Saturday, June 24, 2017

I'm Pooped!!!

Well it was a lovely lunch with Edna's friend and just a bit of a drive into Brandon but found Mamma Bear's quilt shop easily for a brief visit along with purchases.  We're a bit behind on my estimated travel time so speeding some but heck even the huge travel trailers are passing me and not one cop car in sight - Thank God!!!

Then back on the road to Austin for our last stop.  We both assumed the quilt shop was in the town of Austin but NAH it wasn't.  So back to the highway to find it.  Well it was north of the town on a rural highway and then gravel side roads into a farmyard.  Even then we couldn't find the shop as it was behind the garage but I saw an open van sticking out and went to check and there it was.  It was my misfortune to have to wait till four ladies measured and bought a bolt of batting and various flannels for backings.  This is a store I probably wouldn't have agreed to if I'd known where it was but once there we had no choice but to wait our turn - nice that all were friendly.  Then back on the road reversing the route with the help of their signs and back onto the highway and straight home.  PHEW!!!

Jeane's BBQ was lovely even if I was the last to arrive and quite rushed and without a bottle of wine too boot!  The potluck dinner was awesome!!!  And being so tired I was naturally over talkative - 😆!  HMMMM!

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