Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moving Update!

SHEESH!!!  I'm not sure my sanity or body will survive this move that I'd for years begged would happen and now that it is OUCHIE!!!  It's been 30 days of anxiety and most has turned out beautifully and all to the good, so hopefully the rest will continue to be so.

And in these 30 days I did manage to finish off two of three sewing projects by their deadline dates and this last one I am working on in between bouts of purging, packing and running various errands to pull off this move next week.  BUTTTTTTT!!!

Today I had a horrifying scare and that too I hope will straighten itself out by Tuesday!  See Lilian for some reason thought she had her apartment until Nov. 1st so was not moving out as quickly as she should have.  And because we had not seen her this past week we had thought she'd moved out completly, just not handed over the keys.  Not so, as they were back yesterday and again today to take more out of the apt and clean some too.  

When the caretaker called and said that she'd be back sometimes this week to finish off I said NO, I have the apt as of Monday, she has to be out then.  So in the end she'll be out on Tuesday and the painter hopefully will be finished then too (I pray so) and do the checkout report.  So guess I'll go to work Tuesday and take Wednesday off instead, do my checkin report and start moving stuff upwards. 

AND come next Monday my furniture movers will be here and hopefully that next week more boxes will be moved up after I'm finished work.  Then will be the cleaning of this apt and doing my checkout report and handing over the keys - 17 years uncluttered!!!

Wonder how long it'll take me to "unpack" and settle into my new apt???  NAH more like how long it'll take my aches and pains to settle so I can go back to my aquacise classes!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

IRELAND - June 5th-14th, 2013

I’m so excited that I just can’t believe my good fortune on actually having one of my “grade school” dreams coming true!!! 
I received this notice from my girlfriend, Dale Anne Potter, of an upcoming trip June 5th-14th, 2013 to IRELAND and it also includes the International Quilt Show of Ireland!!!  NOW what I am hoping with this BLOG entry is possibly someone in one of the online groups I belong to is also going at this time and looking for a roommate to avoid the $1,000 US single occupancy charge.  See I truly cannot go on this trip without a roommate.  So anyone out there if you are interested in this specific tour, please contact me (females only naturally) or register from the links provided below and also ensure you ask for Dale Anne Potter as your tour guide.

Here is what I’ve chosen for my June 5th-14th, 2013 ten day Tour of Ireland:

This is for a total cost based on double occupancy of $2,535 US which does not include your airfare there or return home.  So anyone game and willing to share with me (females only naturally).  Thank you very much.

Now CQing friends don't fret I've not forgotten my trip to Australia/New Zealand, it's just that I can't go for that time length without first retiring.  My travel agent suggested going in April/May so it is being delayed to 2014 when I'm finally free of my job.  The above trip is only 2-3 weeks vacation which will include probably visiting with my Irish girlfriend in Toronto afterwards!  YEAH two trips at once.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flowers Gather Update

OH my did I have fun with Rachel yesterday!!!  While presenting my gift for her retirement I mentioned I wanted it back (not telling what it was though) as I did not realize till it was all together for picture taking that I FORGOT to pad the underside of the silk image in the centre!  GRRRRR!!!  She was chuckling and said maybe she'll just trade it for one of my quilted table toppers that I displayed at work - ha ha ha - I doubt it and told her to wait till she opened it before making such a statement!  Well naturally she was not trading when she saw it!!!  LOL!

She did agree with me that the Victorian lady needed to be more defined and lifted up so to speak and let me take it back home to dismantel the two hours of assembling it, fix it and return it next week when finished.  This matt is just temporary and she agreed she'll frame it to suite her tastes/decor.  And was quite impressed with how the tatted edging resting on the bevelled matt was so appropriate and striking.  Everyone just LOVED the beaded spider (I think the largest I've made so far).

So considering I had it back and last night was our quilting guide's first meeting of the year I took it for Show n Tell and it was admired by many.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flowers Gather

I'm not sure what to call this latest crazy patch embellishment which hopefully will be a framed piece one day!  With my upcoming move it was quite hard to find time for stitching but I did a little each day and yes another finished project.  Right now it's in a temporary matt which accidentally has my thumb print on it, much to my dismay!  

This piece was a little hard to work on as I had no input as to what to actually focus on or colour scheme etc so I pray that I've chosen wisely and it fits in, maybe with a proper coloured matt and shadow box type frame it will be perfect!

I wanted to focus on my embroidery for this piece and I think I pulled it off nicely and finished it off with a tatted edging that basically lies half on the crazy patch itself and half on the beveled matt edging which had to be painstakingly lifted up after the matt was secured in place with double sided tape.  Kinda hard to do with the fabric against matt board, but doable.
Right Side
Lower Right
Lower Left
Left Side
Framed crazy patch - 11 x 14 matt

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ravenesque Quilters' Sale

OK I have packed up some of my finished quilted projects, various quilting & non-quilting fabrics, quilting books and magazines ALONG WITH various fancy yarns for scarves and many cross stitched and needlework patterns and my kitchen hand towels for this sale.

So if you're in Winnipeg and at a loose ends come and check out the various items on sale from fabric artists:  Pat Findlay, Val Wilson, Dianne Johnson, myself and Batiks vendor Margo Weiler. 

Purging Update

WHOOO HOOO!!!  I've done it more so once again.  See I was determined to check out those boxes in the hallway and keep only what I wanted/would use and the rest out the door.  WELL I did finish it off today - those 6 plus boxes whittled down to 3 boxes:  1 is UFOs (unfinished objects),1 on is quilting cottons misplaced and one is fancy fabrics for my crazy patch.  

So I have one huge box of textured type fabrics for Alzheimer's Touch Quilts and one paper shopping bag three-quarters full of cottons for my friend in Kenora for her and maybe her group's charity quilts and another pile I've priced and gotten ready for the Ravenesque Quilters' Sale, September 23rd.  There was also a bag garbaged.

Then this weekend and finished off today I was checking over items laying around and deciding whether I'm keeping it or it's going! Well I managed to fill 3 large boxes and one smaller one of odds n ends along with a wired 3-tire small kitchen basket on wheels along with a plastic bag of stuffed animals and all were packed up and hauled off to Harrow United Church for their Garage Sale, October 13th.

Gosh I can't believe all that I've carted out of here this past two months and there is still TONNES in here to pack up and move in October!!!  BUT it sure looks lots better!!!  I'm even seeing the floor more and more - YEAH!!!

Friday, September 07, 2012

Moving One Thing Less!

Yeppers I now  have ONE LESS large item to move with me!!!

See I took pictures of various Orchid and Bonsai supplies and books I have that I don't use anymore and the first thing that was in demand was this 48" wide and about 5' tall plant stand unit and as of now is in it's new residence.  The person checked it out and was pleased and took it right away! YEAH!!!

And you won't believe this but my "kitchen table and chairs" are in their proper place in the dining room instead of half in and half out in the living room and chairs not out for sitting on!!!  ACTUALLY the "walk around" is now open and I just sat at the table and wrote up the sign I need for tomorrow's Bonsai event where I'll try and sell those items at.  Hope the weather cooperates and there are members that could use what I have to sell off.  That would make my day!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Moving Update


No don’t ask why I was at work yesterday at 7:50 am because I sure don’t know!!!  AND totally wide awake after another night of tossing before falling asleep - purging left me wired!!!

Anyways I have more good news and I pray it stays good!!!  Yesterday a coworker brought in garden stuff and I have fresh tomatoes for toasted sandwiches again along with beet leaves so I’ll make up some fresh buns one of these nights and take them over when Sylvia & Len are in and all can enjoy some (I’ll even do up separately some cream and onions for topping).

Then after I made a dash to WalMart for some cleaning supplies I badly need, I FINISHED cleaning the plant stand of calcium/iron buildup and then I just have to wash off the plastic grid work and it’s picture time!!!  Just in time for Saturday’s Bonsai display/sale if it don’t rain (Sunday if it does).  Then it’s back to the floor clutter in the living room and hallway!!!

OH and the caretaker called and I had to go get a new application for Apt 508 – I filled it in and DANG I have been 8 years in apt 202 and just finishing 17 years in apt 209 – that’s a total of “25” years in this block.  Guess that’s why they are willing to fix up 508 a bit – want to keep me longer???  Also the owners are very willing to transfer my damage deposit from 209 to 508.  THAT IS JUST GREAT!!! 

This move is turning out better and better for me!  AND to think I’m decluttering so much already I may not recognize my stuff once I’m moved in!!!  LOL!!!  And Pat’s says I HAVE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!  Oh Oh, that’s the challenge!!!  Yes, I’m in a very good mood today and it better stay as I’ve more to tackle tonight!!!

Ohhhh I forgot another good news item to report!!!  This decluttering before packing is a good thing too for me – not only in downsizing and hopefully having an actual feel like “home” soon but Pat’s right – I am losing inches – my clothes are really getting loose on me.  No I’ve not stepped on the scale yet, but might this week sometimes.


Well the gridwork is washed and pictures of the plant stand taken and all the pots and books packed to take to the Bonsai event on Saturday - hope most of it sells so I don't have to lug it back home!!!  I think it'll be an early night tonight as I'm wiped.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I'm Moving Up Again!!!

Yeppers I'm moving up in the world again but this time apartment-wise!  LOL!

See I've lived here for years in this block, first in a one-bedroom on the second floor, then about 15 years ago moved into this two-bedroom just down the hall.  I've hated this layout since I moved in but since it was bigger and provided me with a sewing room that was great!  It didn't take me long to realize I did not care for my neighbours above me nor the long rectangular layout of this suite - not conducive to furniture repositioning. Well a few years later I visited with my neighbours and decided that I wanted that corner square-layout suite instead but I wanted the top floor so I would not have anyone living above me.  Every year on my lease renewal I reminded the Agency I was still contemplating this happening but this year I was in a rush and just signed it and handed it in.  WELL finally that tenant has bought a house and will be moving out and it will be available Oct. 1st - so I'm MOVING - except not in one day!!!

Once I found out I contacted the Agency to view the suite and submitted some concerns I had about that suite and wondered if it would be attended to.  I only had to wait a couple of days and received my answers and a much appreciated attention to my concerns.  Not only have they agreed to me renting both suites for October to allow me a slower move and easier with booking movers for mid-month than the very popular Oct. 1st but other concessions too:

1.  redoing the bathroom and kitchen flooring
2.  replacing the fridge & stove with new appliances
3.  redoing the bathroom tub surround if deemed necessary when they view it
4.  and the suite will be repainted
5.  and the biggy is my rent will only be $10 more a month.

WOW that was more than I'd asked for and I'm thrilled because he also answered some cosmetic changes I'd like to do later on and asked for his input and where to go when I decide to do them.  But like I said I'm sure I've been here 20-25 years now and they are very good with repairs compared to the other two Agencies I rented with, so I hope to stay here for more years yet - especially in my new place!!!  I have a very strong feeling that this apartment will finally be a "HOME" for me - it's just more home-like in it's layout and space-wise.  

And to boot today while visiting my great-niece's new home they just bought I told her my good news and she's kindly offered her partner's time/muscles along with his friend's to come and move me for food and refreshments - not keen on being paid!  Hmmm will see once they get here and see what and how they have to move it!  I do not object to paying them as I was checking out movers and the best price I'd come upon so far was $89+ per hour.  I had also contacted the cable company and because I have the full package they will come and reconnect my computer and TV/etc at no charge!  WOW!!!

I told my niece today that it's about darn time I had some good news happenings in my life!!!  So once I get access I will take pictures of the place before I fill it up and again once I've settled in and unpacked the boxes!  LOL!  I think I can even see myself maybe entertaining once again!  That sure will be something - I've not done that in years!