Friday, June 23, 2017

A Jam Packed Day!

Ohhh another busy day again!  First off a walk with Jeane from the Forks around the Exchange district then across the Provenche Bridge and along the Red River to Queen Elizabeth Way and back to the Forks where we saw this Canada Geese family.  Then drove around Tuxedo checking out some of the homes and landscaping before lunch at Mona Lisa's then home.

A quick refresh, dressed and headed to Monika Franz-Lien retirement celebration.  Lovely!!!  I even got to see Janice Palmer, some Agriculture coworkers and Carolynn O. who promptly mentioned they may need me in Sept for cat sitting.  Also Joan and Harold, Monika's in-laws came too and it was awesome to hear they aren't moving away now and that they will need me in May for dog sitting too.  Then when leaving I checked emails and there's one from a new possible dog sitting too.  Now to check my schedules to see what's going on.

Then a quick shopping spree, back home briefly and pick up Edna at Second Cup and off to MPQ quilt meeting.  It was garage sale night and I did sell half of my landscape fabric stash I was not keen on so that was good.  Then back home to prepare my veggies in Italian dressing marinade for Friday's BBQ.

Now off to bed as I'm up early for another busy day!!!!

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