Monday, June 19, 2017

Bridgewater Hike

Just relaxing after a lovely mixed terrain PPFs walk called the Bridgewater Hike.  It started at Applebee's at Pembina and Chancellor, along the lovely hilly pathway along Bishop Grandin, through the older housing development before crossing Waverly and into the new Bridgewater development.  WOW this is awesome - a large wooded area right in the middle of this richy area passing a bricked base and wooden pagoda area where a number were Tai Chi-ing and further on another area where city workers were taking a break from building another such resting area before we circled around and headed back.  Yes another 7 km in 1 hr 16 min at 5.2 km/hr.  Afterwards Edna, Linda and I went for borscht with bread or cheese toast for lunch at our favourite The Oakwood Cafe.  Beautiful day with friends and getting more exercise again too!!!  🌞

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