Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Look!

Relaxing and not even venturing out for the walk this evening.  Just vegging out and catching up on the Blue Jays games I've missed.

Also here's what my new glasses look like on me!  😆  The blue frame ones are just for reading and/or stitching!

Busy-ness Contined

Im feeling thankful that I've had a good few days with my sister and brother in law but goofed and sent my apt keys home with them!!!  Hopefully I can contact them before they leave Steinbach and they can leave them there for me to pick up either Monday or Wednesday.  Yep they had a good visit and awesome shopping too!  We even had most of our meals out too - breakfasts at Sal's, lunches at Olive Garden and suppers BBQ at my nieces, Wok Box and the Norwood Hotel restaurant - all my favorites so spoiled for three days! I helped them load up and also took some awesome pictures of Randy & Pat's flower garden.  Now I'm just home and trying to figure out if I want to go walk or not???

Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Pooped!!!

Well it was a lovely lunch with Edna's friend and just a bit of a drive into Brandon but found Mamma Bear's quilt shop easily for a brief visit along with purchases.  We're a bit behind on my estimated travel time so speeding some but heck even the huge travel trailers are passing me and not one cop car in sight - Thank God!!!

Then back on the road to Austin for our last stop.  We both assumed the quilt shop was in the town of Austin but NAH it wasn't.  So back to the highway to find it.  Well it was north of the town on a rural highway and then gravel side roads into a farmyard.  Even then we couldn't find the shop as it was behind the garage but I saw an open van sticking out and went to check and there it was.  It was my misfortune to have to wait till four ladies measured and bought a bolt of batting and various flannels for backings.  This is a store I probably wouldn't have agreed to if I'd known where it was but once there we had no choice but to wait our turn - nice that all were friendly.  Then back on the road reversing the route with the help of their signs and back onto the highway and straight home.  PHEW!!!

Jeane's BBQ was lovely even if I was the last to arrive and quite rushed and without a bottle of wine too boot!  The potluck dinner was awesome!!!  And being so tired I was naturally over talkative - 😆!  HMMMM!

Friday, June 23, 2017

A Jam Packed Day!

Ohhh another busy day again!  First off a walk with Jeane from the Forks around the Exchange district then across the Provenche Bridge and along the Red River to Queen Elizabeth Way and back to the Forks where we saw this Canada Geese family.  Then drove around Tuxedo checking out some of the homes and landscaping before lunch at Mona Lisa's then home.

A quick refresh, dressed and headed to Monika Franz-Lien retirement celebration.  Lovely!!!  I even got to see Janice Palmer, some Agriculture coworkers and Carolynn O. who promptly mentioned they may need me in Sept for cat sitting.  Also Joan and Harold, Monika's in-laws came too and it was awesome to hear they aren't moving away now and that they will need me in May for dog sitting too.  Then when leaving I checked emails and there's one from a new possible dog sitting too.  Now to check my schedules to see what's going on.

Then a quick shopping spree, back home briefly and pick up Edna at Second Cup and off to MPQ quilt meeting.  It was garage sale night and I did sell half of my landscape fabric stash I was not keen on so that was good.  Then back home to prepare my veggies in Italian dressing marinade for Friday's BBQ.

Now off to bed as I'm up early for another busy day!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Lovely Day!

Well my day started off nicely with s short walk to my appt then Darlene picked me up for a wonderful Santa Lucia belated birthday lunch.  She even bought me a very soft earthy light cotton wrap scarf (seen just behind me on the chair) and even half my pizza to take home too!!!  Thank you Darlene - it was lovely visit!!!!

Then followed by a lovely afternoon with Janice Palmer visiting Mila Maximets and Robert too at their home and 'Park Garden'.  Your yard will definitely be beautiful when finished off.   If you'd like to see her recent photos just give her FB link a try.  We had a snack of carrot cake covered with Seabuckthorn icing and homemade chocolates too with her own freshly garden picked chamomile tea.  It's totally different that store bought tea!!!!  And too boot Janice came out with some awesome clothes - pays to be tiny.  But I gained too as I was gifted a lovely dresser scarf and this swanky hat!!!  Thank you Mila!!!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Bridgewater Hike

Just relaxing after a lovely mixed terrain PPFs walk called the Bridgewater Hike.  It started at Applebee's at Pembina and Chancellor, along the lovely hilly pathway along Bishop Grandin, through the older housing development before crossing Waverly and into the new Bridgewater development.  WOW this is awesome - a large wooded area right in the middle of this richy area passing a bricked base and wooden pagoda area where a number were Tai Chi-ing and further on another area where city workers were taking a break from building another such resting area before we circled around and headed back.  Yes another 7 km in 1 hr 16 min at 5.2 km/hr.  Afterwards Edna, Linda and I went for borscht with bread or cheese toast for lunch at our favourite The Oakwood Cafe.  Beautiful day with friends and getting more exercise again too!!!  🌞

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Beaches hike

I had a lovely day with Edna, Jeane and Mona and Pathfinders out to Lester Beach and had our picnic lunch before heading back.  Then we walked windy cold Grand Beach a bit and headed to the Sand Bar in Grand Marias for food (pickerel bites and sweet potato fries to replenish.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Feeling Content!

After this delicious supper I made.  Yep once again but the AC made it bearable.  Pork chops, cubed yams and Brussel sprouts with red onions and garlic!!!  YUMMY!!!  Oh and fresh pineapple chunks for dessert.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Feeling Ecstatic!

And proud I'm published in the Canadian Lacemaker Gazette, Vol. 31, No. 4, Summer 2017.  Thank you Jocelyn for asking.  And not only my single quilt block with my tatted red maple leaf on it but of the finished wall hanging BUT I even have a half page story too!!!  I was so busy when Jocelyn asked for the pictures and background for this publication - I knew she was posting a collage of Canadian lace projects but didn't think my story too.  I thought that was only for release info and just about forgot it and was reminded again so I sent my write up for the competition instead of rewriting.  Poof I then totally forgot about it till my free copy arrived!!!  WOW WEEE!!!

Front cover.

My half page scoop!

My two photos on the back cover!

Feeling Drained

And sore too after a totally weird evening walk with the Trailblazers group.  I won't be joining them in the future.  Jeane Gaiennie is back in Manitoba and signed up for a 'check them out' walk and snagged me to go.  Should have backed out when he gave us papers to fill in and sign for injury and photo release but didn't.  Then it was a joke when he 'geared up' in hiking gear (video cameras on his head in front and back too) and proceeded to lead us astray through bush, brush, campsites and finally (not with us) down along the water's edge on like maybe 10 inch strip of wet beach.  We did about 8 kms at a 4.5-5.1 km/hr pace with some ticks (not on me), armyworms, flies and mosquitoes.  He stopped many times for water breaks and photo sessions.  Jeanne was in front when a deer casually walked across our path and sauntered into the bush beside us.  It was lovely out and nice to meet others with similar likes but not with him.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Feeling Meh

Yesterday!  But I at least got my new glasses (1st picture) ordered and also a pair just for sewing and reading (2nd picture)!!!  Yes a different look for both for me.  The optometrist did say I've a slight stigmatism and the new lenses should help for closeup work but I could still wear these green ones or my sunglasses - I don't have to change.  So I thought good as I really like both.  The new ones should be here in two weeks.

This morning have the AC installed and it's starting to cool this place off.  Next is my massage and then an early evening walk in Birds Hill with friends and a new walking group - Trailblazers.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Feeling Hungry!

This looks yummy!  Yes I was craving asparagus so bought enough for one meal which turned into two servings of this udon noodle fake seafood dish.  Don't know why I cooked as its HOT in here but AC is now in position just need to set it up.  Tomorrow's job in the morning.

Carrying On Update

Franz-Lien weekly Sunday supper with extra guests, Monika's brother Bill & sister-in-law Pearl.  Missing is Andrea.  And the beautiful picture Rose Anne Burdeny stitched for me - gift for Bill who loves his blue VW camper!