Sunday, October 05, 2014

Busy Weekend!

OK I didn't get much done in the reorganizing part but I did do some - there's more floor space visible and some loose items boxed for filing later on.

Saturday, I did work lots on the embroidery of my OMAs South Beach Retreat tote and washed all purchased fabrics and even started figuring out Alan's retirement Celtic Table Topper.  Then I planned out the setting on the computer and now to figure the block sizes, topper size and then which blocks to use.  Hopefully one of the projects I'll get finished at the Oct 25th retreat.  

Red one is mine from Ireland trip.
Blue/green is the planned one for Alan's gift.

Then I organized into a larger binder by month, four years of MPQ photo releases for the pictures we've posted - lots better than stapled and loose.  Then I picked out some fall and Halloween fabric postcards and clipped them to my new frame from Michaels - looks pretty good.  Just fall ones on display at work right now.  Halloween ones month end!

Also while going through the UFOs box the other day I came across some landscape backgrounds I'd put together at a class at Gimli Retreat with Heather Lair (now deceased) but never finished them.  Well I have another retirement gift to make so decided on this baby, not sure I'll get it finished this week but will try. 

So today I stitched the binding by machine instead of hand stitching it in place and WOW it's pretty good if I say so myself!  The best I've done so far and saved me over an hour of hand stitching.  I've always thought that for most charity quilts it is more durable machine stitched if it can be done so it looks good and no misses etc.  Then I decided to update the Aurora Quilters Comfort and Charity Quilt logs and realized I was way behind so had lots of picture searching and uploading with descriptions.  While doing this I needed a proper picture of this finished quilt and postcard frame so off to work I went - more room and better lighting there.
Made from swaps of 6.5" charms
Haven't made a dent and 3 twin sized tops later.
OK I'm taking it easy now - tomorrow is another day!  Ohhh and I was catching up on dishes too!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of work, creative and organizational. Each of those things takes a lot of time!

Judy said...

you have been busy!! i like the post card display!