Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cleaning Bug???

I surely musta picked up some type of cleaning bug this year - SHEESH - nothing but cleaning, sorting, purging and reorganization happening in this apartment!!!  Yep I hauled out a couple of loads of "maybe I'll use this one day" stuff that I finally decided nada - gotta go!!!  Then some of the charity quilts I was storing for Aurora got delivered and that freed up two garbage bag space.  Then I recycled 20 some cardboard boxes I was keeping just in case and that opened up my closet so I could actually see into it!!!

And beginning of May Pat and I headed out to Ontario to start on the spring cleaning at my sister's (Pat's Mom) and also purged their closets of still-good-but-not-wearing-clothes -- still lots to do but ran out of time that weekend.

So now that I've been back I've finally started in on the sewing room.  First I tackled the first 1/3 of the room.  Some went into the garbage and some is just to be reorganized when the shelves get built.  Then some yarns were put back into their plastic bins, some being donated elsewhere and other stuff was bagged accordingly and HUNG from the two plant poles with brackets (I got these from Dad's apt) and talk about getting stuff off the floor!!! 

Once the floor was accessible I then tackled the closet and gosh there sure was a lot of craft goodies in there!  All the dried stuff was too brittle to keep so out to the garbage that went.  Then I sorted out the craft supplies to - my sister's daycare - Inner City Craft Space - and some I just have to KEEP - so there goes another four boxes out of that room.  YAHOOIE!!!  Now I'm sure there is more but that is a start!!!

Then Thursday evening I planned to tackle the middle 1/3 so my handyman could have the floor space to install my ceiling fan without breaking his neck!!!  This was kinda interrupted slightly as a friend needed my company and then she came back with me and both of us accomplished this lots faster than by myself!!!  The only problem is a half dozen boxes are now in my bedroom blocking access to the closet - won't be there long that's for sure.

So Friday I went shopping with a Gift Card from a friend and bought two large Stackable Wheeled Totes - I then pulled out two boxes from the bedroom and two are still in the sewing room and these will be split into light and dark CQing fabric pieces and into these totes - lots better and easier to get at than piecemeal!!!  Then I finished off totally cleaning out the closet and it's now ready for the handyman to measure for my new shelving unit.  This will sure make it easier to get ANY bin out of there without removing the whole stack or having other stuff falling out ontop of me!!!  Don't laugh that has happened!

Saturday morning Harold came by and said no problem he'll have a shelving unit built (hope he doesn't lose that paper with all his measurements or drawings) to fit this closet but yet I can remove it and take it with me when I move!!!  Yes the ceiling fan was installed too, so now I'm hoping I can actually work in there comfortably in the future instead of sweltering like in a sauna!!!

So now I have to before Friday some how clean out the last 1/3 and actually CLEAN off the sewing table (no machine in there at all) and get it away from the windows as I've the Window Cleaner coming Friday mid-morning.  AND I also have to MOVE the stuff from the dining/living room windows to give him access to them and the kitchen sink or bathtub (not sure which he'll be using).  I think it must be some 15-20 years since these windows were cleaned - WOW - I'll have to wear sunglasses and sunscreen probably!!! 

Guess at the same time I'll vacuum the drapes and wash the sheers - no use putting them back up dusty and dirty???  I think by month end I'll definitely be ready to head back to work - some vacation!  And somewhere in this whole week (yep it's only a week) I've four CQing blocks to finish off and get into the mail!  I pray there is no postal strike like they say is gonna happen!!!  Gosh just reading this over I'm exhausted, no wonder my legs and back are aching!!!

Ohhhh I did have some fun today too!  I treated myself to a hair appt and she made me pretty with some new streaks and then styled it so I was ready to meet another friend for supper.  Then home for a quick clean up of the mess we made earlier and then REST!!!


Faye said...

Rose Anne, sounds like so much work but I'm sure it will be worth it all in the end... Oh!! to have a well set out sewing space would be wonderful. Hope the hair app. relaxed you?
cheers - FDS

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I get a moment of inspiration every time I read one of your cleaning bug posts! I hope the idea hits home when school gets out in two weeks. I really need to purge! Perhaps you'd like to come visit for a week or two this summer? ; )

Linda Mullen said...

It was great having supper with you tonight. Loved the hair.

Linda Mullen said...

It was great having supper with you tonight.

Your hair looks great.

Anonymous said...

Rose Anne,

You're making GREAT strides in the cleanup/reorganization of your hobby things! Way to go, woman! I'll want to see pictures of that shelving unit in the closet.

Cris in MT