Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Update

OK I'm exhausted but my windows are all clean - well except for the ones that I had foil coverings to keep the heat out - these have funny markings on the windows.  The sheers are washed and all the drapes were vacuumed and rehung finally!  Yes it does look better.

Then I was trying to reshuffle things so I could have my bedroom back and thought I should revacuum the closet - dang them mice they made a mess again!!!  So while cleaning what is trying to get away from me and that mean machine!!!  Yeppers but it was too fast to be sucked up the vacuum - dang it!!!  I could not find it so finally left to meet a friend for supper - yes even with the Tornado watch and the dark clouds rolling in!  Nothing happened here in the city and haven't heard anything nearby.

After supper I stopped into WalMart and bought hard plastic spring traps and baited with peanut butter and heaven help that sucker - it better be DEAD in there or I'll be dropping a book onto it mighty quick that is for sure!!!  Now I don't know if there's a hole somewhere or this !@#$% is definitely immune to the poison the block is providing me with!  All I can say is I'm TIRED of cleaning up already and it's been just about non-stop since March!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

How Dissappointing!

I've been on such gung ho determination and today I felt like the hot air balloon burst!  Yep really dissappointing to the point that I did not want to continue with the last bit of cleaning in the sewing room!  Yeah I know, just chin up and get to it!!!

See it started when I woke this morning and realized there were still three loads of fabrics waiting to be washed sitting on the floor in the living room - dang it!  So off I went and dumped a load in while moving furniture away from the windows and removing curtains getting ready to have the windows washed!  Hmmmm 11:00 am came and went and it was just about noon and still no Gary so I phoned and was told he'd left me two messages that he has to reschedule as he could not make it today!!!  WHAT, I looked around my living room and just about started to cry!  It was a total shambles and you can't get to my bed as items were sitting on and around it leaving the area clear for window washing!!!  SHEESH now what?  So it's been rescheduled for Saturday morning and I pray he makes it!

So that meant I had to vacuum the bedroom drapes and hang them back up and cart the stuff off the bed so I can sleep there tonight.  Then I went out and picked up two wooden dining room chairs (one with arms) for Sylvia and Len for their entryway - they were $11 each - what a bargain.  So I picked up Tim's coffee and zipped over to my nieces to put them into their garage as they will be heading out to Ontario and will see if they fit into the car - if not then when Sylvia & Len come in they'll take them home.  Also Pat said they might be going furniture shopping soon so I'll have their small recliner also - will make a lovely sitting area me thinks!

I's back home and trying to launder the living room sheers that had two different bathtub soaks to get most of the dust/dirt out before putting them into the washer.  Now I pray they have not shredded to bits in the machine!  Oh and I moved my lamp over to the other side and set up my lovely stitching lamp at my chair.  I still would LOVE to have a ceiling light fixture as it's so dark in this room otherwise!

So guess tonight I'll finish off folding and sorting the remainder of fabrics and get them put away too.  AND if I still have energy I think I'll try and get through the 300+ emails that I've not gotten to since Wednesday!  Then tomorrow will start again to tackle the remainder of the sewing room and remove those curtains, maybe vacuum some too.

GOSH what the heck am I going to do with myself once I have this place all ship shape?

What a Week!

This is being on vacation???

Last week was some purging and cleaning so my handyman could come and measure my closet for the shelving unit and also install my ceiling fan into the sewing room. Picked up two large clear plastic totes on wheels and started to sort my CQing pieces.

Sunday my niece made a spinach/mushroom frittata for both of us and then helped me short out a huge bag of charm fabric pieces. Then afternoon over to Darlene’s for stitching and visiting and also she made us supper – WOW – then taught me some PC games!!!

Monday I went over to Pat’s and had a mini stitching retreat with more of our fabric arts stitchers – great fun! I then sort of vegged out and sorted more of my CQing pieces (now 2 boxes and 1 bag emptied).

Tuesday I found out my Uncle Walter was in the hospital and not doing so good so in amongst my many errands basically all around Wpg delivering posters for our Lacemakers “Lace Days” I zipped into the hospital to visit him. Then off to the opposite side of the city and more errands before heading back downtown to change and meet three friends for my birthday supper (a day early) at my favourite Santa Lucia pizza (newly redecorated and very posh now). I can tell you that our male waiter just did not know what to do with the four of us and at the end complimented us on livening up his evening! WOW!!!

Then Wednesday up early to tidy up as the living room had been the dumping ground while cleaning/purging the sewing room this last week (and it’s still not finished). See Michelle was coming over for a day of tatting fun and we went for lunch to CafĂ© 22 – yeppers more pizza, but this time we shared a small one and a small Greek salad – YUMMY! After that back home to make some changes for our Lace Days tatting poster which took up the rest of the afternoon. So off home Michelle went and I then headed over to Angela & Bruce’s for a BBQ birthday supper! How’d I get to be so special???

Anyways it started off with Ceasartinis and crab dip n crackers appetizers. Then Bruce BBQd the chicken and Angela pulled out the earlier prepared potato salad (I LOVE HER’s and had two helpings), tomatoes n red onions n feta cheese with Greek dressing, orange almond spinach salad – WOW delicious!!! They said it was pretty average meal for them, but heck for me it was GREAT!!! Oh and white wine with supper and then we finished off with angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream – UGH roll me back home for sure!!! And to top it off I came home with a bag of books – which I’ll relax with once I have this cleaning and reorganizing back to straights!!! I sure can see what this place will hopefully soon become again!!!

Thursday I thought would be pretty relaxing but no way Jose!!! It started with me zipping over to Osborne Village to check out a stitcher’s lamp that was up for sale and naturally with the flood conditions parking was a premium on that street next to the river!!! But I finally found one down the road some and had to backtrack to pick up now “my” lamp (has the arms for clamping your instructions and one with a magnifying glass and a tray to hold all your stitching stuff) which has a nice wide shade on goose neck extention. This one regularly sells around $350 and I picked it up for $100 – I thought it was a lovely birthday prezzie to myself and then in they tossed some Needlepoint Now magazines and Jean Hilton’s “Borderlines”, “Crystal Waters Ensemble” an intermediate canvaswork designed by Carolyn Mitchell (a class I wanted to take but needed to take first the beginner’s one which I did not like) all in sheet protectors and binder along with a Hardanger magazine. I think a great deal!!!

Then I zipped back downtown to meet quilter Florence for lunch and then back to my place as she was helping me to fold and sort out all the washed/dried fabrics so I later put them all into the two tall storage cabinets where they belonged – not on the floor!!! We took a break and dropped off three boxes of craft/Christmas items to Art Junction – a freebie recycle place and I had full intentions of NOT bringing anything home but I came across good condition half inch ring binders which I use for various class instructions and projects with various instructions sheets. So I’m set for a while now! We also stopped into the Good Will (Florence now likes this one too) and I came across two nice chairs for my sister – so after checking with Sylvia - back I go Friday to pick them up – they better be there!!!

Well back home to more fabric folding/sorting before stopping to help Florence cook supper (yep she did up the pork chops at my place!!!) – I basically prepared the salad and frozen veggies! That was yummy for an impromptu attempt!!! Then it was back to sorting fabrics and Florence said “SHEESH you’re a slave driver!” but I bribed her with a liqueur coffee if we could get this done and she just dived right in there! LOL! She even helped me move some of my living room furniture around so the window washer had access to the windows Friday morning. So we soon left for The Keg and had our ONE coffee (bribed her with more coffees again for another time if she helped more) and then I took her home and picked up her quilts for the Aurora quilt show coming up. I then zipped over to Walmart and they had large plastic totes on sale for $6.50 so got three more and a smaller one for my CQing threads to also act as a footstool for the time being!!! YES I’m exhausted but I still have lots to do before bed!!!

So once home I did up the dishes, put away ALL the nicely sorted/folded fabrics and YES they all fit into those two cupboards – some shelves a might tight but all in there without having to juggle shelves!!! Then back into the living room to pack up the battings into the two new tubs and also put Florence’s quilts into one for safe keeping this next week!!! Now the last task was to put my stitching threads into the smaller tote and sort through the last two boxes of CQing fabric pieces!

Sorry, no pictures as yet, but I promise once things are purged, cleaned and reorganized I'll post them!  Well it's definitely time to crash as mornings come early when you stay up too late!!!  I’ve been doing nothing but eating this week of vacation that is for sure and I think I’ll have to return to work soon to rest from all this manual work. LOL!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

March 2011 RR - update

Remember my newest Round Robin block I've sent within the SewBuds group?  It may have to go more than the one round but that's OK with me!

My "naked" block - well except for my tatted edging.

OHHHH I have to show you what Candi has embellished on my rectangular block - I just love it - Thank you my dear!!!
Candi's lovely embellishments!

OHHHH my I can't wait to see this baby grow up - I have no wishes for my friends' embellishments except very little or no in your face pink please - LOL!  All I ask is everyone do their best.  How I go about RRs is I do on others' blocks what I would like to see on my own block (making me happy) and hopefully to their liking also!

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Stitching

Yes I've finished the May Heart BOM for the SewBuds group and just in time as the name is drawn this week and it'll have to be mailed off ASAP (PRAY THERE IS NO POSTAL DISRUPTION)!

Tatted edging closeup
Bought trim closeup

Embroidered closeup

Now remember the Chain of Hearts DYOB activity I had posted earlier?  If not here are the blocks I prepared - heart for myself and the 8" square was for swapping within the group.

Mine to keep

Sent out to Rosemary in Tasmania

And here is what I received from Ritva of Finland - ain't it just PRETTY???  I don't do pastels so along with her intricate embroidery I also get something I don't do myself - I'm more a jewel toned person or more subdued earthy type!  LOL!

Received from Ritva of Finland

And here are the two blocks I have that one day I will be assembling DYOB 1 and soon to be caught up on DYOB 2 and hopefully one or two more to participate in so I can sneak a feather from Margreet's hat and stitch these into a "fabric" book with same swap blocks across from each other.  This way one can compare the individual's interpretation of the specific stitch called and enjoy the beauty of both versions!!!  Yeppers that's my plan!

Taking a Breather!

Well I've sure lost some valuable "cleaning" time but then I gained some very very very valuable "relaxation" time with family and friends!!! 

See my Saturday started off with Harold coming over and measuring my closet for my new more convenient shelving unit and installing my ceiling fan in the sewing room - yeppers I can now see it becoming such a room and not the "spare room" as I refer to it lately.  Then I zipped out and got some colour and cut muchly overdue!!! 

Afterwards I had a very pleasant supper with Linda at the Wok Box - my first visit and let me tell you it won't be my last that is for sure!!!  It was yummy and not long to wait at all!  Then we both zipped over to Michaels and I picked up a couple of things, then home to relax some.

Well Sunday morning I was off to my nieces and she made breakie for us both - the "boys" won't eat anything besides the basics and she made us asparagus/mushroom frittatas???  It's like an egg omelet - and YUMMY!!!  And naturally coffee too!  While there she helped me sort through about 5 years of 6" cotton charms swapped within the CQS group so I could use some of them in the Slave Lake block request project for the June Sylvan Retreat in Alberta.  Now they are all sorted and just to start stitching.  Thank you Pat!

Then I zipped home, switched bags and headed out to Darlene's for an afternoon of stitching and visiting!  It was to be morning and afternoon but she had a Dim Sum and I just didn't rush my breakie so it worked into an afternoon and evening session with a yummy chicken supper!!!  AND after supper instead of stitching Darlene taught me to play the online version of Hearts, Spider Solataire, Bejewelled 2 Deluxe (oh no now I's hooked!!!) and then the Never Ending Bejewelled until I was just about cross eyed and exhausted!!!  And no wonder as we'd played for like 3 hours!!!  DARLENE!!!  But I loved it totally and guess what??? 

Yeppers when I got home I just did not feel like cleaning nor stitching so I downloaded Bejewelled 2 Deluxe free 1-hour game and that was not enough so I found Bejewelled 3 (not like the graphics on this one) and played that for an hour too!!!  YOWSERS I was tired when I finally crashed!

THEN about 3:30 am a STUPID mouse woke me scraping at trying to get out of the trap - so it was nearer 5:00 when I finally zonked out again and naturally I slept in today!!!  So off I rushed to Tim's for breakie and coffee before heading off to Pat's (Ravenesque group) for an afternoon of stitching with the ladies (Dianne, Val W, Roberta and Ann-Marie).  BUT I had it in my head that we were to arrive anytime after 10:30 and leave before 4:30 - hmmm not sure where I messed up but apparently didn't read the notice that said 1:30 - and I made the calendar reminder???  Oh well Pat graciously let me stay when I got there at 11:30 and Dianne at 12:30 - WHOOPSIE sorry girls for messing this session up!!!  It was a very nice stitching session even if Dianne insisted to "check out" Roberta's project (traditional Japanese cord making) and got her hands slapped for messin with it!!!  I just watched as it looked to involved for me and there was some type of counter weight for balance etc.

Thank you Dianne and Pat for sharing some of your goodies with me too!  AND I stopped at Dollarama and picked up an orange/red pack of sequins but not like you mentioned three to a pack.  That's OK now I have some stash for my works and will try to remember to bring them to share with you too!  OK guess I should get some work done here or it'll really be a jam packed week for me!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cleaning Bug???

I surely musta picked up some type of cleaning bug this year - SHEESH - nothing but cleaning, sorting, purging and reorganization happening in this apartment!!!  Yep I hauled out a couple of loads of "maybe I'll use this one day" stuff that I finally decided nada - gotta go!!!  Then some of the charity quilts I was storing for Aurora got delivered and that freed up two garbage bag space.  Then I recycled 20 some cardboard boxes I was keeping just in case and that opened up my closet so I could actually see into it!!!

And beginning of May Pat and I headed out to Ontario to start on the spring cleaning at my sister's (Pat's Mom) and also purged their closets of still-good-but-not-wearing-clothes -- still lots to do but ran out of time that weekend.

So now that I've been back I've finally started in on the sewing room.  First I tackled the first 1/3 of the room.  Some went into the garbage and some is just to be reorganized when the shelves get built.  Then some yarns were put back into their plastic bins, some being donated elsewhere and other stuff was bagged accordingly and HUNG from the two plant poles with brackets (I got these from Dad's apt) and talk about getting stuff off the floor!!! 

Once the floor was accessible I then tackled the closet and gosh there sure was a lot of craft goodies in there!  All the dried stuff was too brittle to keep so out to the garbage that went.  Then I sorted out the craft supplies to - my sister's daycare - Inner City Craft Space - and some I just have to KEEP - so there goes another four boxes out of that room.  YAHOOIE!!!  Now I'm sure there is more but that is a start!!!

Then Thursday evening I planned to tackle the middle 1/3 so my handyman could have the floor space to install my ceiling fan without breaking his neck!!!  This was kinda interrupted slightly as a friend needed my company and then she came back with me and both of us accomplished this lots faster than by myself!!!  The only problem is a half dozen boxes are now in my bedroom blocking access to the closet - won't be there long that's for sure.

So Friday I went shopping with a Gift Card from a friend and bought two large Stackable Wheeled Totes - I then pulled out two boxes from the bedroom and two are still in the sewing room and these will be split into light and dark CQing fabric pieces and into these totes - lots better and easier to get at than piecemeal!!!  Then I finished off totally cleaning out the closet and it's now ready for the handyman to measure for my new shelving unit.  This will sure make it easier to get ANY bin out of there without removing the whole stack or having other stuff falling out ontop of me!!!  Don't laugh that has happened!

Saturday morning Harold came by and said no problem he'll have a shelving unit built (hope he doesn't lose that paper with all his measurements or drawings) to fit this closet but yet I can remove it and take it with me when I move!!!  Yes the ceiling fan was installed too, so now I'm hoping I can actually work in there comfortably in the future instead of sweltering like in a sauna!!!

So now I have to before Friday some how clean out the last 1/3 and actually CLEAN off the sewing table (no machine in there at all) and get it away from the windows as I've the Window Cleaner coming Friday mid-morning.  AND I also have to MOVE the stuff from the dining/living room windows to give him access to them and the kitchen sink or bathtub (not sure which he'll be using).  I think it must be some 15-20 years since these windows were cleaned - WOW - I'll have to wear sunglasses and sunscreen probably!!! 

Guess at the same time I'll vacuum the drapes and wash the sheers - no use putting them back up dusty and dirty???  I think by month end I'll definitely be ready to head back to work - some vacation!  And somewhere in this whole week (yep it's only a week) I've four CQing blocks to finish off and get into the mail!  I pray there is no postal strike like they say is gonna happen!!!  Gosh just reading this over I'm exhausted, no wonder my legs and back are aching!!!

Ohhhh I did have some fun today too!  I treated myself to a hair appt and she made me pretty with some new streaks and then styled it so I was ready to meet another friend for supper.  Then home for a quick clean up of the mess we made earlier and then REST!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Morning!!!

It sure is a beautiful start to the day - well actually it's been a few days now!  Let's hope the sun and the light breeze out there helps dry up some of the water problems around Manitoba.  I know the flooding will take weeks to dissipate as lakes are all high so not sure where it will go.  Time will tell.

NOW to my good news!  I had a lovely weekend and since I've been back I've been getting up with the "birds" it seems so into my walking gear and out the door for at least a half hour basic walk - not the brisk stuff I was into - just a walk with my MP3 music too.  YEPPERS I found my baby - well actually Amanda's MP3 but I've had it for a year or two now and sure missed it since Christmas when I misplaced it. 

Anyways, I hope to keep getting out the door in the mornings for this nice walk - it sort of lifts my spirits and I'm sure it'll be a boost to my trimming those 5 pounds I seem to have regained!  Just have to take it easy on my knee but so far it's going good!  YEAH!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pat's Gift to Mom & Dad

Well I was very impressed with what Pat has been working on since the Gimli Retreat in February this year.  See there was a class that we thought we'd like to take but then decided not to and just work on UFOs instead - WELL when we saw the end result we were a bit sorry we didn't take the class.  I totally forgot about this until Pat showed me the gift she was working on for her parents 50th anniversary gift!  AND I had to keep QUIET!!!

Anyways this weekend (a might late but she wanted to show them herself) she had them sitting at the table and then "unveiled" her Inukshuk torn-stripped wall hanging. Needless to say they were well impressed even drawn to tears!!!  
WOW that is just beautiful!!!
Checking it out up close and personal!
Checking the personal label too!
All are happy campers!!!

I too am very impressed with her creativity (definitely outside her comfort zone) and with the finishing of the hanger too!  Yeppers the parents were quite impressed.  See in their younger days they built their own at the corner of their front yard/driveway to the garage and even has that as their desktop image too! 

Along the highway in Ontario's rocky terrain, you will see many ranging from small to larger sized attempts, some way up there - not sure how either!!!

Spring Cleaning - What's That?

Friday after work Pat & I headed out to Ontario and around 9:00 pm we were cresting the hill into Vermillion Bay when I noticed this AWESOME sunset out the rear view mirror and told Pat to turn around and check it out.  WELL she said it’d make a neato strip-torn wall hanging and that’s all it took for me to pull over safely and run to the trunk to get my camera and snap a few shots!!!
Vermillion Bay, ON
Sun setting fast

Yes I am back from my weekend trip with my niece to my sister's/her Mom’s and boy did she ever work us two girls!!! We washed down the lovely pine fitted board walls and ceilings of the master bedroom (moved heavy furniture around), then started with my sister's clothes and filled up 4 large garbage bags and a box of shoes and purses. Her hubby BBQd steaks and Pat cooked corn on the cob and ceasar salad to go with that! I was exhausted and in amongst that we did up three loads of laundry.

Then Sunday we started the morning off transplanting hostas from under the maple trees to her flower bed and BOY were we all GLAD we did that before the guys came in and dug out that maple - they were having a tough time and not paying attention where they were stepping. Then we went in for lunch and my sister took a siesta and my BIL puttered around outside while Pat and I washed walls and ceilings in the second bedroom, bathroom and hallway - gosh that went lots easier than the master bedroom - but then lots less stuff in them too.

Then after that Sylvia pulled out her silk flowers and Pat and I filled her empty lonely planters all with these colourful blooms.  WELL even Len thought that was truly uplifting as he sits on that deck off and on and said it was nice to see the flowers without all the hard garden work - which neither of them can do anymore.

Pat - with tools???
Yeppers and she was doing a bang-up job too!!!

Done!!!  But sure a dirty job!!!
And here's it dressed up along with Len's willow planter.
Side door chair n planter.

Front door planter.
Front step planters.

Driveway shrubbery planter.
Second attempt to fix the leaky hose!!!  Not giving up!!!

I had put a roast with carrots, parsnips & onions into the oven and with that we had the beet leaf wrapped buns and a creamed cucs/tomatoes/onions dish - YUMMY!!!  Then after supper along with another load of laundry, we ventured back into the bedroom and Len this time purged his closet and we filled another 2 large bags and packed these off into the car so we could drop them off at the second hand store once we got back to the city (so they'd not have to lug them as they can't do that either) and topped off one large bag slated for the garbage and 3 large bags off to the local shelter mostly of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

WOW my niece was soooooo excited to help her parents clean their closets which will help later on if they happen to sell and have to move - plus her parents were very happy that we helped PLUS carted it away too! Then we vacuumed and washed floors along with washing up our bed linens and towels and Pat dug up the shrub they wanted out of that corner and we did manage to tuck it in along with the 6.5 bags and box of stuff for recycle. Needless to say our car was LOADED to the hilt and thankfully no flat tire on the trip home.

Yep it was a lovely sunny weekend and we all had a lovely visit with healthy yummy food too. Now I’m not sure that I’ll offer so readily for “spring cleaning” again but it was nice and fresh in there that is for sure! LOL!

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Lonely Island - Finished!!!

Yes I finally finished it but not without three major hickups!!!  I shuddered to think I may not have been able to finish it off so I could deliver it tomorrow morning before heading off for my quilting retreat weekend!!!  And it was going so good up to the finishing part!!!

So here is the progression all together - hope it fits the page!

Natural progression to the end result.
1.  first was the preparation of the background and adhereing the island
2.  then minimal machine quilting in the clouds and water
3.  then machine thread painting over the few purple coloured trees
4.  followed by machine outlining the middle ground trees for quilting effect
5.  and machine thread painting the rock cracks and adding the island trees
6.  ending with a couple of eagles soaring together on the highways of the skies.

Lonely Island

Yes, I truly do love this wall hanging!  And it just goes to show that one should really step back and think out the steps thoroughly before cutting!!!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Project Update - Again!

Ohhhhh I just could not help but post again!!!  I really do LOVE this hanger and it's not even finished!!!

Completed embellishing

Closeup of embellishing

Well I just embellished the island trees and if I say so, not bad at all!!!  It went better than I thought it would and before I knew it I was done!  This time I STOPPED playing before messing things up royally, as in the past!  Then I used the Derwent Inktense pencils once again to establish the foreground shadows/reflections.

So tomorrow I'll be adding the borders and then attaching it to the canvas frame.  Just the label to make up and then I think I just might make it for the Thursday drop off!!!

Project Update!!!

Well today started off on the right foot and so far is continuing!  First off my tax refund was deposited, so I paid some bills, my dentist appointment went well and only had one truly sensitive spot and it was mild and my headache was just about gone (but not my aching knee).  Work went well today too and hopefully tomorrow (my last day) will also go good too and then I'm off to enjoy another quilt retreat with my dear Aurora friends and visit during a quilt show too!!!

NOW as for my project on the go - WELLLLLLL it's gonna be hard to give this baby up as I truly truly truly LOVE it so far and it's not finished yet!!!  LOL!  Guess I'll just have to go and visit so I can have some one-on-one time with my "Reflections" (not sure if that is what it'll end up being called).  OK, here is the next couple of pictures and then I gotta get back to the foreground trees and maybe some more shading!

Middle layer trees outlined n rock detailed

OK I used a basic grey and outlined the middle group of trees for quilting effect.  Then switched to a charcoal grey and proceeded with detail work on the rock island and embellished more along the base at the water edge.  All this embellishment is being worked on the right side as I'm wanting to follow the fabric details for emphasis.

Closeup of detailing

I just love this one - it's the best of all my Lonely Island postcards I've done so far with a similar technique!!! Yeppers it's gonna be hard to let this baby go, BUT I do know that it will be muchly appreciated once the gift is opened!!! Dang, I's getting teary eyed just writing this!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Patch RRs Completed!

YAHOOIE I've completed two blocks that I've had a while now!  One was mine and it only needed one patch filled in so I stitched on a tatted dragonfly and anchored the body with crystals and then there are a few seams needed treatments and Dorothy has offered to finish this off for me!
Rose Anne's final patch

Rose Anne's patches all filled in now.

And here is Dorothy's block which had the bottom right corner bare yet so I added in three patches with embellishments.  And again Dorothy said she'd finish off the seam treatments (a job she just loves) and then her's will be complete too! 

Satin embossed fabric embellished.

This was a lovely piece of satin from Katie's box I received earlier with the flowers and bird embossed.  So I used silk floss for the bluebird and the upper flower stems.  Then with varigated cotton floss I covered some decor with a Kiko flower and then outlined the lower blossoms and satin stitched the tree branch.

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidered patch

This patch is hand dyed fabric from Dianne J (thank you it's awesome) and was the perfect background for Sharon Shetley's Blowin' in the Wind BDE design stitched with Edmar rayons.  I just love this patch and probably will be doing more on other blocks as it's so easy!

Dragonfly n Fireflies patch

And here I've also used a piece of Katie's stash again (thank you my dear) for my tatted dragonfly with crystal body surrounded with French knots that I'm saying are firefly sparks!!!

Dorothy's Patch RR

And here's the whole block with all patches filled in!  Can't wait to see which seam treatments Dorothy chooses to finish this off! 

Project on the Go Update

Well I did a sponging of the pencil shading, let it dry and then iron set it - hmmm didn't see much difference and I still am getting some pencil residue coming off!  I don't care for that - will have to experiment more with these.

Ohhhhh the stitching was going so good too!!!  I didn't check to see if I had enough of the appropriate charcoal polyester threads and I think black will be too stark.  So I'm at a standstill until I pick some up tomorrow!  I did do some lighter grey stitched background trees and like the effect - kinda covered up the purple tinge trees at least.

Yep I am really liking this - sort of glimpses of a "Moody Monday Morning" - can't wait to see the foreground trees stitched on the island and foreground reflections added in.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Project on the Go!!!

OK I'm back to having fun but also anxious moments too!!!  I've found in my stash the McKenna Ryan "At Home in the Woods" fabric but used the not so vibrant backside and then cut away parts to shorten the overall image I needed.  I also cut out some of the lighter clouds from the very top of the piece that I had cut off and repositioned them into the foreground.  Then I found some batik and made my island and anchored that into place. 

While looking at it a while I realized there were too many "light" spots in the foreground and water reflections for my wishes, so I got out my "Derwent Inktense" pencils and used navy to shade in the foreground trees and some of the water tree reflections.  Then I picked up the black and shaded in some of the island reflections, but will wait for the bobbin stitched trees and island embellishments before adding more reflections in. 


I really really do like this as it's starting out - now let's hope I can finish it off as I've envisioned it to be!  I'm sure I can pull this off as it's something I LOVE to do!!!  That always helps in having a stunning fabric art!!!

May 1st? - are we sure?

OK I could not believe my ears/eyes when I heard/saw the "blizzard" warnings for SE Saskatchewan and storm conditions reaching into southern Manitoba yesterday!!!  Are they kidding!!!  Nope they weren't!!!  What is this world coming to with all these "inclement" weather conditions and disasters?

So I ventured out after breakfast and took some pics of my area which in normal weather this intersection is what I call the "stupidity corner" as no one really pays any attention to the STOP SIGNS or other directional signs on Assiniboine Avenue and naturally the City of Winnipeg crews are continuously replacing the knocked over posts!

Out my back door - blowing in again!

Assiniboine Ave revamped and a nuisance!

City crew cutting down a huge tree in background.

No payground fun today!

Sure hope they CLEAN off totally
before driving away!!!

The buds are out - will they survive?

I have a Lacemakers meeting this afternoon - wonder if my car will let me venture out or not - guess I'll find out soon enough!  A fellow tatter from Grenfell SK was to venture home by Greyhound yesterday mourning but she called and her bus did not leave Winnipeg as the TransCanada was closed in SE Saskatchwan and probably today into Manitoba.  She's glad she has her Mom here so she is relaxing but not sure when Greyhound will be on the road again.  So lucky girl she gets to come with me to the meeting this afternoon!!!