switch to something else.  Nope most went smoothly with a couple of exceptions.  And this was a very productive retreat for me quilt-wise!

The only bad part was Sylvia had a cold and not feeling that great but she still had a good time and naturally we all sang Happy Birthday to her and Thelma again!  The good parts are naturally chatting with friends we don't usually see unless at quilt shows etc and naturally all the AWESOME quilty eye candy, especially hearing the OOOOHS and AAAAAHS on our projects!!!  Some of these quilted projects are really beautiful and in colours I would not have picked out at all!  That's good to see - expand my borders!!!
Diane's hockey quilt top for grandson.

Sylvia's charity quilt top.
That's it until next year, October again!

Lace Retreat

This is a might late - retreat was Friday Oct. 17th-19th here in Winnipeg - basically a drop in retreat and return home to our own beds for the night - AWESOME!

It was lovely to see Ulla from Saskatchewan join us once again!  A lovely turn out by as many that could make it and thank you to Bev for the bobbin lace ornament workshop and Ewa for the painted bobbin workshop.  Both were enlightening and fun too BUT that bobbin lace ornament one was quite the trial for me!  YES this person who has for years said NO, I'll NEVER pick up bobbin lace - is now called a liar!  LOL!  YEPPERS I have given it a go and completed one ornament with Bev's assistance and also some help from other fellow lacers when Bev was otherwise occupied and was just totally overwhelmed that I did accomplish it. 
Bev keeping me twisting the right way!

OK I think I know what I'm doing!

I did it!!!
We're all hard at ornaments or other projects.

Bev helping Jacquie out.

Iona's ornament - this one was not for my beginner hands/mind!

Mary's bookmark (I think).

Mary anchoring bobbins for travelling.

One of many ornaments Bev is making and some of her bobbins.

Maija, our resident shuttle tatter!

Michelle, a needle tatter!

Then if that was not enough, I paid for another one and promptly started lacing up for a second one and got it going too but with a slightly different set of knots so it'll look a bit different.  Hopefully will finish it off next month and then I can return the pillow, pins, and bobbins to Mary who very kindly lent them to be for this workshop.  Yes I guess I will be trying this periodically for small items (ornaments and/or bookmarks etc) as I've started collecting bobbins - 3 from door prizes from out retreats and now two hand painted ones too.  Guess this is another example of NOT saying you'll NEVER do something!  LOL!!!

And here are pictures of Sunday's painted bobbin workship lead by Ewa!  Again thank you Mary for giving me two of your plain bobbins so I could partake in this fun!!!

Ulla has this painting challenge under control.

I think Jocelyn's and Teresa's painted bobbins.
Jacquie's bobbins - lovely!
Near the top is her workshop ornament too!

Michelle's "snowman"!!!
And here are some examples of Ewa's painted bobbins!

These 2 I chose for my doorprize!
Once I get my painted bobbins back from being varnished by Ewa, I'll blog them!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

PayPal - Users Beware!

OK I have no idea how this happened - but obviously these scammers/tricksters/dishonest individuals are lots smarter than the average bear!!!  I was not on my computer Friday (except for defragging) and after shutting down I was away at a Lace Retreat and didn't check it until 10:00ish Saturday evening.  WELL you could have knocked me over when I saw this transaction in my Inbox from PayPal:

Rudi Nugraha  (NON-U.S. - Verified)
$170.00 US (equals $196.73CAD)
for Repair PC Via Teamviewer
Oct 17, 2014
7:51:37 CDT (CA)
No Shipping address provided
Instant Transfer
from my chequing account (not used for purchases at all)
description just his name

Needless to say I did click on PayPal's Resolution Centre link at the bottom and reported it as an unauthorized transaction and they are STILL extracting the funds from my account while investigating this complaint.  NO, that is not right, there should be a stop payment on it immediately, WHY should I suffer losing $200 while they sift through some emails and IF I don't watch the days PayPal can close the transaction and it can't be opened for dispute again.

I'm not sure HOW this could happen and now I'm left holding the bag while this dishonest person is probably laughing and making up a new account to rob the next person!  So just letting others know that is now happening WITHIN PayPal (probably has to others before me), not just banking machines and CC transactions etc.  Can you image what these individuals could make of their lives legally if they put their minds and energy to HONEST WORK!!!  What a shame! 

Not sure if I'll continue using this system or restrict usage of online purchases - I maybe do five a year - go figure. 

Guess there is something to be said for buying locally and keeping your money in your community and your pocket!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Busy Weekend!

OK I didn't get much done in the reorganizing part but I did do some - there's more floor space visible and some loose items boxed for filing later on.

Saturday, I did work lots on the embroidery of my OMAs South Beach Retreat tote and washed all purchased fabrics and even started figuring out Alan's retirement Celtic Table Topper.  Then I planned out the setting on the computer and now to figure the block sizes, topper size and then which blocks to use.  Hopefully one of the projects I'll get finished at the Oct 25th retreat.  

Red one is mine from Ireland trip.
Blue/green is the planned one for Alan's gift.

Then I organized into a larger binder by month, four years of MPQ photo releases for the pictures we've posted - lots better than stapled and loose.  Then I picked out some fall and Halloween fabric postcards and clipped them to my new frame from Michaels - looks pretty good.  Just fall ones on display at work right now.  Halloween ones month end!

Also while going through the UFOs box the other day I came across some landscape backgrounds I'd put together at a class at Gimli Retreat with Heather Lair (now deceased) but never finished them.  Well I have another retirement gift to make so decided on this baby, not sure I'll get it finished this week but will try. 

So today I stitched the binding by machine instead of hand stitching it in place and WOW it's pretty good if I say so myself!  The best I've done so far and saved me over an hour of hand stitching.  I've always thought that for most charity quilts it is more durable machine stitched if it can be done so it looks good and no misses etc.  Then I decided to update the Aurora Quilters Comfort and Charity Quilt logs and realized I was way behind so had lots of picture searching and uploading with descriptions.  While doing this I needed a proper picture of this finished quilt and postcard frame so off to work I went - more room and better lighting there.
Made from swaps of 6.5" charms
Haven't made a dent and 3 twin sized tops later.
OK I'm taking it easy now - tomorrow is another day!  Ohhh and I was catching up on dishes too!