Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Like It!!!

Well today I came home a might more stressed but decided to read for a while and that helped me unwind some. Then I decided not to do any counted embroidery tonight, but to finish off the extra CQd pin cushions and then clean up that mess so I could get back to the Hardanger and postcard making in a more workable area - LOL!!!

So here's the pics - another few items set aside for my stash. I enjoy making these up as I embellish as per the fabric and whatever is in my goodie bags. Loads of fun - if I watch the order deadlines that is.

Front view.

Top view.

Finally something finished and good!

Wellllllll finally I've completed something on my list of Need To Do's - never mind the UFOs!!!

Yep one item checked off in between doing my Hardanger homework - now to do the last leg of Father Christmas and hopefully I will be all caught up and can assemble him on the last class Dec. 4th - PHEW I really thought I'd not get here at all. It's still nip and tuck but even if I don't get his Sack finished I have the instructions drawn out and it's simple, I can do that on my own. Soooo it's closer and closer to picture taking time for Father Christmas!!! Carolyn (teacher) sort of did a run through last night and showed me what the cape will look like and I'm really anxious to finish it. Let's hope nothing more interferes with my life to delay things anymore!

Okay onto some good news! Yes I have pictures of the completed pin cushions that were ordered some time ago and they've been mailed off, so totally off my list and hopefully received by Friday as it was XPed. These are my newest additions to my crazy patched, machine embroidered seams and button embellished pin cushions made with wide mouth sealer jar lids (both parts used). Ain't they just cute????

Front view.

Top view.

NOW yesterday was a lousy day in my thinking anyways. It wasn't enough I had a major pounding headache that Advil migraine tablets didn't lift, but the mailman brought me some lousy news from Revenue Canada which I have to straighten out ASAP and hopefully to the better. Then I remembered to check online my two lottery tickets and finally some good news, not much so don't go getting excited, but it was on Super 7 (a quick pick) and 4 numbers, which netted me $64 and change. So on my way to class I cashed it in, bought some groceries and picked up a treat for myself from Mrs. Twitchett's Eye and the meagre remains will go into the bank today! So guess life is not so bad just a might troubled and I have my family and health!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where in the World am I???

Gosh that about explains my life right now and I've no partner nor children - thank goodness or who knows where they or I would be!!! LOL!

Seriously, I've been using every spare opening in stitching trying to get caught up with my Hardanger lessons which are way behind and also postcards and other craft commitments. Definitely do not like this and especially no time to really keep blogging up to date either. Work is as usual busy and a zillion things at the same time too so I don't seem to have down time at all. That's life it seems with everyone not just me!!!

Anyways, I finally did a very UN-Rose Anne like thing last night and enjoyed it. See as usual I go out once in a blue moon and I've two things booked. So I had to give up with much dismay my spot for Mrs. Twitchett's Eye Christmas PJ party (missed out on the turkey smorg etc) and I heard from Linda it was great too!!! But I had our twice annual gathering of the Lewiscraft girls I worked with and it too was a potluck - DELICIOUS too!!! This was the first time I arrived without my stitching in hand and just "relaxed" with the girls - and all commented on that - one was worried about me as that was not Rose Anne! And I only brought one show n tell and it was not even finished - they were amazed. Well we chatted nonstop even when playing the game TABOO (awesome) some of us even helped out the playing teams - LOL! - and not just me either!!! Poor Mary Grace had a social to go to so left us before we started the game and the rest of us played till 1:00 am and had a ball! Needless to say I did not get home till 1:45 and crashed immediately - did not even think about opening the PC to check emails! LOL!

Then naturally we decided when, where and what about our next get together and as usual they were pressuring me to have it at my place. Well I caved in and you should have seen the shocked faces and everyone was jotting down the info fast - LOL! - so I've three months now to really get this place cleaned up for them and my sister's stay over for the Quilt Show in April! Heaven help me!!!!!!!!!

So I've had a late start today and gotta get back into sewing NOW! The TV is on for the Grey Cup game but basically background noise as I'm going to keep my nose to the grindstone today - stuffy head and all!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

94 Years Young!!!

Okay, six of his daughters gathered Saturday evening at Dad's in Dauphin to help celebrate his 94th birthday - he said that day that he didn't feel old at all. Hmmmm!!! Just Erlene (who was there earlier) and his only son Jim were missing from this picture.

Marlene's DH Henry came too and Marg brought her daughter Roxanne and DH Derek and daughter Kallie from Saskatoon and Sylvia from NW Ontario picked me up on her way through Winnipeg. Dad was in a good mood and enjoyed his visit with all present and even continued Sunday asking to go for a ride around town for a bit! Yep, lots of excitement and yummy food!

Florence baked is favourite Angel Food Cake with strawberries sauce topping along with a special Happy Birthday musical candle.

Dad and Florence, youngest child, both goofing around. Looks pretty with it for 94 years young eh?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Busy / Relaxed???

Well I had a Mad Hatter type of week at work and at home last week. Then Saturday was our MPQ Guild meeting and vendor sales where I had sold several items and did okay. Then I assisted Pat F along with Linda and Jackie with a postcard workshop and I know I had a great time assisting a number of ladies on their "first" kick at the cat (so to speak) and even tried to loosen up and not pass on my "fussiness" for this task. Think I did okay and the ladies all did great from what I saw before skipping off at 2:30 for the long drive to my sister's for the weekend.

Yes, throughout the weekend I finished off attaching the batting to the quilt as you go assembled Cuddle Quilt (yes Shauna's August gift is still not completed but closer now) and finally the borders after a number of "rippit" sessions! Then I stitched the binding pieces together but did not get it stitched on as planned.

Adding the last two borders to the quilt.

Adding on the binding.

Used left over pieces for the "Breast Cancer Awareness" postcard swap recently.

Yep, I had a lovely visit with my sister and BIL even if I did get "kicked" out earlier than I had planned on, never ever have I been asked to leave so they can go out and I'm not gonna let him live it down either. See his nephew and wife were down for the first time and Len wanted to take them around the area and I totally understood and I'd already assisted my sister with her PC problems so just packed up and left. No I did not get all the sewing done I thought I would nor my homework for my Hardanger class but it was a relaxing weekend.

Even with the weird noise coming from the other room and I just HAD to go check out - DUH me!!! What do you expect with two outdoorsmen getting together and various hunting "toys" around - mainly some calling horn and yep they had a great time teasing me for answering the CALL!!! MEN!!!

So I went to visit Sylvia's quilter friend Fran down the road for a couple of hours and then drove to Kenora and spent the afternoon, overnight and this morning with Adeline stitching, eating and gabbing. I love the crazy patch block she's working on and considering she's not "embellished" with doo dads before, just embroidery, it's coming along just lovely!!! We even drove over to "Country Quilts", the new shop her friend is opening across from the Greehouse on the main drag exactly 6 KMs from the bypass (coming from Winnipeg that is) - hopefully soon to be open. I LOVE the fabrics at the sneak preview along with one piece I was able to buy!

Nope, I'd not done my Hardanger homework and my class was this evening and I had just got home in time to turn around and head to class (returning with more homework). UGH, gonna be a rough day and I seem to be coming down with a head cold too. Oh well it was worth it this weekend.

Friday, November 09, 2007


He He He gotcha with that title did I?

Well probably not those that know me! See I've no children nor pets just my crazy hobbies!!! And one of these hobbies I participated in a crazy patch swap where you sent your fabrics and various embellishments to the Swap Hostess and she sends it out to someone to stitch up and embellish and that person sends it back to the owner.

WELLLLLLL mine came HOME today!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Judy R for the lovely adorned block.

I keep looking and seeing other little trims and doodads that I hadn't seen when I first looked at it and even after photographing it too. I LOVE that butterfly and all the ways you've embellished the trims etc. WOW this is exactly why I love being in a one-on-one or group swap to see other people's interpretation of one's fabrics and embellishments.

Okay, Okay, here's the pictures!!!

I love it all!!!

Top right corner.

Centre patch butterfly and poofy heart!

And the bottom left with some coloured stitching and trims.

AND she spoiled me too. See Judy does some awesome crochet and from some stitching instructions from Mom and maybe Grandmothers of crocheting trims for your bedding (I sorta remember that but nope not carrying that forward). Well she sent me two blue trims for my pillow slips so I guess I'm gonna have to find a nice set and stitch them on - BUT heaven help anyone who uses those pillows!!!! LOL! Thank you Judy, they are lovely.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Check This OUT!!!


"Coloured Trash" is no sooner home and its off again to

Urban Shaman Gallery
203-290 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 0T2
Tel: 204.942.2674
Hours: Tues - Fri 11 am - 5 pm
Sat: 12 pm - 5 pm
for their
50 to 500 (Exhibition & Sale)
November 23 - December 15, 2007

Check out Dale Anne's other creations by visiting her Blog or Website too! I'm so proud to be her friend and one of "her" sometimes students. (I goofed on my original post - SORRY Dale Anne)